The Opinion That Might End The Right Opinion (Exposing The Worst)

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The Right Opinion : Help defeat this monstrosity. - Zalgaloo - James Marriott: - CrimsonStudios: - Edited by: - James Marriott's part edited by: - Special Thanks To: Nocty, Zester, The Spansh Inn Physician, Yerzi, Yeahsure, a7f, viirium, The King Cow Show, Duster, MrRadiance, - Thumbnail: - Twitter: - Patreon: - Discord:

Turkey Tom : Finally, a political movement that I can get behind. Glad Ryan put my script to good use :).

WillyMacShow : I've been a fan for a long time, but I can't get behind someone with such fascist beliefs. Unsubbed

Pengicitis : very brave of you to make this video, but I agree. kill them all 🔫

James Marriott : Still haven't recovered tbh 😔

Rawman : I usually come to this channel to get my opinion reaffirmed. This goes against everything I believe it. Which means this is a bad video. Pineapple on pizza isn't a about the taste. It's about the texture! You didn't get opinions about that!

Zalgaloo : About time we start fighting the big problems in this world


LukaCola : Ok listen, Pineapple with Sausage on Pizza is my favorite pizza. Perfect mixture of sweet and saltiness, but when it’s just Pineapple it’s just not as good. I’m literally on both sides here.

wavywebsurf : im fucking crying

AveragePixel : The defining video of 2018

Sir Ayme : Ah man, Danganronpa. Been a long time since I played that one.

Freakenfishzilla : Pineapple DOES belong on pizza, but only when offset by chilli's or something spicy, and pepperoni. I do not agree with your opinion, therefore I'm unsubbing.


BlackWolfCompany : I will end your channel now.

WorkingUsername : I was raised on Hawaiian Pizza for 19 years and I have never seen an insult to this extreme to such a treasure to this planet. This has done absolutely nothing but motivated me to continue eating the best god damn pizza there is. You all clearly don't understand, pineapple on pizza isn't that bad! You should all be ashamed of yourselves for making this video!

Brain In A Cat : what an epic quest that was. do more like this plz

Bricc Thicc : I'm at 0:42, lemme guess, the topic is pineapple on pizza

[channel moved] [CLICK FOR NEW ONE] ShockMouths : This should be a popular opinion.

Literal Trash : im so glad that u hate pineapple on pizza

General Cataco : I thought the first part was a joke, but you dedicated the entire video to pineapple on pizza

breaditor : it aint so bad, mr opinion

Random : If you don't like pineapple on pizza, you are racist

Endless Mayhem : I'm surprised this video isn't age restricted yet. You didn't even bleep out p!ne*pple on p!zz*. Such profanity!

Just Roni : Somebody's been playing Danganronpa recently

Dead Like Disco : In the beginning there was pizza. God spoke, "Let there be toppings," and there were. God saw that they were good and blessed the pizzas upon which they fell. God spoke again, "Let there be pineapple," and there was. He saw the pineapple and realized what an abomination he had created and said thusly, "Well I guess it's time to flood this motherfucker."

MrWalex : i made a pizza with different fruit on each slice. grape was actually quite good, banana..., not so much.

Fidel Cashflow : I want you to know, I stand with you on this. I only like one fruit on my pizza, and that's the tomato. When the hordes come, we will fight back to back, to the last man...

Purplexious Dee : The pineapple supporters will rise!

Meleter Gaming : While what you said is true, no one expected this. Ever.

Starzone Neo : The Nazis? They where angels compared to to to... this

Juan Alvarado : After seeing such a carelessly constructed argument, I must point out that the methodology is thoroughly flawed. While you did account for the correlation between soybois and pineapple pizza, you did not consider the relationship between the lesser non-pineapple pizza and dictators such as Stalin or Hitler. Even today's worst leaders (Hillary, Trump, Kim Jung Un, etc) have not been registered as consumers of pineapple pizza. It is also worth noting that your study did not account for the lack of good taste in its participants. I mean, to be fair, you have to have a pretty high IQ to appreciate pineapple pizza. The intricacy of the relationship between proper pineapple placement and flavor will be incomprehensible to the average person. The color of the pineapple is a reference to the idea of someone being "yellow" or "cowardly". This is clearly enough warning that such a majestic delicacy is only to be ingested by those individuals whomst've attained the courage and enlightenment required to understand the concept being presented in every bite.

George Hughes : I dunno, I quite like it

Dazzle Яebel Rides : Someone give this guy a knighthood. Not TRO, the guy who created the Hawaiian pizza! Next you'll be telling me that my chunky peanut butter and cheese on toast is a monstrosity? Damn you sir, damn you and your food police.

Taurean Chappelle : For a quick moment, I generally thought it was April 1st.

John1991 : Pineapple on pizza is GAY

b s : We doomed as a species. And pineapple on pizza is proof.

Bricc Thicc : Iceland is the objectively best nation in the world indeed Crimson.

Ira Libby : You know what's even better? Mango on pizza.

adalaza : Pineapple on pizza is a good combo, but to each his own.

Josh Davis : Pineapples DO go on pizza!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grant Hinze : You're wrong, but great video dude.

Mirth out of Mire : This is objectively the worse opinion ever.

Artem Protectron : Nuke the pineapples off our pizza! For all pizzakind!!!!

Jackimations : Japan rapes China Solution: Nuke them Pineapple rapes Pizza Solution: Nuke them

Probable Professor : You find pineapple offensive yet little do you know that China has a fruit salad pizza and there is also Nutella pizza We are losing the war

Deadpool Panda : This mean war! You are probably a person who like boneless chicken wings! Ryan is a commie in SFTP News how darw he! REEEEEE

Millennium_Angel O: : i will enjoy my pineapple pizza with Satan as i burn in hell it good

Xemgoa : I guess that makes me a disgusting troglodyte; I like pineapple on pizza xD But in all seriousness, I know this was a joke, it was hilarious and adorable. Everyone does have their own tastes, so some like pineapple on several dishes, some don't.

Vexium Swift : lol