The Lemonade Machine
Rube Goldberg machine that fills an entire house all in one single take

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Sponsors wanted! The second house-wide machine is coming August 2019! Contact for information. Our first ever house wide machine project - The Lemonade Machine. This complex chain reaction travels through the kitchen, kid's room, bathroom, office, parent's room, living room, patio & backyard using everyday objects to automatically pour lemonade for the entire team of builders. Enjoy. BUILDERS Sprice Machines ► Hevesh5 ► DrComplicated ► DoodleChaos ► TheInvention11 ► 5MadMovieMakers ► SmileyPeaceFun ► ABOUT Sprice Machines is a chain reaction engineering and domino art design company. We design and build custom chain reaction and domino projects for advertisements, TV & film, and live events. For larger projects, we organize and lead a team of talented builders to build the design. Sprice Machines works with advertising agencies to design the perfect project to meet their client's advertising goals. LINKS Instagram ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Website ► Business Inquiries ► CREDITS Music ► Peyruis - Swing Logo, Intro, & Outro ► Materials ► To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email


Adam Winter : Selling reply buttons 1 like each. 4:17 4:17 4:17 4:17 4:17 4:17

《 IceWater 》 : Who else here has been looking at the clock when the green stuff was coming out? Just me? ok

АgRen : My Teacher: What you do if life gives you lemons? My Classmate: Eating them My Other Classmate: Turning them into lemonade (mental kink) Me:

avxcado : *finishes video* camera man says ummit wasn’t recording 🤣😂

Lilithe Sili : Imagine if he didn’t press the record button😂

Zoo Or Zu, idk : Slime : *falling for a long time* Slime : "I've been falling... FOR THIRTY MINUTES!"

Brexten Multi : Me:Has a lemonade stand,”want some lemonade” Friend:”sure” Me:ok let me start the machine Friend:”what?” Two hours later Friend:drinks lemonade,spits it out,I want a refund Me:”oof sorry I spent it all on making it bigger”

Illia Troshuk : Life: "Here is your lemon" Me: "No thanks!"

Noob Epic : mom says: CLEAN THIS ALL UP NOW!

KatelynGrace Murphy : Moral of the story: When life gives you lemons, Turn your entire house into a chain reaction

Samarai- X : 1:40. Mom: *tries to open door* *fails* Mom: TIMMY!!

A Big Rams Fan : And that's six glasses of lemonade. Come back in a couple years while we reset the machine!


YA BOI DOES STUFF WID SILAS/OTHER STUFF : *”ThE mEsS mAChIne”* “when life gives you a vacuum

Isabella Anderson : *This is why restaurants take forever to get you a glass of lemonade*

Vj Toys Review and Gaming : Mom: WHAT HAPPENED MY SON? Me: This how the story happens..

CallBall139 : nobody: the kid from home alone:makes this

Seanie nation : When life gives you lemons... You make a video about it

Cheese Boi : If you take only the audio it sounds like me at 3am getting shredded cheese

The Prince Of The Uchiha Clan : *How to do a house tour without anybody noticing it is an house tour*

Filip Bravenec : .. hey edit it to 10min. Black screen and paste how much you can adds u need pay for it

alvarcast GD : When life gives you lemons 🍋 Create a 9 minute machine just to dehydrate while you’re waiting to get your lemonade

Random Tingz : All that for a cup of lemonade? Wat if I was super dehydrated and I was about to die? ;-;

Ryan Bumbalo : Moral of the story is, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on unnecessary chain reactions, go to Walmart and by a container of lemonade for 3 bucks.

GodBlessYou2008 : Even Detective Conan would not be able to solve the puzzle if someone gets killed in the end of this machine

Alexa I james : Imagine how long they had to clean it up😂

Stefania Goo : How much of that did he test out to see if it will work? I Think A LOT

Blueshark8O9 : When life gives you lemons, life gives you content.

DarkCoolXG : Neighbors: What the hell is he doing?!

x mysterious x : How did this person make this tho I can’t even make a proper bowl of cereal! 😂

A Filthy Memer : When Life gives you Lemons.... Make a complicated machine spanning through your whole house to make lemonade

RUMORUSSEL L : The worst part in this video is "CLEANING"

sylwia bujek : When Life Gives You Lemons, You Sell Them At The Black Market

King Kebo : “DAA” *continues to stand shirtless in dry shower*

Dark Heart : Man it makes me REALLY HAPPY 😆😆. . THANK YOU VERY VERY 😆😁😁😁👍👍👍♥♥♥❤❤❤❤❤

Kshure : I think I’ll just stick to making it normally.. It’s faster anyway.....

Pie Guy : the intricacy and complexity is just stunning

taydoitbetta : 6:31 who else wanted the light 💡 bulb to bust 😂😂😂😂

Cheesy Potato Fries : Legend has it that they are still cleaning up to this day

Jasky ComendaJja : So i literally destroyed my house to make this Video... I am da BEST!!

Jackie LA : That's a pretty useful technology! Can i order one for $3000?

Swoop Playz : That phones gonna go right down LATER buzz buzz x100000 yay it finally fell

Doing different stuff All the time : Kids: wow that would have taken a long time to make it Parents: look at this mess you made

DuoLingo : Lemonade guys: WOOOOOOHOO Recorder: oh uh... I didnt pressed the record button since the beginning

Nick The Gamer213 : Dude in shower:GAH! Me:Arnold? Is that you? (the terminator)

Lauren VanAuker : Me: hey man.. can you get me some lemonade.. it’s in the kitchen Friend: okay. *friend walks in kitchen* Friend: 🧐🧐

UNCLENICK6982 : I'm an old time K'NEXer myself. This has to be one of the best Rube I've ever seen! Keep up the good work.

Just_Alina UWU : I feel like that the neighbor would be very confused with the sounds coming from the house....

Gimme Food : Mom: honey, why are we buying all this stuff? Me: I wanted lemonade… Thx for 2 likes btw