The Lemonade Machine

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jackofallspades98 : I'm going to skip talking about specific tricks in this project, because literally all of them are great, I'll instead focus on overall things I want to say about this whole project. First of all, you've managed to make me feel two emotions that I honestly can't remember the last time I felt. The first is jealousy. I wanted so bad to be a part of this, and I knew it would be amazing, I just never could have imagined this. What this team made is more than amazing. It's truly an unprecedented feat. I feel awful about missing out on the opportunity to take part in this since it's honestly a historic project in the grand timeline of the machine community, just as important as the first ISM as far as I'm concerned. Not being able to make it to this hurts me in a way I'm not used to feeling. Obviously if/when you host an event of this magnitude, I'll do everything in my power to join the team. The second emotion is pure, limitless joy and amazement. Every single second of this machine blew me away and I'm not exaggerating. Not every trick was the next best complex insane machine trick, but everything was made in such a brilliant style that I forgot to even care about complexity. I was so focused on how well-organized and professionally built an fittingly themed every individual aspect of the machine was. The "deceptively simple" style exemplified by every member of the team here is the antithesis to my compact, complex, and insane building style, and before this machine I couldn't fully appreciate machines that didn't attempt to shatter the envelope in the insanity department. This machine taught me how to appreciate the brilliant uses of everyday objects in novel, unique ways. Perhaps the best examples of this are the kitchen table with the opening drawer and mini shopping cart and the office table. This machine brought me the same joy that I originally got from watching machines four to five years ago when I got inspired to start building myself. Never since has a machine video given me that same level of pure happiness. Not ISM. Not 11 Inventions. Not any of the fantastic machines and screenlinks made by builders in the last half-decade. None have been able to even come close to that original magic I felt then. This project captured that magic. Without a doubt, this is my favorite video of the year, and honestly I don't feel like it's too early to call it my favorite chain reaction video ever. I just know that this video will go down in community history as a crucial landmark event. To say that I'm extremely proud of the whole team would be an understatement. Each and every contributor to this project has earned a massive amount of respect from me. So thank you, Steve, for organizing an event of this magnitude, and thank you to the team for pouring everything you had into this and making it the best it could possibly be.

Hevesh5 : YEAHH! It was so awesome to work with you guys on this project! Everything came out amazing :D

DoodleChaos : DAAAAA

DominoERDMANN : I agree with Michael, this is definitely the best machine that I have ever seen!!! 😍 You all did an amazing job 😉 This video has to go viral 😃

Taikamuna : This is probably the best chain reaction I've seen. I can't believe you used an ENTIRE HOUSE to make this! And it lasted almost 9 MINUTES (or maybe 11 with the slime). This was full of amazing tricks and ideas. I loved how you could see everyone's different styles mixed together. Also if you look close, you can see Mark failing to put the curtain back haha 😅. I really hope this goes viral, you guys worked so hard for this!

TheInvention11 : This project was awesome to be a part of! Hopefully this will go viral :D

reptongeek : That was an amazing machine, so many parts! I'll never ask for a lemonade in a restaurant again without thinking of your team's creation. Really well shot too. And it was all in one take. I saw it live and nothing went wrong (Joke for Lily)

FlippyCat : Awesome! Well followed. I liked the time machine room, the wall clock shows you travelled back in time first, then time speeds up, and eventually back to current time! 🕓

5MadMovieMakers : But what if we didn't hit record... thanks for bringing me onboard!

Kaplamino : Easy to understand and follow because it's clean and uses large tricks. Nice themed objets ! I guess the balloon was supposed to explode earlier to push the book haha ;)

Twig : Incredibly impressive project, a thing I love about your machines is your ability to make themes based on the setting. I mentioned this in your Food Waste machine, and this one did just as an amazing job on making many of the objects relate to the room it was in, which creates a very nice aesthetic, and I think that is where this machine shines most in. My favourite tricks were the opening of the drawer in the kitchen (the transition of the launcher was very clever), the zipline outside, and the DoodleChaos body reveal. There were a few other touches here and there that I thought worked perfectly, like positioning a clock next to the v-sauce, so when sped up the clock could be what clearly signifies that the trick is sped up instead of putting text on screen. Also at 6:36 it looks like there is a ghost! Spooky! Really amazing machine overall, when watching it feels like the machine really has moved somewhere, from point a to point b

Austrian Domino Art : Amazing project!!! I really hope that this one will go viral, great job!! Mark's part was definitely the best :D

TheRealMcJoni : AWESOME! :D I love it. I can only imagine how cool it must be to have an entire house just for building a machine :D And then have a great team to build such a great project. And there were so many great tricks! Did I get it right that the phone fell at the last vibration?! :D man, that gave me anxiety. I'm also impressed by the marble not falling off the track at those sharp turns at 3:40. I really like this video and I hope it gets the attention it deserves. :)

PenBdomino : DoodleChaos, you scared me

DaksDominos : Awesome! how many takes?

TheRGMGuy01 : Color me impressed! There were some fantastic tricks in here, and the whole house aspect with the theming was on point, with clean tricks that were easy to understand but also fresh and creative. What most impresses me the most, though, is with a house-sized machine like this, you have so many elements that eliminating fails begins to become a big deal -- props to y'all for powering through the fails! This is definitely the type of video I'd show people when they ask me what exactly the machines I build are (even though my style is a bit different ;) ) -- it isn't wanting for complexity or creativity, and it's well laid out and well-filmed, intuitive, well-themed with original tricks, and it has a nice end goal :)

Filip Božić : Waited whole day with my phone in hand It's finnaly here Beautiful I love it Thanks

StickTrickDominoDude : DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. Give yourselves a pat on the back, you have created the best machine I have ever seen.

Yannick Pfoh : It's so nice to See all the work in a whole house

berlagawesome : This is the machine I've always wanted to see my whole life!

Dylan Ladner : I never thought I'd see perfection in the form of a YouTube video of all things, but I'm glad I have.

Horan Pro : Fantasy job! Amazing chain reaction! I can’t believe it all worked out. AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Smileypeacefun : Being a guest builder for a day on this project I can't believe how awesome it turned out in the end. Thanks to everyone for making this possible :D

bpdoles : This is such a great machine!!! Like others here said, I’d probably agree that this is one of the best if not the best machines of all time. So well made!!

SpazzySpaghetti : 4:15 DAAAAAHHHHHH😂😂😂😂

rai3r : Wow amazing machine! You are so creative!

Sean Donahue : These guys Mouse Trap

42RosyRosie : I was cheering for you all at the end!! How exciting! This was so neat to watch - thanks for taking all that time to create this incredible machine! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Everything Dominoes : Steve you're my favourite machine builder

Edwin Wiles : I LOVE it! Especially the "willeymakeit" delays you put in. The goop was genius!

SnorkG : Free replay buttons for ya: 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18

TheVarietyGuy : I don’t think a comment can do this thing any justice! This was absolutely insane guys, really freaking epic.

Another Swiss Youtube user : If this doesn’t goes viral, I don’t know anymore... FLAWLESS JOB!

Fma Machines : Definitely my favorite as well, not for complexity, but for over all size, also this machine is so satisfying to watch. I really appreciate the way it was filmed and how difficult that must have been, but you nailed it, so perfectly.

Sirgabealot G : 4:17 LOL That's something that I could only imagine Mark doing XD


Domino Rakentaja : *DAAAAHHHH*

Roxana M : Whoever disliked this can't take how superior all the people in this video are to them lol

Michael Mullen : I’m beyond impressed. That was so great, I wish that this machine becomes the newest dictionary term for the word “great”! Amazing group effort, too! Watching this really made my day! Definitely one of the most original setups I’ve seen. Keep it up, everyone!!

rai3r : Daaaa

BWRGM : Best Machine Ever, this will definitely go viral!

DakSen The Fox : This super awesome., Good job everyone

The Compliment Guy : Nice machine! I really like the way that the machine is put up all together. I mean, it has some cool machine tricks and marble runs as well. By the way, I have subscribed to your channel.

Gary Paul : That. Was. Nuts. 😱😱😱😱😱😱 🍋

SKELETOR : The whole time i was watching this i just had a huge smile on my face! This is so damn cool!! It's amazing what you guys can do!!

umm idk : I am shook. This is by far the most incredible Rube Goldberg machine I've ever seen

ShanesDominoez : This is amazing mah dude. 10/10, would watch again.

Aidan's Machines : I was comepletely mind blown. this is amazing.

Andrew Harris : Wow! What an AMAZING job you guys did. This was absofrickinlutely incredible! I lost my marbles watching it. If this doesn't go viral, there is no God.

KazmanKiller86 : Science Teacher Today we are making Rube Goldberg Machines Me: