The Lemonade Machine

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Lorenzo : *when ur mom leaves u home alone with literally nothing to do*

JTheMelon : "Dude, do you want to drink some lemonade?" "Sure." "Just give me a sec."

I’m gay And : Nobody gonna talk about naked guy in the shower?!?!

TIZ GoodDay : Here's a life hack Squeez the lemon into your cup

Ben Turner : Honey, I'm h - dammit not again

XiaZTV : *When your internet is not working*

Dust's Animal Jam Guide : When life gives you lemons, you *make lemonade* PFFFT OR THIS

Jacob Gaming3351 : God:Hey I’m gonna make you smart and see what happens You:

CanWeHit500SubsWithAFewVideos? OOOF : wow *that is a lot of physics*

Maggie Bradley : Imagine if they didn’t press record. That would be so sad!! 🤯

Hevesh5 : YEAHH! It was so awesome to work with you guys on this project! Everything came out amazing :D

proRyo GD : "I dont want your damn lemons" - Cave Johnson

Leo Millot : That intense moment when the phone is vibrating and you don’t know if there will be enough rings to make it fall off.

Michael Lonchar : This is BS dude you had to stop the lemonade from pouring at the end yourself

Gracie Lombard : That was BORING!!! That's what some people say. I say, man! Was that cool or what! Imagine how long it would take if more people came.....

5MadMovieMakers : But what if we didn't hit record... thanks for bringing me onboard!

Alfred John Lomeda : I really like the part were the guy says daa

Sugar Skull543 : *Well, when life gives you lemons*

xd Psychic : Now Imagine If Something Broke At The End Of My Gawd

Snookie Cookie : Ohh shoot!! I forgot to press the record button!!!

Erin Rust : Just imagine if it failed right at the end

Sam Awesome99 : If you are reading this then you are not witnessing the greatness in this video

The E word : All that for lemonade 😂

Just Magic : Boi the dude in the shower took my soul.

Rainbow Angel : One does not simply Make lemonade

Woofzilla Animations : “Oops!! I wasn’t recording.....”

MJR. Mateusz Tomaszewski : TOM AND JERRY IS REAL!!

nobi ta : When Life Give You Lemons~... *Get A Job*

Isaac Mendoza : When life gives you lemons call them yellow oranges and sell them for double the price

ThatCapyGamer YT : hey could you show me again cus i wasn't paying attention

TTV_hawk0eye2 : How big is his dudes house?

Sarah A. : When life gives you lemons you make a big mess

Horror Sans [puppy][Owner: Small Child] : When live gives you lemons make orange juice xD

Tinygamer Vlogs : Life.exe has left the chat

Itz PetalPLAYZ : *The👏Ultimate👏Chain👏Reaction👏Of👏2019👏*

Taikamuna : This is probably the best chain reaction I've seen. I can't believe you used an ENTIRE HOUSE to make this! And it lasted almost 9 MINUTES (or maybe 11 with the slime). This was full of amazing tricks and ideas. I loved how you could see everyone's different styles mixed together. Also if you look close, you can see Mark failing to put the curtain back haha 😅. I really hope this goes viral, you guys worked so hard for this!

Jenzo : 3:37 - Oh look it's me when I'm lost in my car.

Irishcreme C : Life gave you a lot of lemons

Nibble Gaming : btw *the water is still on to this day*

Xxlittle_ angel.hatesyouxX : How It Feels To Chew 5 Gum... 4:20

Elitelupus : Wow that must of taken a long time!

Legendary Aura : next time make a machine called a tap, it took a bit too long for my lemon juice to dispense, but I would definitely invest.

Rey Urlegum : son unos capos, saludos desde argentina papaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sara Taylor : You take a long time making lemonade dude

Arzzhahahaha 20 : If I were them I would start at 7:10

Sieger : When life gives you lemons you make a complex chain reaction system.

GTiger Han : Wow, so long!

DDAO730 : When you’re bored

Rey Urlegum : no entiendo por qué tiene dislikes

Rey Urlegum : like si te apareció en recomendados xd