The Lemonade Machine

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Hunter Freder : Crap, I wasn’t recording!

Ventilate : that's going to take a long time to clean up

Moonlighting is dumb : Customer: Can i have a glass of lemonade? Person who makes lemonade: Sure! *5 minutes later* Customer: What's taking so long? Person who makes lemonade: I'm making your lemonade. Customer: **goes to see what's going on** Wtf? Edit: Thanks for the likes! I literally just commented this 2 days ago and it already has 60+ likes. Have a good day • u •

Imani Maldonado : 1st of all: I can’t even set up 5 dominoes to knock each other down 2nd of all: That guy in the shower scared the crap out of me 3rd of all: That concludes the house tour

Jem Jewels : Now.... whose gonna clean up that mess?

Taikamuna : This is probably the best chain reaction I've seen. I can't believe you used an ENTIRE HOUSE to make this! And it lasted almost 9 MINUTES (or maybe 11 with the slime). This was full of amazing tricks and ideas. I loved how you could see everyone's different styles mixed together. Also if you look close, you can see Mark failing to put the curtain back haha 😅. I really hope this goes viral, you guys worked so hard for this!

Ang Uirus : Pro tutorial on *how to make lemonade*

SmityHead : This video is underated... It needs more attention, views and likes!

jian chen : When life gives you lemons, squirt it in someone's eye.

Some Random Banana : When life gives you lemons... *you make a chain reaction*

Monika : *when ur mom leaves u home alone with literally nothing to do*

Lee mcdermott : Puts dudeperfect to shame

Chicken Nugget : To this day, the tap is still running...


Poopah Doopah : This is a cool idea and was also crazy at the same time

XiaZTV : *When your internet is not working*

Seecooty : That must have taken ages!

Cheeto Girl628 : The neighbors are probably thinking Ugh he’s doing it again!>:( please pin meh

Midnight Master : All that, for a cup of lemonade that all you had to do was push a switch, but you decided to overcomplicate things, you can tell it got a little bit out of hand...

The Blue Rabbit 1 : Why dont you just make lemonade the easy way?

Erin Rust : Just imagine if it failed right at the end

super players tube : How long it takes to make it The watching is 9 minute how much minute did u made it is so hard you work a long time to fixed and another thing you have to clean it for a long time this going to take time.🤣😂😂😂😂

hello world : When ur Wi-Fi isn't working:

SuperNat 99 : Well, time to clean up!

Munchie : 4:17 I never knew marbles were pervs

Hevesh5 : YEAHH! It was so awesome to work with you guys on this project! Everything came out amazing :D

Red Lake : What an overly complicated way to get lemonade

TaxCollecter : You put doc brown's breakfast system to shame.

LoneWolf CreativeGaming : Me: *sees fidget spinners OH GOD PLEASE NO!!!!!

Mega Gana : I bet I can do that In my dreams LOL

TheStelaj : Some people have so much free time

Hoily : They guy in the show is um. Yeah idk dead inside I guess? It was funny. 😂

Tacos : Ooooof u probably have a big water bill cuz u forgot to turn it off

Lps theatre : That is an interesting house... 🤔

TomDaPro 99 : Is this a house tour

suphi doygun : waiting 7 minutes and 28 seconds for lemonade? I could just squeeze lemons for lemonade

Lucas Garrido : When you have nothing to do, you do a chain reaction. When you also have nothing to do, you watch a 9 minutes video of a chain reaction!

Lily Sivacek : A big mess to clean.....

AK_TheCreeper : When it takes 7min and 52sec to pour 6 glasses of lemonade

Bandit - Blob : A fast way to make mess in ur house

K!ngS!ze : This is what happens when you ask Curious George to make you lemonade...

Inferno 300 : That looked like it took way to much effort to make some lemonade

Baby VeEEeeEeE : All of this, for some lemonade...

J.A. Entertainment. : U do realise, you've just showed most of you're house on a world-wide app.

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : Disliked because you used fidget spinners jk this was awesome

ProtectedSquid : See Guys Measurement does come in handy.

Minsc And Boo : You used everything *and* the kitchen sink

Skylin Archer : They must have been bored with nothin to do

Shadowfireninja Hd : I love limonade! Especially when it's done that way!

TTV_hawk0eye2 : How big is his dudes house?