Conan Catches Jordan Schlansky Coming In Late

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Thunderchole : Looks like Jordan's experimentation with oats and whey is paying off. Dudes looking swole

wite faec : Jordan Schlansky - The only person who could pull off being a nerd, a creep, a robot, and a douchebag all at the same time

Anthony Sclafani : "In case he ever makes a friend"

Michael Hill : I love this guy. He considers himself as a perfectionist who clearly has an utter disdain for everyone else yet his office is a complete disaster and he rolls into work 3.5 hours late on Fridays.


Kvmilla : "I've worked for a living" THE SHADE

Filthy Pixels : "You're not making eye contact with me." "Why would I?" I'm scared of how much I identify with Jordan.

BAWderDOn : "I'm experimenting with oats and whey" WHO SAYS THAT

Po Tato : I can't believe this isn't scripted...pure gold

Lil Shoey : He’s just standing there roasting him on tv lmao

Julien Coudray : Correct. This is not true. Why would I ? Undecided. This guy is a replicant.

John David : "The very definition of having this is you don't know a woman" Savage CONAN 😂😂😂

karim altairi : i like how when Jordan took his shirt off Conan wouldn't stop staring


SlickSith : "Do you know how I know it's the center? I've actually worked for a living." -Conan Freaking savage.

BIlly Ray : It's almost impossible to watch one Conan video without getting sucked into binge watching others...

Honey301 Komb : I prepared my body.. Jordan sounds like a serial killer with a corpse every time I watch this I laugh he is hilarious they are hilarious together♡

Enrico : "I ve worked for living " X'D X'D

Jeremy McReynolds : The patience of that poor autistic man.....

THEARABGUY : He’s dead inside but he’s one of the producers 😂😂😂😂

just sayin' : "is your intention to hang on to these or to give them to a worthy childrens charity?" "undecided"

Masha Kalinkina : He’s really hot, in all senses

Jaycob Delacruz : Conan’s bullying at it’s finest..

Ksawery : Guy is gonna casually shoot up the office one day

Yellow Cactus : I am attracted to this man

Jade : jordan has a great body

아파트공화국 : Jordan Schlansky is a seriously great dose for my depression :D

Gage Westerhouse : "I've been experimenting with oats and whey"

James : "One cranky fake Italian" lol

NewShockerGuy : This whole interaction should be spun off on an entire episode and aired once a week... the questions and answers being throwing back and forth and how they talk is hilarious. He's so calm when speaking like he's normal when everything he's talking about is so

Reemi Ali : Ok but can we talk about how hot he is???

N. BR : 2:00 ''He's got two [expresso cups], in case he ever makes a friend'' Hello 911, I'd like to report a murder.

Anne Kuckertz : Does anyone else think that Jordan looks like Dany Castellano on the Mindy Project?

Vijay Kumar : I wonder why Conan didn't joke about the Google t-shirt that Jordan was wearing 😂

Kayla : Jordan has the built and look of Ocean's Eleven era George Clooney

Jay jay : Just the right amount of weird

New New : Jordan sounds like a smart Lawyer, or Law student, lol, very good rebuttals :)

Alan Ho : Anyone notice that the espresso machine is now in Jordan's office? See 3:51

Enrico : Conan + Jordan = Total Hilariousness

EdD5 : Conan is SOOO much funnier when he's dry and laid back like this. When he does the goofy, manic ersatz-Jerry Lewis stuff on the show it's just shrill and annoying.

se7en the great : is that the coffee machine Jordan bought with Conan's money on the table on the right at 1:46?

Icelandic Potato : Why not put some dam shelves in that office!!!????

FullHalfCircle : I have various production-related tasks. I‘ve prepared my body in various ways.

Raouf Soufi : I would Not be surprised if someday Jordan murders conan in cold blood

Everyday Essentials : Thats your reaction

Hrushikesh Patwardhan : Wow this dude is dwight from the office

Faith B7 : Jordan reminds me of a more interactive David Blaine

Finn Jones : Had to watch this twice, too funny 🤣🤣😂

FVNT0M IIX : Jordan Schlansky's morning routine sounds similar to Patrick Batman's routine in American Psycho... Coincidence?