Conan Catches Jordan Schlansky Coming In Late

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just sayin : "is your intention to hang on to these or to give them to a worthy childrens charity?" "undecided"

Kayla : Jordan has the built and look of Ocean's Eleven era George Clooney

Trimin : Jordan=Spock LOL

Jade : jordan has a great body

Jasmin Khangura : I am just discovering the miracle that is Jordan Schlansky. Binge witching what I've missed all these years


Holden_D_Znuts : Jordon's probably the real life version of Dexter Morgan.

Duwang Is Unbreakable : I'm supposed to be studying for a midterm right now but I can't stop watching Conan vids lol.

Ross Sharma : This video contains one my favorite interactions being two human beings: Conan: I just asked if you shaved your John Dory. Do you? Jordan: I believe that's a private matter. Conan: You draw the line there? Jordan: In terms of talking about my daily grooming rituals? Conan: Yes. Jordan: Yes. Conan: Okay. You can put your shirt back on.

jen soni : #StopJordanAbuse Liek If u cri evrytiem

Nishant Gogna : jordan is the unsung hero of the internet

Kvmilla : "I've worked for a living" THE SHADE

Noa Niv-Ron : So I'm the only one that noticed at 8:30 the sign near Jordans room says "Jordan Schlansky, One Cranky Fake Italian" ???????????

The Son of Muta : "Know how I know it was the center? Because I've worked for a living." I believe the mic has been dropped

Neil Fama : I swear Jordan Schlansky is our world's version of Spock.

Raouf Soufi : I would Not be surprised if someday Jordan murders conan in cold blood

Chirag Narsaria : that burn at the end....woh!!!

k3ntris : Some random fact - giving someone a clock as a gift in Chinese culture is a big no-no as it's basically saying they've run out of time in life and implying they will die soon.

YellowExxhy : Jordan having sex "you like that baby?" "In the terms of propper manner, my level of pleasure is above the percent..."

Julien Coudray : Correct. This is not true. Why would I ? Undecided. This guy is a replicant.

FrankieBeans : anyone notice that the coffee maker is now in his room lol

damit elephant : It almost feels like it's unscripted the way Conan laughs

Theonlyone 1 : He talks like Eugene of the walking dead XD

Brix Humor : Has Jordan ever laughed?

Ricca Shaps : He's the associate producer...Even if this was not scripted, he knows what's good for a show.

FVNT0M IIX : Jordan Schlansky's morning routine sounds similar to Patrick Batman's routine in American Psycho... Coincidence?

Luke Shoewalker : HAHAHAHAHA I just looked at the Jordan's Wikipedia page and it says that he performs "various tasks" for Conan😂

Dahakra : This Jordan fellow is quite the character, theres a certain " I don't give a f**k " even in his most eloquent answers without any hint of arrogance

Persnickitty : how did that man keep a straight face jesus christ

Miztli3 : I like Conan as a boss. very lighthearted but serious as well

EdwardFirewalker : At the end: ''He's a real human being'' But, is he a real hero?

Pali J. : DAMN, JORDAN. Didn't expect to see that under that shirt.

OLBastholm : I simply don't believe this wasn't scripted. It's way too good to be real.

Lloyd Braun (Serenity Now!) : Conan is so charismatic he can have chemistry with anybody. Even a goddamn cyborg, as it turns out, in Jordan's case. 10/10

Shyam Ram : "you know how I know its supposed to be in the center? Because i've worked for a living" Conan with the cleverest roast

Maple Moon : wow, for a comedian he can be really threatening in the work place. 0.0

Joshua B : My brothers name is Jordan and he acts just like him!!! XD

Benji Morgan : I love how Conan constantly busts this guys balls

Jacob McMahan : Man how Jordan keeps a straight face the whole time is beyond me... Wait maybe he's a Vulcan in human disguise?

Freddie Sharpe : every month or so i go on a Jordan Schlansky binge

Destitute Baron : "Do you know how I know it's the center?" "How?" "Because I work for a living." I'M DONE

Johnny Felcher : Conan laughing at his own jokes seems to make the jokes even funnier.

AngryGrumps : he looks like he really doesnt like conan

Joey Perez : Damn I feel so bad for him lmao

InnerFire6213 : one of these days conan will disappear and we all would know who did it but never have enough evidence to convict him

niknatural : This was funny but man.. Conan can be an asshole to his employees hahaha

John Chaser : Buzz buzz

eeveee : Jordan and Conan in Italy PLEASE

no : jordan is hot

sawadee : brilliant comedy, because you can't tell if it's scripted or not. it's very mean-spirited (cannot imagine if it happened in real life) but it's hilarious