Conan Catches Jordan Schlansky Coming In Late

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Kvmilla : "I've worked for a living" THE SHADE

Thunderchole : Looks like Jordan's experimentation with oats and whey is paying off. Dudes looking swole

Julien Coudray : Correct. This is not true. Why would I ? Undecided. This guy is a replicant.

BIlly Ray : It's almost impossible to watch one Conan video without getting sucked into binge watching others...

wite faec : Jordan Schlansky - The only person who could pull off being a nerd, a creep, a robot, and a douchebag all at the same time

mei mei : I thought it was Jordan in the black car, but then I saw the red scooter 😂😂😂😂😂


Anthony Sclafani : "In case he ever makes a friend"

Filthy Pixels : "You're not making eye contact with me." "Why would I?" I'm scared of how much I identify with Jordan.

Michael Hill : I love this guy. He considers himself as a perfectionist who clearly has an utter disdain for everyone else yet his office is a complete disaster and he rolls into work 3.5 hours late on Fridays.

BAWderDOn : "I'm experimenting with oats and whey" WHO SAYS THAT

John David : "The very definition of having this is you don't know a woman" Savage CONAN 😂😂😂

ifunny coolgirl : If you pause at 8:29 you can see in a little thing next to Jordan that it says “Jordan Schlansky One Cranky Fake Italian”

Kayla : Jordan has the built and look of Ocean's Eleven era George Clooney

BBM42 : Real life Dexter Morgan !

Mr. Charles Snippy : Favorite one so far. Even Conan couldn't take his eyes off Jordan's abs.

Lil Shoey : He’s just standing there roasting him on tv lmao

FRISHR : Wow Conan has a big black clock!

just sayin' : "is your intention to hang on to these or to give them to a worthy childrens charity?" "undecided"

jesskidng : They should have a weekly Jordan schlansky segment

Sith Sin : Does he still come in late?

DANIEL GMAIL : Each of those death squad commanders go for about 800

Misaki Chan : Jordan is hilarious. He has no real reaction to Conan.

Jade : jordan has a great body

Enrico : "I ve worked for living " X'D X'D

karim altairi : i like how when Jordan took his shirt off Conan wouldn't stop staring

PortalPlayer743 : Schlansky should play Spock in any new Star Trek movies.

Po Tato : I can't believe this isn't scripted...pure gold

Honey301 Komb : I prepared my body.. Jordan sounds like a serial killer with a corpse every time I watch this I laugh he is hilarious they are hilarious together♡

Bruno'sBaBySquirrel : I need to get me a robot like that ♥

FastFunSuperHealth : 8:17 Conan: 'You have to put it very center.' Conan: 'You know how I know?' Jordan: 'No.' Conan: 'I've worked for a living.' x'D hahaha

Jorge Osorio : if only jordan met pre breakup Chris Traeger.

Lesly Marie : I am attracted to this man

Masha Kalinkina : He’s really hot, in all senses

Icelandic Potato : Why not put some dam shelves in that office!!!????

FavJam : I can’t get enough of this guy 😂

Raouf Soufi : I would Not be surprised if someday Jordan murders conan in cold blood

FMTYFILMS : Well shoot, that was actually some decent advice, need to get off that Malto and try some oats

Daniel Marino-Austin : Back when sexual harrassment didn't lead to being fired.

Jaycob Delacruz : Conan’s bullying at it’s finest..

Liam Farrell : Jordan is jacked wtf

Jasmin Khangura : I am just discovering the miracle that is Jordan Schlansky. Binge witching what I've missed all these years

arif kazi : 'The very definition of having these is the prove of u don't know a woman'.... 😂😂😂

Drew's Corner - Drew C. Ryan : how did he not get fired for that damn

EdD5 : Conan is SOOO much funnier when he's dry and laid back like this. When he does the goofy, manic ersatz-Jerry Lewis stuff on the show it's just shrill and annoying.

James : "One cranky fake Italian" lol

FVNT0M IIX : Jordan Schlansky's morning routine sounds similar to Patrick Batman's routine in American Psycho... Coincidence?

NORA MUCHA : I dunno why Conan is hating Jordan seems like a very lively-funny kind of guy.

memphis money : How i know its the center? I work for a living! Lmfao!

Enrico : Conan + Jordan = Total Hilariousness