Conan Catches Jordan Schlansky Coming In Late

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Julien Coudray : Correct. This is not true. Why would I ? Undecided. This guy is a replicant.


Jade : jordan has a great body

Trimin : Jordan=Spock LOL

Nishant Gogna : jordan is the unsung hero of the internet

Kayla : Jordan has the built and look of Ocean's Eleven era George Clooney

Kvmilla : "I've worked for a living" THE SHADE

Neil Fama : I swear Jordan Schlansky is our world's version of Spock.

Lloyd Braun (Serenity Now!) : Conan is so charismatic he can have chemistry with anybody. Even a goddamn cyborg, as it turns out, in Jordan's case. 10/10

Johnny Felcher : Conan laughing at his own jokes seems to make the jokes even funnier.

Chirag Narsaria : that burn at the end....woh!!!

Tom Hastings : He talks like Eugene of the walking dead XD

Shyam Ram : "you know how I know its supposed to be in the center? Because i've worked for a living" Conan with the cleverest roast

Dahakra : This Jordan fellow is quite the character, theres a certain " I don't give a f**k " even in his most eloquent answers without any hint of arrogance

Freddie Sharpe : every month or so i go on a Jordan Schlansky binge

Benji Morgan : I love how Conan constantly busts this guys balls

Jacob McMahan : Man how Jordan keeps a straight face the whole time is beyond me... Wait maybe he's a Vulcan in human disguise?

no : jordan is hot

Noa Niv-Ron : So I'm the only one that noticed at 8:30 the sign near Jordans room says "Jordan Schlansky, One Cranky Fake Italian" ???????????

Jacob Vidrine : He looks like he is holding back a laugh a few times

Aymen NM : "You know how i knew it was the very centre?" "No". "I worked for living". DAAAMN Conan 😂😂😂

John Chaser : Buzz buzz

Aaron Powell : My cheeks are starting to hurt

Megazone Music : 07:25 "My Lack of awareness of the time is not responsible for the hour that I arrive in the office " - J.S. Classic Schlansky-isms

Alicia Coburg : Damn Jordan....lookin' good 😉

ThePrimeOne_9 : That ending Conan dropped the mic real good

JoySynthesis : "What do you think would be the human thing? You've studied humans on our planet." *Jordan reluctantly removes sunglasses*

jeff kennedy : i love these battles of wits

Fruit Punch : Anyone notice the sign at the end, "Jordan schlansky, one cranky fake Italian"

Varad Hitkari : Just look at the the name plate at 8:29 😂😂😂😂

magdalena wyrobek : thank you Conan for making him take the shirt off :D

Neon Anderson : It drives me nuts these Jordan sketches he has been on the show as a sketch already way back when Conan was on NBC as Late Night. So they have been doing this for a long time now and if it was not an act then Jordan surely would have quit or stayed with NBC when Conan left. But instead he left with Conan to Team Coco on TBS. Does that sound like someone who hates their job? I am so convinced this is an act, maybe unscripted act but an act nonetheless.

VinoNCL : Wtf is this guy for real? He is hilarious I think.. Lmfao

Cruzer : Robots have chronometers built into their neural net processors, so external clocks are of no use.

Styx Mercer : Jordan is the type of boy that shaves his legs

anonymous user : These staff segments are friggin hilarious!

Jvstyle : Dayummm that diss at the end, do you know how i know its the centre? No. "I worked for a living" lol xD

Ale Barajas : Did Jordan take like 500 Mgs of adderall or something? The dude doesn't smile or lose concentration whatsoever.

fdr : "Then, I prepared my body in various ways." LMFAO

Alexander T.Vera : Lmao he's like Dwight shcrute from the office

Persnickitty : how did that man keep a straight face jesus christ

MusicCocktail : He looks very fit! Great that he works out!

just sayin' : "is your intention to hang on to these or to give them to a worthy childrens charity?" "undecided"

Nathan Garza : "I've worked for a living." I loved that line!

Jo Baker : hes obviously an alien reptile

Chang AIKO : ' having these is proof that you dont know any woman' kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Simon L : jordan is so funny

Thy Tyrtle : His sign for his office says one crazy fake italian 8:29😂😂

Conner Naile : I was dieing through that entire thing omg

thuggles42 : I'm so uncomfortable