Cereal Dust - Short Film (Social Experiment)

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jay johnson : REALLY

The Hopper Family Vlog! : Eye opening and INSPIRING! Thank you for this! 🙏🙏🙏

gr18vidz14kidz : Hey, I remember when this was on Tom’s channel and now it’s on JASH! It’s great!

Ziggery Tufts : This is the cutting edge near-humor I subscribe for

zzarkS : "Every Ounce Counce"

flexibilitymanager : that old lady!

J smith : that was a work of art

krangbangboogie : Finally someone raising awareness. Let's help spread this before big pharma has it taken down and stops the movement yet again. 🙆

hackjilton : It's 2:44 AM and I'm on page 8 of 15 of a paper due tomorrow (today now). I can't believe I just wasted 16 minutes watching this entire fucking video. I think the worst part is that I liked it.

Kylo Ren : What would you say it is that you... do... here Jash?

dreamsofgroundmeat : The effort put into this is so inspiring. Cereal dust never again.

MichaelSmathers : Cereal Dust...it's not just for socially awkward liberal California flakes anymore. It's now part of the health food initiative at my kids school fundraising program....THANK YOU CALIFORNIA :-/

Frank Upham : That ending tho. Glad I gave this one a shot.

seriousbees : Very awareness raising. Not since supersize me has a food documentary been this informative. Everyone needs to know about the benefits (and the risks) of cereal dust

Bit - Scout : Hilarious! I love it another!

Jeff Taargus : Wanna go nuts? Come to my house for some cereal dust, AND see a pizza roll

Top 10 Wizard : I don't think you should measure a powder in gallons.

Ben : This is very, very good

Bits Of Everything : Funkin funny stuff

Amanda Daniela de Oliveira : This is definitely worth watching

Jake Goodwin : I actually do eat my Cereal Dust. I always get Cinnamon Life cereal, and its got Damn Good Dust. Better Dust than the others.

Carpoolparty : I will never look at cereal dust the same way again.

Your Reflection : is this a joke o_o

Merahki : I hope this is a trolling video.

odd VIDS : This is what humanity needs in 2018. But, point taken.

darrel stinkmeaner : *Scattered applause*

xxAtom AnTxx : What about the helpless chip dust that gets left behind....

The : I loved this video

JoshJamesification : old lady need a gift

Tom Herrick : Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

Dallah Cesen : officially in Love with Tom Goulet.

rexxx cooters : Garbage juice covered man bun.it can get worse after all

jonker : This is so good, it's like one of those things where actors interact with real people in society (like Nirvanna The Band The Show, which is GREAT). Please make more!

Rob Mckennie : I personally love the cereal dust. Some kinds of cereal I crush to make it more dusty

Diana Cosy : Who is that? 5:09

Americansikkunt : Aren't most American women on the cereal diet?

Matthew Kellison : I like this


snoop dogg dank kush : YOU KNOW WHATS WEIRD. all the dust in cereal is gone now