Marc Martel - "Somebody to Love" for Céline Dion

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SEE MARC MARTEL LIVE Full show (region restricted) Part of the show with English subtitles: #MarcMartel #Queen #CelineDion #FreddieMercury

Comments from Youtube

eca 1204 : Marc Martel can't replace Freddie, but he could replace Adam Lambert.

diego otalvaro cardona : Didn't knew that Elon musk could sing that good!

jaybirdpalau : When you make Celine Dion your fangirl! Boom!🤯

Noah RAMOS : Adam Lambert may have the band, but Marc Martel has the voice.

Dan Josef : Freddie? Legend Marc? Reincarnation Adam? Garbage Hotel? Trivago

Righteous Ahmad : That mask ain't gonna fool me Freddie

Nick Jasper : She INSTANTLY started to cry - that is proof this guy is legit.

JUZT FOOTBALL HD : Why didn't he sing with queen in the 2019 Oscars !?

Aizen Acalud : I hope he perform with Queen. Just one time, darling.

Hippie Shit : Freddie: god, may you please reincarnate me. God: but, you already have Lambert? Freddie: yeah, about that darling...

Sepehr Mansouri : I wish they could replace Adam Lambert with Marc Martel. I wanna hear Freddie's voice in their world tours!

Celine k : 1:35 That look in his eyes... It reminded me so much of Freddie Mercury

jdoe : 0:07 😲 That opening of high note to low to high and the modulation of voice. I've never heard anyone as identical as Freddies voice

Mini Højgaard : He cant replace Freddie... He Can replace Adam Lambert

sujadmiko bambang : Please dont die again

Solmyr1984 : If you manage to shock so much a music start of the rank of Celine Dion with music... than you are legend.

Mark Gideon Bire : celine dion looks very miss Freddie, she cries. what about other freddie fans? marc came to answer the longing of all freddie fans

Pepsi Man : I respect both Adam Lambert and Marc Martel, but if I were to choose who has a better voice it would be Marc Martel.

David Merlin : I met Marc last night after he performed QUEEN TRIBUTE and it was amazing. He was also a super nice guy. If you have a chance to see him live, don’t miss it! It truly is an incredible experience. Please Brian and Roger please release Adam to do his solo stuff and recruit Marc into the band to really give fans that true QUEEN Experience!

Melissa Wright : To have Celine Dion, one of greatest vocalists in the world, crying and staring at you gobsmacked like that. . . That's an achievement all in itself!

OutFreak28 : Mercury just went to mars to change his human form.

Thanos is Coming : It's just amazing that Marc Martel can pull off such a legendary voice that made such a impact on the world. Rest In Peace Freddie

Mark Arandjus : There are moments where he even has a passing resemblance to Freddie, it's not just me right?

Adrian Tuyu : 2:01 It sounds exacly like Freddie!!

Ryan Brooks : And that ladies and gentlemen is why he worked on vocals for the Bohemian Rhapsody Movie

chriszy skates : Elon Musk and Freddie Mercury got something to explain...

John Matrixx : I think Marc is the best singer in the world. His live performances sound like they have been mixed in a studio. He is otherworldly.

Kitty space Plays : I think that Freddie had a secret son with Mary 😂. (Just a joke)

*Click Me* : He is not the second freddy He is the first marc

Kyle Mac : Adam Lambert : Hey I can sing queen songs pretty good. Marc Martel: Hold my beer...

sashaparedes : he was nervous.. still celine dion cried. WOW

Daiana Vanesa Zalazar : Freddie Mercury reencarnó en Marc martel

alucard kaizokudan : the way celine dion stare .. look like she look at freddie reincarnation

Giorgio Zanella : Freddy Mercury=legend!

Wha' happened : If Freddie could speak to Marc he would say " I hear you do me quite well darling "

Bruno Bastos : Marc sings with the same passion as Freddie. Adam sings lazily.

Patrick Roy : I will buy Queen new album featuring Marc Martel as their new lead singer.

Fery G : Now everyone know Marc, thank you bohemian. ;)

Dmitryi Yeremin : Marc is amazing! I loved Celine Dion getting emotional practically from the first note!

Soddy : Again next video about Queen and their music made on my BIRTHDAY !!!! THX

Maria M : Come on Brian . . . come on darling . . . wake up now . . .

FavFinds : Marc Martel === Freddy Mercury 100%

tirapalla : I totally understand Celine’s tears. Is like having Freddy alive again in front of you

Justus Warner : Looks like Freddy sings like Freddy holy crap it's Freddy freaking Mercury

Kevin Conroy : George Michael was the best at this song live, but Martel is second’

I am very boring : I’m crying this is amazing he sounds so much like Freddie sometimes

Goldbug 456 : Freddie comes back to life Talks to Lambert: Darling, you’re not fit to sing for Queen, Martel get over here, dear!

El Nieto PR : How’s this guy not singing with Queen?!

М Г : Don't die again 😢