Marc Martel - "Somebody to Love" for Céline Dion

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Queen Extravaganza Live : *SEE MARC MARTEL LIVE*

MES : What a beautiful performance!

Alex Christ : Si Freddie lo viera estaría emocionado. Vamos, no hay otro cantante que nos recuerde tanto al gran Freddie.

Snorlax • : Does queen know martel? Ahh i see adam lamvert would be fired if queen have a session with martel

dimitreze : I love him

Justus Warner : Looks like Freddy sings like Freddy holy crap it's Freddy freaking Mercury

Abraham Guzmán : I was impressed by Adam but this is actually overwhelming, I mean, he even looks like Freddy. 😮😮😮😮😱😱😱😱

marcraider : She acts like she is seeing Freddie mercury reincarnation!

The_ Joker : Now there’s a good argument for reincarnation!! Wow

Ray Harper : Celine nearly shat herself

Lancerlady : Please Queen! I would come see you with Marc!!! Please...he is like Freddy reincarnated! Such Excellence. I wish they would have mixed his mic a little better wanted to hear more of him then the choir. Although they were stunning!

keith sherbaugh : if you have any doubts that Marc should be leading Queen 👑. her face says it all

Ondrej Hrdy Guitar : I've seen Adam Lambert singing with Queen live and have to admit that this guy is much better.

MockupRender : Welcome back Freddie, we missed you :'(

The Doctor Who : Sounds just like Freddie

tropicano75 : I can't believe Queen are wasting Marc talent for Adam Lambert (that is also talented but not as Marc) Life gave them a second chance with Martel and they are wasting it.. unbelivable

Edgilson Rodrigues : Esse cara é um grande talento, imprecionante !!!! Porq os integrantes do Quee,não convidam pra entrar na banda ?

Xióng péngfēi : She nearly cried! 😱 wow here he sounds so much better!

poppykok5 : Marc Martel is SO talented...I'm nearly speechless at this incredible performance...I'm sure "Queen" & the spirit of "Freddie Mercury" approve enthusiastically...

Myrmidon : So he's covering one of the greatest leading men of all time for one of the best selling and most talented female vocalists of all time and makes her look like a crazy fan girl. And Queen decided to tour with Adam Lambert instead? Adam is a great performer but Marc is infused with the essence of Queen.

NIAM SULA : if he become queen vocalist, i'm pretty sure john deacon will be back.

Lee Cander : He was brilliant on his online audition....he's even better now! I thought he was bang on before but he somehow has added more energy to the performance!

Alessandro De Oliveira Castro Junior : The truth is that Freddie was building a new body, so when the first body died, he just moved to another and called it Marc Martel xD

Jorge Ribeiro : Why you are wasting your talent with Queen covers, Marc should have a real career with original songs. Somebody write good poems for him sing.

frank barry : He justs nails it doesn't he! Well done Marc you should be with Queen

Arthur Oliveira : Meu Deus, a face dele é muito parecida com a de Fred!

Ferdinand Hagen : The truth sings very well, it does it effortlessly like Freddie did, but without reaching its registers, it is pleasant to the ear and its voice harmonizes perfectly, we would like a Queen + Martel tour!

stephan pindell : instant goosebumps

Zach Freeman : That was truly fantastic.

호박나래 : Marc please grow mostache then you just look like Freddie

Sam Say : Replace Adam for marc

Roger Vogeler : I agree he should be with Queen instead of Lambert

bobbyladd : Amazing as always. I too wish Marc was leading Queen, but if he had been I would never have seen & heard him close up with QE in a small venue like the O2 Academy Liverpool. When they came back and did the larger Liverpool Empire the seating just forced the crowd to sit and it ruined the atmosphere.

Screaming Joker Productions : Fire Adam Lambert and get this guy and as a queen fan I would love to see Marc Martel put on a brand new album with queen and I would feel comfortable with that

l3ertuz : so why is Queen touring with the wrong singer now?

radip : Screw Lambert, I want to feel Queen's music like I felt in in the 80s

Bean Bag Fag : Martel almost sent one of the most recognizable names in music Céline Dion to tears. Please Queen, if you're going to continue touring and playing shows please put this man to front and center.

Ibid Angeles : the look on Celine's face.

z : Freddy Mercury is back on this earth!!! 🌏

Krista Zelnina : Celine's reaction is just like mine when I first heard Marc singing 😄 At times he sounds juuust like Freddie darling 😍

kazuo kiriyama : Me he emocionado. Me hace sentir como que una pequeña parte de Freddy mercury sigue viva.

Junebuginaz Cunningham : Can we petition Queen to higher Marc instead of Adam?! Please, please, please?

RaditiyaRR : best marc :)

Alucard 25 : Sound like freddie and look like freddie Better than lambert.

Al Crespo : Very good!

Mikey Collucci : Yup Celin wants his penis.

John Arehart : AMAZING.

gandhi arc : insane

gandhi arc : play a thousand times and still unbelievable

Mike Capinpuyan : Marc even looks a bit like freddie! C'mon Queen what the hell are you doing wasting your time with that Adam character?!??!??