Marc Martel - "Somebody to Love" for Céline Dion

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Queen Extravaganza Live : *SEE MARC MARTEL LIVE*

Justus Warner : Looks like Freddy sings like Freddy holy crap it's Freddy freaking Mercury

j00Ls j. : Marc sings so effortlessy. To the naked eye, it seems like he doesn't take breaths in between. 😳😳

Dan Josef : Freddie? Legend Marc? Reincarnation Adam? Garbage Hotel? Trivago

Ryan Brooks : And that ladies and gentlemen is why he worked on vocals for the Bohemian Rhapsody Movie

sujadmiko bambang : Please dont die again

PhantomSavage : What I love about this is Celine looks like she's not watching a cover band or even a really, really good performance.... from the first note Celine reacts in shock and tears as if Freddie Mercury's actual ghost stepped back onto stage for the first time in 20 years just for her birthday... To be honest, I'm not entirely sure if Marc *isn't* Freddie's actual ghost.

coccinelle80 : His voice was used in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody (mixed with Freddie Mercury’s and Rami Malek’s).

Aaron Kelley : People who like hearing Adam Lambert with Queen are Lambert fans. People who want to hear this guy with Queen are Queen fans.

New Bee : I think God decided to bring Freddie back to life in the body of Marc Martel. To save this world from trash music.

Cowboy 1959 : This is a terrific performance, but what really puts it over the top is Celine Dion's totally star-struck fangirl reaction. She looks like a little girl who just saw her rock idol appear in front of her. For a famous singer in her own right to react so strongly and emotionally to the performance of someone much-less well known than she is says a lot about her appreciation for music history and respect for another singer.

jxr gxz : I was impressed by Adam but this is actually overwhelming, I mean, he even looks like Freddie. 😮😮😮😮😱😱😱😱

if you happy and you know it say YEET : 1:16 goddamn.. That's Freddie over there.. His hand gesture

Christopher Huerta : I absolutely love that it's clear he doesn't try to imitate Freddy, he just sounds like him naturally.

Shadow Life : Marc without a doubt has to have the closest voice sounding like Freddie Mercury ever. I mean I think even Freddie would be shocked to hear him sing his songs.

Danny Bright : If you can move Celine Dion to tears you know that you're doing something right. Hats off to you sir Marc Martel.

Ivan Skrylov : 0:44 when you trying to fake your piano skills

Connor Bowles : I think Marc should do a cover of Mother Love just so we can all listen to what the last verse would have sounded like if Freddie was able to finish

yoongisswa g : 1:55 when he sang that note I had actual tears in my eyes cause he sounds so much like freddie wtf

Smallie Biggs : His voice is the perfect mix of George Michael and Freddie Mercury

styx85 : Wow! He made Céline look like a little fangirl.

NerdishSounds : It's currently 2am and I'm crying while listening to Marc sing. I was born 7 years after Freddie passed but I grew up list to Queen and this makes me so happy and sad at the same time

Hulyan YouTube : Calm down folks. One day, Queen will realize that Marc Martel is the right one for them, not Adam Lambert.

Enan Agui : Freddie reborn👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😭😭😭😭😭😭👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Zander Law : Wtf!! Did Marcs mum sleep with Freddie in the 70’s/80’s ? 😳

poppykok5 : Marc Martel is SO talented...I'm nearly speechless at this incredible performance...I'm sure "Queen" & the spirit of "Freddie Mercury" approve enthusiastically...

N3c4iXxI R : Adam lambert has nothing on Marc Martel

VinniVy _ : Que coisa linda

JoeyGutz : Man this made me cry when I first heard it. I saw Freddy in my mind up in Heaven with Wings and all.

Jabir Kalid : He's facial feature I'd like a morph of ricky martin and Freddie mercury, but his vocal is handsdown an improved version of Freddie. Amazing

MES : What a beautiful performance!

dave onan : Wow, impressive.   I came here because I wanted to get a look at who it was they found to sing for Freddie Mercury in the new film. Incredible.

Sam K Sharma : I am actually having a fever and this song is causing me more chills. Thanking you Marc for bringing Freddie back.

Charlie Amabile : I'm blown away! I never heard or saw someone channel the energy of a star like that.

Rani Setiowaty : Oh god please make tour with queen group not adam

Δημήτρης : Please...don't die again!

virtual : Please dont die...

Charlie Amabile : He's STUNNINGLY GOOD! Holy crap.

iMann iFail : I see don’t get why Marc wasn’t casted for the movie instead just the vocals.. he looks just like Freddie.. Marc should really get into acting as he is a natural performer.

The_ Joker : Now there’s a good argument for reincarnation!! Wow

Daniel Goncalves : This is amazing!! I want more!

briana popejoy : if you can make celine dion cry, you’ve done it all

이두영 : Truly genuine Queen Marc Martel is. I would pay all and give everything I got to see Brian, Roger, Deacon and Marc. Got no pennies for Lambert shit. I want QUEEN. Not..LAMBERT.

meno3333 : I loved Celine's reaction.

Wha' happened : If Freddie could speak to Marc he would say " I hear you do me quite well darling "

scott917 : I believe he is the best that we will see for a while that can sing most of Freddie's stuff. There is a video on youtube that does a computer comparison of their voices and there is very little difference between them. Freddie is still Freddie, lets not kid anyone.... but Marc is due some respect for sure. Since Freddie is gone, lets enjoy Marc today.

Mitchell Moan : i really want to see queen with this guy soooo bad !!!!

Semi HypeBeast : Freddie? God Marc? Jesus Christ Brendon? The Holly Spirit Hotel? Trivago

Anthony : I love Celine’s instant shock and amazement at his voice!

Snorlax • : Does queen know martel? Ahh i see adam lamvert would be fired if queen have a session with martel