March of the Red Crabs | Lands of the Monsoon | BBC

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TheSilentCosmonaut : 3:34 "Oh! Hai"

AUOMAK : 3:34 One actually waves at the camera as he passes by.

Hyperterrestrial : Amusing creatures.

Udalix : *Zoidberg noises*

Hi, I'm Chucky. : lol to the one that came to the camera and said hi. haha

CrazyPangolinLady : I wonder how they taste. It's kind of am awful thing to say but if their population is no concern, we may as well find out.

Eric Fontanilla : Look at all those chickens.

TijuannaBottleRocket : This is my favorite video this channel has posted! Thank you! P.S. Is there any way we can get longer videos, even full length documentaries perhaps?

Jay Gonma : I think this crab is not advisable to eat.its too poisonous..and its from wild forest.

Aang De PussyBeast : 0:33 there was a white crab .

Discontinued Discontinued : look at all those chickens

UniqueSensitiveSnowflake : 2:14 Pokemon Its parasec

ᄒ ᄒ : 코코넛크랩 ㅈㄴ멋있네

Potato Smasher : The sounds the booby made 😂

Hentai Lord 69 : they're actually marching towards stalincrab

Nathan Lindstrom : 1:10 My face when little kids are swarming me.

Griffin Thomas : Everyone say hi to Mr. Krabs at 3:34!

mj trender : are we able to eat this kind of crab?

Code X : Where is this place?

TheOffensiveIdiot : But everything changed when the crazy yellow ants nation attacked..

HMS P. : That zerg rush tho xD

xavier The FanBoi : So many Mr crabs

Kyaw Lin : Those juicie

Pixel : 3:34 so cute

My pretty hot Momma : the crabs are going to war, TO ISENGARD!

Pogsit Pogapo : *_not for human consumption I guess_*

Music Account : Reminds me of Nazi Germany vs the Soviet Union

Lorena Saucedo-Rodriguez : This guy sounds like markiplier trying to do a Australian accent

lutin grognon : Red army parade colorised

Bk Jeong : first time I saw coconut crabs hunting. Much faster strike than expected.

Elecy B. Steele : If it's on Christmas Island, there should be Green crabs to make it look like Christmas

ttgk : If I ever see a coconut crab in real life I'll run as fast and far away as possible

DrawingsNStuff : they forgot the yellow crazy ants as one of the dangers...      just throwing that out there.

THEDinoKingGFM : I like boobies they fly

Kiwifruity : Thank you ,that was fascinating

Chand Basha Mcb : Scary

Tucher97 : hmm, i cant help but think this is a massive metaphor of warhammer dawn of war dark crusade, i had if hte emperor had a text to speech in my recommendations along with this

Earl Andrei Luis Luis : 3:34 Mom! Im on Youtube mom Hi Youtube

Levi C : So the Red Army Rises with 45 million. Impressive

Michael Crespo : "A nesting booby is best avoided" XD

cobracurse : It's a crab eat crab world.

Crimean Khanate : The March of the red army

Pip Squek : Ohh.. Looks delicious..

deepa venkatesan : Tell me the name of location??

deepa venkatesan : Its fantastic so colourful to see these but tell me its a eatable crabs or not ??

오율평 : That crab waving hands at the camera hahapahgpaphaphap

zee blast : Crabs kinda freak me out lol. They taste good but they remind me of spiders

Khoirom Amita Amita : is it edible crb or not???

Ryan Ramsey : Every time I see an animal or plant I've never seen before I instantly wonder if it's safe to eat.

James Taylor : I wNt to eat hoi