George Carlin - advertising and bull shit

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Sgt. Pepper : A classic, deluxe, custom, designer, luxury, prestige, high quality, premium, select, gourmet pocket flashlight. One of Carlin's greatest bits

Carlo Roma : Telling truth is more funny than telling a joke!

George Papageorgakis : “The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they're lying, they know we know they're lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.” ― Elena Gorokhova, A Mountain of Crumbs

Gabriel Feldman : "This country was founded by a group of slave owners who told us that all men are created equal." Enough said. That quote sums it all up.

seattwa : I was always amazed how he could remember and deliver his "lists"! Just like he's reading a monitor!

Cookie Monster™ : I can't be the only one who heard that ONE GUY laughing...

Vito C : The first two and a half minutes were glorious. How does he remember all that?

TheKrensada : George Carlin was being serious. he only disguised it as humor.

Mista StealyoBooks : This man left such a great legacy.  

Tim Russell : So have to forward this to my Ass wipe of a boss - tell him how it is - dare me ?

Ivor Biggun : Probably the most intelligent American I have ever seen.

zotharr : The biges bs though is that ppl listen to this, have a good laugh, then return to every day life without any changes whatsoever

Eric Lux : he loves you, and he needs money.

Gilles Tremblay : Well, Monty Python may have conceived The Funniest Joke in the World, but George Carlin came out with The Perfect Killing Phrase of All Times: "But he loves you!"

Matt Fusiek : "No cash? No problem." The way he says it is perfect.

IamCrazyChris : Imagine a world filled with nothing but George Carlin people....there wouldn't be any war, nobody would die of hunger, nobody would be a slave all his life for minimum wage .....

Hugo Palian : Who put a dolphin in the audience ffs i thought i had a wierd laugh.

Olympic-88 : Anyone listening to George for the first time will soon realize that this guy is not to let in oblivion. Think of your favorite philosopher of the ancient times and now compare George! The only difference is that George does hell of a good job by making people laugh with his Philosophy!   Rest In Peace! 

CeraisianAlchemist : "That's why they re-elected Clinton." ....AND THEN WE TRIED TO ELECT HIS WIFE, GEORGE!!

Jon theGreat : This should be mandatory material on every school, I would love to see how the advertising industry reacts.

f2a Finito : Gorge Carlin why did u have to go?

srg914 : He must have rehearsed hours and hours to so easily rattle off those lists. His cadence and patterns of putting the words together just right is genius. A maestro of using language.

KerayZ : He really was a genius. RIP George

Aakash Pandita : "In-fact, this country was founded by a group of slave owners who told us that all men are created equal."

Vanuatoo : He's all powerful and wise, just can't handle money :)

Ivan olivas : I know America is not the only capitalist country,but can we change the national anthem to this 0:04 to 2:25

Jay Rosen : It's amazing when you realize that Carlin didn't get past the ninth grade! Ironically, the recipient of a Catholic education!

The Cowboy : "But he loves you. He loves you... and he needs money! He's all knowing, all powerful, just not great with money."

JasonJason210 : Pity he is not still alive, because there's a lot more shit around now than when this was recorded. We got Windows 8 and 10 now.

hifijohn : a perfect take on religion

Kobe M : Man this never gets old..

Syed Mahmood : No other person could describe so accurately the business world of USA.

MyGuitarTwerks : exactly why i dont like either hillary or trump

M Stephens : Simply stated, the man is a genius.  I said "is" b/c George Carlin will always be with us/  Just to memorize his 2+ minute ramble about sales/advertising terms, is an accomplishment.  RIP, George.  (Or as he may have said, "I'm not resting in peace...I'm fucking DEAD!")  I love you, Mr. Carlin. I believe most of us do.

Rostislav Banin : Best 10 minutes of comedy ever. Period.

Karmain V : We need more people like George Carlin and Frank Zappa!!

Mark Porter : He was always my favorite comedian. R.i P carlin. We miss you

Chris VanKula : George Carlin has no equal. I love Richard Pryor. Not apples to apples, but Carlin is the king.

White卐power : 'At least he's honest!'; 'All businessmen are completely full of shit' Now, who does that sound like to you guys?!

xikarra : this one definitely is Carlin's masterpiece

Turd Furgesin : America basically cut the middle man out. In stead of The businessmen lobbying for their candidates we put them straight in the White House. So we're basically just buying our bullshit directly from the distributor.

seth mcconnell : I love the way he says "Unzips his pants.....and services the account" LMAO

Gavin FreedomLover : He loves you and he needs money :)

Steven Gordon : Beautiful. This is EXACTLY why I use Adblock, listen to an mp3 player in the vehicle, and flip the channels on TV. I am so SICK of commercialism. God Bless George Carlin.

pas9ify : This is by far the best version of this I've seen. "Except in Indiana" hilarious.

Sager : Even the fact that the audience is laughing instead of crying is bullshit. This man was spewing fact after fact and the response to that was laughter.

Eddy A : George Carlin - pretty much explains it all

Stefan Sharak : He’s like a foul mouth Dr. Seuss that doesn’t rhyme. RIP.

scissors65 : not only is church expensive;but it's a dangerous place to be these days.

mindless monk : The B.S. is at an all time high