Why Do People Like Haul Videos?
Why Do People Like Haul Videos

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KeiAr : Your parents cameo is becoming like the marvel stan lee cameos πŸ˜‚ im expecting them and it gets me every time.

mothcub : "damn this orb is bulbous" - me when I'm holding a bulbous orb

withcheesepls : Why do people like asmr videos?

Audrey Dujardin : never understood why people like the Kardashians.

Ben Cooper : You just did a Haul Video of Haul Videos... Christopher Nolan wants to talk to you.

ultimatekai : I am Jellypuffs, the sea witch you speak of in your video. I lol'd so hard. Thank you. Also, one time you high fived me irl. So, just know that you have been officially blessed by my sea magic πŸ’™ muahahaha

ga kailyn : I don't like watching haul videos because maybe ill see something I like and want, the YouTuber will say something like "what's really great about it is how affordable it is", then ill look it up and it's $200.

Sabina Holtby : I laughed so much, glad I found you!

Mr Music : Editing is on point. πŸ˜‚

Marion Ecks : I need you explain ASMR to me. Preferably without it making my skin crawl, which it usually does.

Mrs Space Cadet : Ok my videos usually get maybe 100 views, but I did a USED CHILDREN'S CLOTHING HAUL to show my mom what I got at a sale, and it has about 300 views. I was so confused which is why I clicked on this video πŸ˜†

ken schweter : You are hilarious πŸ˜‚, I have no interest in this content but could not stop watching.

Kitt : The opposite of haul videos is also a thing. Minimalism videos are just people throwing things away.

Brooke Rondeau : Are we not gonna talk about that piggy squeal though

T1J : I love the narrative arc in this video

Kerri Carder-McCoy : Omg, just discovers this channel, live your parents inserted quips!! πŸ˜†

Alix : this is a point that was maybe briefly touched upon in the video, but I'd like to expand further: haul videos can function as educational tutorials for people interested in a specific area but not really knowing much about it. with clothing hauls specifically, it can be very enlightening to see what items the author is drawn to, and more importantly, why. say you wanna polish your style but you don't know where to start. a haul video provides insight into that person's style, how new items are selected to for into it, and often the person's reasoning for why they chose it and suggestions for what to wear it with. for someone who doesn't have an intuitive eye for fashion and has no one around them to teach them, this can be a very valuable resource, especially when you look at a bunch of hauls from people with different styles. same with makeup. with groceries, I'd say the appeal is just curiosity about how other people live their lives and if there's something we could learn from their habits that would benefit our own lives. tips and tricks, mostly. but empathy, also. it's just fun to get inside someone else's brain and their everyday routine. we're curious creatures.

Joonas Puuppo : Don't mind me, I'm just commenting to increase the comment count and to make to make the YouTube algorithm think that this is an interesting video that gets people talking, which it totally is!

Kate Boonzaier : dude just found your channel and IM OBSESSED WITH EVERYTHING :')

Annette B : I love your mom and dad. I watch the videos waiting to see them. Chyna is awesome too. So glad I found your videos

Louise C-M : Your parents are always a highlight when they're in one of your videos, but I laughed PARTICULARLY hard at your dad reading a Blu-Ray.

Troy Gromov : i love your humor and editing )) awesomeness

splicegrrl : Oh my god, this video was funny... smart... fluffy.... purple.... Sorry. I got lost in adjectives.

tiaearlgreyhot : I wish people would do more haul videos of stuff they bought years ago because they still love the products so much.

Sabina Holtby : Hey, a funny story: I'm a new subscriber and i LOVE the content! So the other day my mom came over and she said this video kept popping up with these two people holding sugar have you seen it? It's so funny! I immediately told her how YouTube works and how to get to all your videos! Then we watched this one together it's my favorite! Two new subscribers for wheezywaiter!

Yasmin ElSelmy : Honestly thats just my second video to watch from this channel and i cant explain how or why im loving it so much

Nitya Nukala : Can you discuss why people love "what I eat in a day"

David Carachure : Dude, watched the whole thing and repeated some parts for the comedy , this content rocks ! I’ve always said you’re one of my top favorite youtubers but I really do think people are missing out! This video had all the good , comedy , education, and relatability ! I would say it gets my squeal of approval but I don’t know how to do the thing you did haha

Bint S.O.S : Your wife seem so sweet 😍 love your vids they are hilarious and they answer alot of my questions about weird stuff πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Deathax : that's a nice looking wife you got there, she single ?

Margaret R Pierce : I lost it when I realized your dad is "reading" the die hard case

amphetamean-queen : Is it a US thang or an "Influencer" thang to call buying goods a 'haul'?? Coz when I read the title I thought the video was going to be about trucks moving stuff...you know, like hauling aka moving aka dragging, pulling, tugging, heaving, towing or manhandling...stuff.

Drew Laird : Wheezy, I loved this new format. Definitely worth the wait!!!

Anja Ge : Dude, just finished watching 6 videos in a row and gottasay your channel is #goals!

Cori Olmsted : I completely stumbled onto your videos you are hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh out loud

Geoffrey Giebelhaus : Second video I've watched by you @WheezyWaiter Love the humor, love the editing style! Keep making videos >Subscribed

Indigo : This is a heavily edited and really tightly paced excuse to make a reaction video. It’s brilliant!

Drew Beta : Dad's reading a Die Hard Blue Ray for... reasons


Melissa Blum : β€œThat’s my wardrobe I picked out all by my wife.” Bahahahaaaaaaa

Charli Jean Newbreast : "Hey Opera, you're welcome for the shout out." 🀣

claudia crespo : LMFAOOO enjoyed this so much idk who this is but I'm a fan now

Shanae N : you are hands down my favourite youtuber

TheMGear1 : 3:12 Reminds me of the GMCFOSHO logo.

Desert Mountain : And again a great video. You are SO funny, I'm crying. 🀣🀣🀣 Your Haul Video is the best of all. 😁

Garrett Wilson : I saw a grocery haul vid the other day..... well 2 minutes of it that I cant get back. What is the point of it all!?!?!?!

Samantha Snow : Worth. the. wait.

charles s. : Huh. Never seen a haul video but I actually enjoyed yours.

Sanjeet Minhas : 'Mobeeralism' is a term I'm going to use more in conversation