Why Do People Like Haul Videos?

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WheezyWaiter : Hey Beardlovers! My next video is going to be all about my and Chyna's experience quitting added sugar for a month. But also generally about sugar in our diet. Does anyone have thoughts on this? I'd be interested to see articles or books you've read on the subject. Thanks for the help! Also, this won't be a "Why Do People Like" video but more of those will be coming! Wink (ding), Craig

Hello Future Me : The Messiah has returned! Praise be to beards!

ItsRadishTime : sigh. i don't like haul videos because of their promotion of materialism but now you're gonna make me defend them because they are primarily made by women for audiences of women and while they now often contain paid promotions they began as a way for people to share their honest opinions about items they purchased as a way to cut through marketing messages and see what was actually worth purchasing, and while I'm sure you didn't intend this, there's an inherent sexism in the conversations that happen in online video spaces cons and forums about the ~worthlessness~ or boringness of beauty and fashion content that I don't see happening in the same way or at the same volume as, say, gaming content. and so now you made a whole video to yuck other people's yum and you made me defend something I DON'T EVEN LIKE. Why did you do that to me?

MrBanankartong : Is your father reading a DVD-box cause he GOT DRUNK!?

WheezyWaiter : What sorts of things do you want to know the appeal of? Or just want to see me blather on about?

Ben Cooper : You just did a Haul Video of Haul Videos... Christopher Nolan wants to talk to you.

LOVE OF PLANTS 🌻 : Haul videos teach us that a person’s worth can be measured by the content of their shopping bag. On the plus side, they are a miracle cure for insomnia. I don’t even like plant haul videos.

Drew Laird : Wheezy, I loved this new format. Definitely worth the wait!!!

Joonas Puuppo : Don't mind me, I'm just commenting to increase the comment count and to make to make the YouTube algorithm think that this is an interesting video that gets people talking, which it totally is!

David Carachure : Dude, watched the whole thing and repeated some parts for the comedy , this content rocks ! I’ve always said you’re one of my top favorite youtubers but I really do think people are missing out! This video had all the good , comedy , education, and relatability ! I would say it gets my squeal of approval but I don’t know how to do the thing you did haha

Drew Beta : Dad's reading a Die Hard Blue Ray for... reasons

Anders Enger Jensen : Haha.. feature your parents more! <3 :D

moolikeachicken : Your Parents' bit is my favorite bit.

Ron Purtee : When Butch called her "Hot Stuff" i literally did a spit take. Loving the new show Craig!

Samantha Snow : Worth. the. wait.

Kitt Legit : The opposite of haul videos is also a thing. Minimalism videos are just people throwing things away.

Elizabeth Royer : ohmygosh your dad reading the die hard DVD 😂

planroro : 09:05 "[...] Come on guys, that's barely more than the population of Sweden!" It's funny you say that, because as a Swede, I, no joke, use this comparison all the time. It's given me such a weird perspective on things. Like, if I lived in a country with only Bethany Mota subscribers, I'd see just about the same amount of people I already see every day...

LOVE OF PLANTS 🌻 : Haul video posted. Oh, no ! The unsubscribers are back !

Chef_PC : Your parents are amazing.

Branagh Garrett : Great video Craig:) it’s clear you put a lot of time and effort into it. And your parents’ lines were so fun😂 Excited to see you do more like this in the future!

splicegrrl : Oh my god, this video was funny... smart... fluffy.... purple.... Sorry. I got lost in adjectives.

Joshua Walters : Sorry about Mitzy man. We'll all miss her. :(

James Cheek : This entire video is the kind of quality content I come here for.

Hangarbird : You... missed international day day..

Jake Sidwell : It's been a while since you mentioned Oprah.

Mark Loafers Laherty : This is really good! All your hard work paid off :)

LforLight : Oh, right. There weren't any WheezyWaiter videos lately. No wonder I felt an underlying sense of emptiness in my life... Thank heavens for functioning subscriptions for informing me when people come back from hiatus!

WilkyWay3000 : Some of your best work yet, keep it up

FutureNow : The haul portion of this video (at least the narration) was giving me some big Ze Frank's "the show" vibes.

Shestumbledin : Loved it! So many d jokes. The supporting cast was also fantastic!

iBIONICLE : Very few creators are able to do just about anything and make it good. Usually they have to pertain to some niche style... and then there's u! U pretty much make everything worth watching and I aspire to b a creator like u. 10/10

Kristy Michas : Why do people like hot yoga? All sweaty = not relaxing & smelly

Queen Halo : I agree. Hauls are like a big humble brag. They pass it off as casual but it’s more about “look what I got and wish you had”

Mimi Tea : This needs to go TRENDING! RIGHT NOW!

Alex Campbell : The only haul videos i've ever enjoyed are ones for things that are hard to find. Like, ones from yard sales or i fell into a hole recently of a guy that collects old lego sets. It was cool seeing the good condition sets he was able to find. Also Ashens is kinda a haul channel at times but his humor makes it.

Dani Büki : Wheezy! This was amazing! Really looking forward to more of these. It has all your regular humor but really has something interesting to say! Also: HOW HAVE YOU NOT SEEN 500 DAYS OF SUMMER????

Konrad Kopec : OMG I cried a little while falling off of my chair in laughter...

3D things : OMG YOU'RE BACK YAY!!! (also so sorry about Mitzy rest in peace)

RialVestro : Why is your dad holding a Die Hard DVD like he's reading a book?

Joey Simsen : This was amazing! Chyna and your parents also really cracked me up. Would love to see more like this!

ga kailyn : I don't like watching haul videos because maybe ill see something I like and want, the YouTuber will say something like "what's really great about it is how affordable it is", then ill look it up and it's $200.

Rafael Santos : Amazing work, laughed throughout and still learned some! Didn't know there was that much variety, I thought haul videos were all about clothing. I think the your humour mixed with the fast talking (not sure if it was intentional, but it seems you're talking faster than usual) people might know from the vlogbrothers really works well. Really liked the cameos, especially Chyna's roast. Keep em coming :)

Kerri Carder-McCoy : Omg, just discovers this channel, live your parents inserted quips!! 😆

pop : Omg, you're back! :D

slashingraven : Last time I made a "last time I was this early" joke in the comments, it ended about as well as this one.

MJ Red : Season 1=Initial vlogs complaining about jobs and little skits. Season 2= Camera position shift + clones Season 3=New apartment Season 4= Meteor Saga Season 5= Other stuff in that apartment Season 6= Next apartment Season 7= That one space where Matt and Sam worked Season 8=Smaller room Season 9=Daily vlog Season 10=Back to small room Season 11=Austin Season 12=Cookie Saga Season 13= Longer videos/ "Why do?"

Nicolae Holley : The only haul videos I like are ASMR haul videos, because those have the *intention* of lulling me to sleep.

Kate C : One of the two haul videos I've posted has over 700 views... As compared to all of my other videos which have less than a hundred each lmao... All because it's about Dan and Phil tour merch 😅

john pardon : why doesn't your wife have a beard?