Why Do People Like Haul Videos?

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WheezyWaiter : Hey Beardlovers! My next video is going to be all about my and Chyna's experience quitting added sugar for a month. But also generally about sugar in our diet. Does anyone have thoughts on this? I'd be interested to see articles or books you've read on the subject. Thanks for the help! Also, this won't be a "Why Do People Like" video but more of those will be coming! Wink (ding), Craig

mothcub : "damn this orb is bulbous" - me when I'm holding a bulbous orb

ItsRadishTime : sigh. i don't like haul videos because of their promotion of materialism but now you're gonna make me defend them because they are primarily made by women for audiences of women and while they now often contain paid promotions they began as a way for people to share their honest opinions about items they purchased as a way to cut through marketing messages and see what was actually worth purchasing, and while I'm sure you didn't intend this, there's an inherent sexism in the conversations that happen in online video spaces cons and forums about the ~worthlessness~ or boringness of beauty and fashion content that I don't see happening in the same way or at the same volume as, say, gaming content. and so now you made a whole video to yuck other people's yum and you made me defend something I DON'T EVEN LIKE. Why did you do that to me?

splicegrrl : Oh my god, this video was funny... smart... fluffy.... purple.... Sorry. I got lost in adjectives.

MrBanankartong : Is your father reading a DVD-box cause he GOT DRUNK!?

T1J : I love the narrative arc in this video

ultimatekai : I am Jellypuffs, the sea witch you speak of in your video. I lol'd so hard. Thank you. Also, one time you high fived me irl. So, just know that you have been officially blessed by my sea magic 💙 muahahaha

withcheesepls : Why do people like asmr videos?

KeiAr : Your parents cameo is becoming like the marvel stan lee cameos 😂 im expecting them and it gets me every time.

Hello Future Me : The Messiah has returned! Praise be to beards!

ga kailyn : I don't like watching haul videos because maybe ill see something I like and want, the YouTuber will say something like "what's really great about it is how affordable it is", then ill look it up and it's $200.

Malwanne : I love how you entertain your audience for 14:41 min and just talk about haul videos. You really should try to make longer videos more often! Greetings from a german creator!

Deathax : that's a nice looking wife you got there, she single ?

Audrey Dujardin : never understood why people like the Kardashians.

Brooke Rondeau : Are we not gonna talk about that piggy squeal though

Alix : this is a point that was maybe briefly touched upon in the video, but I'd like to expand further: haul videos can function as educational tutorials for people interested in a specific area but not really knowing much about it. with clothing hauls specifically, it can be very enlightening to see what items the author is drawn to, and more importantly, why. say you wanna polish your style but you don't know where to start. a haul video provides insight into that person's style, how new items are selected to for into it, and often the person's reasoning for why they chose it and suggestions for what to wear it with. for someone who doesn't have an intuitive eye for fashion and has no one around them to teach them, this can be a very valuable resource, especially when you look at a bunch of hauls from people with different styles. same with makeup. with groceries, I'd say the appeal is just curiosity about how other people live their lives and if there's something we could learn from their habits that would benefit our own lives. tips and tricks, mostly. but empathy, also. it's just fun to get inside someone else's brain and their everyday routine. we're curious creatures.

Mr Music : Editing is on point. 😂

Kerri Carder-McCoy : Omg, just discovers this channel, live your parents inserted quips!! 😆

WheezyWaiter : What sorts of things do you want to know the appeal of? Or just want to see me blather on about?

Sabina Holtby : I laughed so much, glad I found you!

john pardon : why doesn't your wife have a beard?

ken schweter : You are hilarious 😂, I have no interest in this content but could not stop watching.

Kate Boonzaier : dude just found your channel and IM OBSESSED WITH EVERYTHING :')

LOVE OF PLANTS 🌻 : Haul videos teach us that a person’s worth can be measured by the content of their shopping bag. On the plus side, they are a miracle cure for insomnia. I don’t even like plant haul videos.

tiaearlgreyhot : I wish people would do more haul videos of stuff they bought years ago because they still love the products so much.

Mrs Space Cadet : Ok my videos usually get maybe 100 views, but I did a USED CHILDREN'S CLOTHING HAUL to show my mom what I got at a sale, and it has about 300 views. I was so confused which is why I clicked on this video 😆

Sabina Holtby : Hey, a funny story: I'm a new subscriber and i LOVE the content! So the other day my mom came over and she said this video kept popping up with these two people holding sugar have you seen it? It's so funny! I immediately told her how YouTube works and how to get to all your videos! Then we watched this one together it's my favorite! Two new subscribers for wheezywaiter!

The Official Rishona G : Lol your parents rock!

Drew Laird : Wheezy, I loved this new format. Definitely worth the wait!!!

toohunky toys : a laughed so much!

Gwen Simmons : Ah Haul vids, from Crafters show you newly released items to help you in your crafting. They usually may show you how to use the product. Some are paid or donated by crafting company, while others buy the items with their own money. Yes a major paper/ Craft addiction!! Intervention needed!!! 👍🏾😃 Check out “Craft Test Dummies’ Haul Vids”...

Anja Ge : Dude, just finished watching 6 videos in a row and gottasay your channel is #goals!

Alexis Snazz : I began this video being like "yeah! hauls are weird!" but then when you went to the bethany mota vid i immediately wanted to know where she bought that skort and clicked to her video.

Ben Cooper : You just did a Haul Video of Haul Videos... Christopher Nolan wants to talk to you.

amphetamean-queen : Is it a US thang or an "Influencer" thang to call buying goods a 'haul'?? Coz when I read the title I thought the video was going to be about trucks moving stuff...you know, like hauling aka moving aka dragging, pulling, tugging, heaving, towing or manhandling...stuff.

J B : That 2001:A Space Odyssey reference was EVERYTHING. Man, I haven't laughed this hard in a while.

Bret Craig : The most interesting hauls to me are the super couponers(sp?). Where people buy like $200 dollars worth of merchandise (they don't really need anyway) for $3.70 :)

FanfareT.Loudest : Wow Wheezy your haul video surprisingly fits your style. Anyway this was worth finally watching after work. You rock Wheezy!

David Carachure : Dude, watched the whole thing and repeated some parts for the comedy , this content rocks ! I’ve always said you’re one of my top favorite youtubers but I really do think people are missing out! This video had all the good , comedy , education, and relatability ! I would say it gets my squeal of approval but I don’t know how to do the thing you did haha

Lindsay Goodwin : Best haul video ever! I don't like men much, but I definitely see why you're married to a cool chick.

ataachify : i looooooveee your vids, you randomly recommended on my home with the sugar vids

Cori Olmsted : I completely stumbled onto your videos you are hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh out loud

Shanae N : you are hands down my favourite youtuber

Kitt Legit : The opposite of haul videos is also a thing. Minimalism videos are just people throwing things away.

claudia crespo : LMFAOOO enjoyed this so much idk who this is but I'm a fan now

Sanjeet Minhas : 'Mobeeralism' is a term I'm going to use more in conversation

VS M : I have no idea why people like beards. Feh.

Morgan Yoite : It depends on the haul; some are interesting like thrift haul. Also sometimes I just want to listen to some shithead talk while I do math homework, and today sir you are that shithead

Edvas7 : Dad reading die hard. LuL

Zombie Man571 : Lamoo your parents