Why Pokemon SHOULDN'T Be Disappointed By Their Evolutions

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Dorkly : I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.

Arceus Lord of Creation : I don’t know why I bother with you Shuckle

KSound Kaiju : Wanna talk irony, Ditto was supposed to evolve

XxAnimeBoyxX : Originally i tought Arceus was going to turn Shuckle into an Eevee 😂

Sam Jones : we just going to ignore the fact Lotad straight evolved into Ludicolo

Iobar Sonn : Satan? I thought it was Fartass

Heracross X : One look at that thumbnail, and I already knew where THAT joke was going.


Swaggy Kitty101 : *"Oh hi Satan"*

John Howard : Why didn't he have the ditto face?

NoFacePlays : The racial profiling bit kinda made me cringe.

Techno Vortex : shuckle got to be a ditto and transforms back into a shuckle *slowly claps*

just another commenter : You know ditto has more health than shuckle so he is now upgraded. Ditto copies every stat except health.

Luke Clayton : You should make a Pokemon reacting to there mega evolutions

Praneeth Lakkavajjhala : Shuckle is Pokemon version of rusty, both don't give up😂😂

Charziken : Don't worry, Alakazam, just invite your Kadabra and fellow Alakazam friends over and you don't HAVE to worry about spoons! It can be a bring your own spoon dinner!

MetalPcAngel : It isn't going to stop many of them in the end. Shuckle the ditto. At least that saga is final- ᴼʰ ʷᵃᶦᵗ.

Ritsu-chan 33 : What's with the wasted 30 seconds on a recap?

Nick Smith : "Police officer used racial profiling. It was super effective because illegal immigrants commit a disproportionate amount of crime in comparison to the general population, especially violent crimes such as homicide. Additionally, even some native-born minority citizens commit crimes at a far greater rate than the general population, such as black people, who make up 13 percent of the population and yet commit more than half the murders!" Pokedex: "White people, along with Asian people, are statistically the safest ethnic group in the country and are therefore the least likely to commit crime and thus the biggest waste of officer time when conducting random security checks!" Pokemon is woke!

Austin Jack : Thanks Satan

Adam Sharp : Oh come on - satan


Chandan Soren : GUYs can you upload more Pokemon series

Skaf14 : This doesn't say why they shouldn't be disappointed wtf dorkly

Pokémon Channel : Dorkly please make a video on what if wild Pokémon uses cheats

ChippyGaming : I love that the background in hell is from Terraria!!

Helicopter Helicopter Helicopter Helicopter : Arceus Lord of Satanic Rituals!

xXMananicboy36 Gaming : How does a basic Pokémon evolve straight into a Stage 2?

Dramatic Scar : Am the only one who thought he was gonna re encarnate as an eevee???

Ricochet Nkweso : 0:38 soundtrack please?

HORRIOR : So next up are pokemon disappointed with their mega evolutions?

P2M : Can Dittos transform into any Pokemon? Legendary included?

John Nguyen : lotad doesn't evolve to ludicolo

Egend The Shadow Chaos : Digletts are dark

Daniel the Everything Collector 2005 : Do Still Even More Pokemon Disappointed With Their Evolutions Please! Wartortle will say this: “Oh hell yeah! I’ll be the strongest turtle in the world!!” then he evolves into Blastoise and he says this: “What?! Why are there cannons on my shell?! Now I look like a military tank!” then Numel will say this: “Bet I’m going to be a red fire camel with fire cannons!” then he evolves into Camerupt and he says this: “Why are my humps, volcanoes?!” then Togepi will say this: “I can’t wait to be a beautiful pink egg with blue and red triangles!” then she evolves into Togetic and she says this: “Oh, my, god! Why my wings?!” then Chansey will say this: “I’m going to be an actual nurse!” then she evolves into Blissey and she says this: “Not quite what I wanted to be...” then Graveler will say this: “I hope I become a strong Boulder this time!” then he evolves into Golem and he says this: “REALLY?! I’M A TURTLE ROCK?! FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” then Jigglypuff will say this “I wish I was a great big singer!” then she evolves into Wigglytuff and he says this: “No way, Jose! Now I look gigantic!” then Porygon will say this:” Oh boy! I can’t wait to be a better shape and my blue nose will have a mouth!” then he evolves into Porygon2 and he says this: “Where is my mouth?!” then Venonat will say this: “I want to evolve into Butterfree.” then he evolves into Venomoth and he will say this: “Are you freaking kidding me?! I don’t look like Butterfree!! I’m a stupid Venomoth!!” and last but not least, Magnemite, who will say this, “Oh yes! I bet I’m going to be a big round metal thing with a lot of magnets!” then he will evolve into Magneton and he will say this: “Wait! There’s 2 more heads?! Now humans are gonna laugh at me for this!” then the 2 heads will say this: “Hello!” In a robotic voice. That’s all for my request! Please hear me! 🙂

Shounen Dumpd : Anyone else think Arceus was gonna turn Shuckle into an Eevee?

Call Me Kami : This was unorganized, unfunny, and a waste of my time

Erika : Shuckle should have a mega evolution

JMH 105 : 1:00 where are you your papers? wtf?

Amy and Wolfy : 👍👍Y'know I like Ditto Shuckle pokemon are born how they are and made to evolve to them so Shuckle is actually awesome👍👍

Jarl Balgruuf : Yeah Slowbro is way too sexy

the majestic flying drunk crap : The only pokemon that is proud of itself is shuckle

Cvoss 2342 : Love the terraria Hell background

๖ۣۜZach : That background of Hell in Terraria got me

Feynstein 100 : Lotad evolves directly into Ludicolo. Nice going there, hombre.

Burdboy : I feel like Dorkly wants Shuckle to Evolve

TOUGH MAN RANDY SAVAGE : Should have made him zorark he can be anything, even people

Angel P : Why Pokemon shouldn't be disappointed at their Mega Evolutions.

Nintendo plush Stories : Shuckle is the best

dragon mlp lover plus popularmmos : A montash of shelly