Why Pokemon SHOULDN'T Be Disappointed By Their Evolutions

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Dorkly : I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.

Arceus Lord of Creation : I don’t know why I bother with you Shuckle

XxAnimeBoyxX : Originally i tought Arceus was going to turn Shuckle into an Eevee 😂

Praneet Lakkavajjhala : Shuckle is Pokemon version of rusty, both don't give up😂😂

Swaggy Kitty101 : *"Oh hi Satan"*

Punder statement. : 0:54 It's pokemon, he's clearly be arrested for skipping lombre.

Heracross X : One look at that thumbnail, and I already knew where THAT joke was going.

m l c h e l : “Donde estas your papers” 😂😂😂😂😂

Yosho el paisaje : 1 like=1 spoon for alakazam

Adam Sharp : Oh come on - satan

joey singh : when I heard the mystery dungeon music at 1:19 I was thought I was gonna cry

Techno Vortex : shuckle got to be a ditto and transforms back into a shuckle *slowly claps*

Ben Kelly : Shuckle for president

John Nguyen : lotad doesn't evolve to ludicolo

Van Oskuro : Dittos don't have kidneys

xXMananicboy36 Gaming : How does a basic Pokémon evolve straight into a Stage 2?

RocketPooch : I love Shuckle sm omg, he's always so happy about everything... I just wanna hug the lil' guy!

xHyperEgend_ : Digletts are dark

Sonicice 24 : Shuckle is the best.

THE ANIME CHANNEL OF INDIA : Dorkly please make a video on what if wild Pokémon uses cheats

MetalPcAngel : It isn't going to stop many of them in the end. Shuckle the ditto. At least that saga is final- ᴼʰ ʷᵃᶦᵗ.

Chandan Soren : GUYs can you upload more Pokemon series

she finally : But lotad evolves into lombre

Dustin Roberts : What if Pokemon were disappointed with their Mega Evolutions?

Skaf14 : This doesn't say why they shouldn't be disappointed wtf dorkly

ChippyGaming : I love that the background in hell is from Terraria!!

Helicopter Helicopter Helicopter Helicopter : Arceus Lord of Satanic Rituals!

Nick Smith : "Police officer used racial profiling. It was super effective because illegal immigrants commit a disproportionate amount of crime in comparison to the general population, especially violent crimes such as homicide. Additionally, even some native-born minority citizens commit crimes at a far greater rate than the general population, such as black people, who make up 13 percent of the population and yet commit more than half the murders!" Pokedex: "White people, along with Asian people, are statistically the safest ethnic group in the country and are therefore the least likely to commit crime and thus the biggest waste of officer time when conducting random security checks!" Pokemon is woke!

tyler peterson : I prefer the evolutions to be sexy. Also Alakazam can spoon me anytime

๖ۣۜZach : That background of Hell in Terraria got me

HORRIOR : So next up are pokemon disappointed with their mega evolutions?

kitty youtuber : He can turn back into Anything

Yosho el paisaje : Next part? :'3

Dennis : Thanks Satan

Chappy : Shuckle for president!!

Jarl Balgruuf : Yeah Slowbro is way too sexy

Kaden Blanton : Good ol shuckle

ComedyToonsYT : Terraria underworld

Ricochet Nkweso : 0:38 soundtrack please?

Viggo van Oort : Now do disappointed at mega evolutions

KSound Kaiju : Wanna talk irony, Ditto was supposed to evolve

Angel P : Why Pokemon shouldn't be disappointed at their Mega Evolutions.

Jroxs12pone : Thanks Satan

Cvoss 2342 : Love the terraria Hell background

Gem RE : Why do pokemon talk cencored

Burdboy : I feel like Dorkly wants Shuckle to Evolve

StarKnight 54 : I thought he would be an evee

The Austin : well I guess he's back from the dead.

dragon mlp lover plus popularmmos : A montash of shelly

Skylar Newberry : Shuckle doesn't even evolve