Best Character in King of the Hill

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Muffin Land : "I am more familiar with sinners than saints, my dear. And sinners always look good." Hank's look of pure defeat gets me every time.

zzman305 : "How long have you been sitting there" "......thirty five years..."

Speedy : Gets hissed at, hisses back, genius.

joe b. : he was a beautiful man...i knew him...briefly

Tim F : They really missed an opportunity by not using Gibert more than the 2 episodes they did.

dbztrunkslover98 : He talks like a book.

Social-Nationalist Meme Network : I need a window seat because this flowa is wiltin'!

fodsaks : I am going to start complaining of suffering with 'the horribles'.

RomanInTheDeep : Hank Hill: "Bobbys beginning to look like that boy on the paint can!"

piplup2009 : "mah lawd"

Bien Adentro : Sinners

louthegiantcookie : Sir, you are no kin to me so I will have your silence!

maicon D : "uhh.. hehe you kinda snuck up on me there" "Oh im terribly sorry ive always been creepa"

Señor Hilter : Last remaining dautrive man or should i say straight man

1822138 : “Dinner, like youth, will be served”

Omedchazak613 : That boy ain't right!!!

PhoenixAngel429 : Honestly should say something about Violetta because she knew she was Bill's cousin by blood but she still tried to seduce him. Bill's just clueless.

Edward Traylor : This muggy texas weather giving me the horrible

landosalemchainsaw : I feel like I’ll be him in about 20 years, and I see no problem with it

mihael L : Dale gribble👋

Dave Campoli : Does anyone know what Gilbert Dauterive's accent would be called? Is it Aristocratic Southern? A company in Louisiana merge with ours in Philadelphia and the new coworkers in the plant find it hilarious we talk like fancy southerners but mine need a lot of work. I just say stuff like "I do declare this cnc lathe to be slow and broken like the hearts of the... blah blah blah" I need to work on the wording of my sentences. It is important for work

animangafan342 : Whenever I see the Saints playing, I remember this guy

Hank Hill : No, I'm the best character, Hank Hill and I sell propane, and propane accessories.

Social-Nationalist Meme Network : I didn't know Lindsay Graham had a brother.

Mariano Felan : Are all Louisiana people this sensually creepy?

Bobby Worrest : that sinners/saints line is probably the most clever thing ever written in the series. mah lord...

Dr. Avalanche : This video gives me the horribles

Justin Time : One of my fave KOTH episodes ever!! Meryl Streep as Aunt Esme and Michael Bolton from Office Space as Gilbert aka Zhill-bear. Lmao!!

miles : He looks and sounds like Sinclair from Bioshock 2

Slashbash : He was based on playwright Tennessee Williams, y'know.

Sitarya : "Bobby's only been around rich people a few hours, and already he looks like the kid on the paint can"

Kenneth Matthew : I do declare

Lachdanan : I love this guy!

Omedchazak613 : Sir you are no kin to me, so I shall have your silence!

Yelloweyeball : Reminds me of Edgar Alan Poe.

Nig Bick Doomguy : That hissing at 2:10 always got me. I'd do the exact same thing if someone hissed at me.

Tommaso Urbisci : Gilbert for life.

Simon Peter Abraham : lol like what's the deal with this episode again? is bill louisiana aristocracy or something?

It's not a boulder, it's a rock : Aunt Esme: "Do you plan to care and nurture the flowers, or are you just playin' in the garden?" Bill: "...playin' "

Ernesti Echevalier Child prodigy : I always thought this guy was saying THE MA'AM of the house it fits

CareandCompassion : the two best lines from this episode are "thirty five-years" and "both of 'um"

Grandmasterstick69 : 1 person knew jo'baher briefly........

King of the Trill : Myyyyy Laaawwwd. This weathers giving me the terribles like a sneakkyy snake

vitoduval : bobby imitating huey long

Theo Sherman : So wait is he gay or just a dandy? (I have not watched the full episodes)

Forte : The best, or gayest?

vitoduval : gilbert knew about the claY SHAW PLOT TO ASSASINATE JFK

Scooper Skechy : 0:44 ha gayyy

Pisqué Dune : "Now how long you been sittin' there?" (exhales) "...Thirrrty-fiiive years." Love this show. Unlike The Simpsons or Family Guy, this show feels "comfortable", if that's the right word for it. This, the "Hank is a trucker" and the "can't get back on the boat" episodes are amongst my favorites.

Deacon Peters : How long you been sitting there? 35 years 😌