Best Character in King of the Hill

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Muffin Land : "I am more familiar with sinners than saints, my dear. And sinners always look good." Hank's look of pure defeat gets me every time.

zzman305 : "How long have you been sitting there" "......thirty five years..."

joe b. : he was a beautiful man...i knew him...briefly

fodsaks : I am going to start complaining of suffering with 'the horribles'.

Speedy : Gets hissed at, hisses back, genius.

Tim F : They really missed an opportunity by not using Gibert more than the 2 episodes they did.

Social-Nationalist Meme Network : I need a window seat because this flowa is wiltin'!

RomanInTheDeep : Hank Hill: "Bobbys beginning to look like that boy on the paint can!"

Bien Adentro : Sinners

piplup2009 : "mah lawd"

louthegiantcookie : Sir, you are no kin to me so I will have your silence!

dbztrunkslover98 : He talks like a book.

maicon D : "uhh.. hehe you kinda snuck up on me there" "Oh im terribly sorry ive always been creepa"

Señor Hilter : Last remaining dautrive man or should i say straight man

PhoenixAngel429 : Honestly should say something about Violetta because she knew she was Bill's cousin by blood but she still tried to seduce him. Bill's just clueless.

Omedchazak613 : That boy ain't right!!!

mihael L : Dale gribble👋

Edward Traylor : This muggy texas weather giving me the horrible

Dave Campoli : Does anyone know what Gilbert Dauterive's accent would be called? Is it Aristocratic Southern? A company in Louisiana merge with ours in Philadelphia and the new coworkers in the plant find it hilarious we talk like fancy southerners but mine need a lot of work. I just say stuff like "I do declare this cnc lathe to be slow and broken like the hearts of the... blah blah blah" I need to work on the wording of my sentences. It is important for work

Dr. Avalanche : This video gives me the horribles

Social-Nationalist Meme Network : I didn't know Lindsay Graham had a brother.

Hank Hill : No, I'm the best character, Hank Hill and I sell propane, and propane accessories.

1822138 : “Dinner, like youth, will be served”

Kenneth Matthew : I do declare

miles : He looks and sounds like Sinclair from Bioshock 2

Slashbash : He was based on playwright Tennessee Williams, y'know.

Justin Time : One of my fave KOTH episodes ever!! Meryl Streep as Aunt Esme and Michael Bolton from Office Space as Gilbert aka Zhill-bear. Lmao!!

Lachdanan : I love this guy!

Omedchazak613 : Sir you are no kin to me, so I shall have your silence!

Simon Peter Abraham : lol like what's the deal with this episode again? is bill louisiana aristocracy or something?

Tommaso Urbisci : Gilbert for life.

Nig Bick Doomguy : That hissing at 2:10 always got me. I'd do the exact same thing if someone hissed at me.

King of the Trill : Myyyyy Laaawwwd. This weathers giving me the terribles like a sneakkyy snake

Mariano Felan : Are all Louisiana people this sensually creepy?

Grandmasterstick69 : 1 person knew jo'baher briefly........

landosalemchainsaw : I feel like I’ll be him in about 20 years, and I see no problem with it

Irrelevant402 : I was at graduation and it was a rather hot day. I remember thinking several times "Ugh, this first Oregon summer heat wave is giving me the horribles!" Thanks Mr. Gilbert Fontaine De la Tour D'Haute Rive for some new phrases.

Scooper Skechy : 0:44 ha gayyy

CareandCompassion : the two best lines from this episode are "thirty five-years" and "both of 'um"

animangafan342 : Whenever I see the Saints playing, I remember this guy

vitoduval : gilbert knew about the claY SHAW PLOT TO ASSASINATE JFK

¡Josè! : The best, or gayest?

Theo Sherman : So wait is he gay or just a dandy? (I have not watched the full episodes)

Bobby Worrest : that sinners/saints line is probably the most clever thing ever written in the series. mah lord...

Sitarya : "Bobby's only been around rich people a few hours, and already he looks like the kid on the paint can"

Meundies : Hank questioned his sexuality several times in this video

Yelloweyeball : Reminds me of Edgar Alan Poe.

The Sensational One : He’s my favorite love his accent and catiness haha he hissed back at Violetta!! Mah Lawd!!

APG19912009 : He has to be related to Senator Lindsay Graham! Lol

Jilly Bean : Lindsay graham