Flight of the Conchords: Business Time
Anyone whos been married or dated for more than a few years should be able to relate to this video

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Jemaine imagines himself settling down with, and making love to Sally.


Josh Brooks : Most realistic song ever written about sex. Ever.

Morgan Hatch : Do people listen to this in countries apart from New Zealand? I'm curious.

persephoneee : Team buildin' exercise ninety-NII-ii-ine

Colfax11000 : I love how Brett jumps out from around the corner.

Evan Ginzburg : Proving that a song can be hilarious AND great music.

Lucas Hardy : The greatest song ever written.

erati : I sing this when I sort out the recycling. It's not part of the foreplay but it's still very important.

Brett Berkey : That's why they call them business socks OOOHHHHHH

Des Head : i just love how bretts just there in the backround on his guitar

Livo74 : (bretts guitar playing in background makes me smile every time i see it.) ..i'm not surprised.. ..but i am quite sleepy.

Tré Jones : My business is currently closed due to lack of interest.

fabedavid : "Business hours are OVER, baby" X-D

Sant Arellano : At 0:56 you can see the acrtress playing Sally cracking up

Kenji Miwa : Damn I miss this show...

pill peen : you know when im down to my socks its time for business thats why they're called business socks, OOOH!

Stu D : Why isn't this on Netflix? There's a lots of people who have no idea this genius exists. 😊

Aldous Huxley : This is the reason YouTube was invented.

Medic Webber : "Makin' love." "Makin' love for..." "Makin' love for two..." "Makin' love for twoooo.... minutes." !!! Hahahahaha! GREAT tease lines!

Daniel Jones - East London Blues : that's Nancy from Peep Show!!

krumovies26 : I think it's even funnier that he keeps his glasses on when they do it.

Dyers88 : 1.25 X speed

Elizabeth Hillman : Jemaine. Oh. Yes. I. Would. Yes I would....

Richard Spata-Merrill : Because it's Wednesday.....

meatless1 : Recycling isn't foreplay? Works for me! Every time! "TEAM BUILDLING EXCERSISE '99" It's business time.


directorjacob : His girl voice is great

MasterNecrosis : I feel like brit is just always waiting around his house to play a funky rift.

Lee Murray : "Business hours are over, baaaby". Freaking best song ever! Mega thanx, Conchords

Jessica Amber : Team building exercise...'99

sizzlenotsteak : There's nothing good on TV.

Christina Davis : Two minutes in heaven are better than one minute in heaven....best line ever :)

Lion Backers : love love love love x infinity. Jermaine <3

undergradoak : I see whatchu did there at 1:34 ;)

Temerald Harris : Team building exercise 99!!!

Alexander Roden : I've got my business socks on

Andrew Mackay : Business time is over baby!

Jamar Lewis : U say u want some more , well im not surprised but I am quite sleepy. [Chorusx2] business hours are ova bay-hay-bay......best ad lib eva


Alexander Roden : superb! love this song it's so clever and funny.

Brett Werner : Business hours are over

ComicBookSyndicate : Frickin' funny!

seth hubbard : epic song!!

jon06712 : Bring BACK FOC!!!!

AndyC70 : Brilliant!!!

lythsian : I might go to bed I've got work in the mmm :D she couldn't stop herself.

NathanLPaylor : Love that she almost corpses when she says she has to go to bed. (She has work in the morning.)

jamminkeys : two... minutes

Armond Cooper : That's why they're called business socks👔👔👔

slhines7 : Hilarious !!!! ha ha ha:)