Heaven's Gate Cult Initiation Tape Part 1
Initiation video for the Heavens Gate cult features its leader Marshall Applewhite explaining his divinity

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Heaven's Gate Cult Initiation Tape


Irfan Spirtovic : The VHS video quality just makes it way creepier

Butlcl001 : He's like the reverse Mr. Rodgers

hange zoë : Do you ever just blink to flex on those psychotic ppl

Lewis Liu : Sorry not joining your cult if your video quality isnt 1080p

Chris Hanson : When them edibles kick in

Aaron Waiter : Yeah but where’s eternal atake

Ray C : Wow! This guy was in space long before his ship arrived.

Harrison McCartney : Almost expected his ears to start flapping and for him to fly off.

heat4yoass : You can tell by his eyes he's a psycho. Come on now.

xd Espresso : This dude was king of the playground with them staring contests bruh

Mitsue Gacha : He blinked 38 times in this video. The average person blinks 15-20 times per minute. He only blinked 38 times in this almost 8 minute video..

NapkinsForDays : Damn, Mr.Clean huffed to much fumes

dayum son : This guy downright looks like the embodiment of Satan

Not Sure : People actually saw this and bought into this bullshit.

Magnottic 100614 : His eyes show insanity. I don't know how people fell for his words.

異常T i S A M : They commited the *10 blocks of obsidian and flint with steel*

Persona non grata : Well I'm convinced, where do I sign up?

Fancy Motherfucker : *plot twist* they are all actually chilling in space having a great time, and we're stuck here on this miserable planet

XXXSuicide Sage : The types of people who would believe this probably went through some traumatizing moments in their life to live in such a deep denial that they would do anything to leave because they just couldn’t accept the fact that that’s how life is. The followers where probably abused, mistreated, neglected, depressed, or just plain out ignorant because no matter how you look at it it just doesn’t any make sense to believe such a ludicrous person that is dead set on committing mass suicide and to think he actually succeeded in getting a bunch of random people to join him is the most mind boggling thing to me, There has to be some type of psychological explanation but it’s to bad we will never find out.

Carlos GarPov : Hey Doug I believe you. When does the interstellar bus take off??? Call me 1-800-hasta la vista baby

Khal Drogo : Johnny Sinns has done a lot of weird jobs. *But this*

HanginWithSnakes : He was recycled along with the trash bag he asphyxiated himself with.

Rogelio Tellez : That random "what?" gets me every time🤣🤣

got warm coffee : He’s looks like a older Johnny 2x4 from Ed edd n eddy

Lloyd Nix : I listen to ths while working out, it just fits.

Alp : .....G HEAVENS T E

Ante Pavelic : Damn, Caillou has lost his mind...

Julio Diaz : It's all in the eyes, he barely even blinks in the beginning. It's a speech tactic that many people use as entertainers, politicians use

Account Deleted : Imagine delivering a pizza and having this guy ramble on at the doorway.

StankyBuddha15 _ : Am I the only one who think this guy look like nebbercracker from monster house 😂 lmao

XxXShevampXxX : I've always found the whole story of the Heaven's Gate suicides to be extremely interesting. I always find myself attracted to the strange/bizarre and especially the unexplainable, Heaven's Gate fits all those descriptions. The stange/bizarre part is pretty obvious but there's a lot of things that just can't easily be explained. The evidence they left behind does tell us why they felt that killing themselves was necessary so that's no real mystery, what I want to know is what is was precisely that triggered Bonnie Nettles and Marshall Applewhite to come up with this shit and then wholeheartedly believe it even though they themselves invented it? You tell the same lie long enough, you can easily delude yourself into believing it's the truth, even if you were the person to make up the lie. Science has backed this up numerous times.

Deyna Renae : The fact that he doesn’t blink that much is creepy

Gnostic-Esoteric : If ones breath would smell worse, the more one lies. I wouldn't wanna be near that guy.

The Real Benjamin : If Earth was put in a big recycle bin, You can’t, Earth is 90% rubbish (you litter bugs)

kids cuisine : One of the guys on the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ governing body looks exactly like him

Gerald Collins : This is truly sad. This guy came back as my boss.

Veronica Ebeling : Tbh, the sound quality and his way of speaking gives me an ASMR... just hoping I won't fall for this shit subconsciously while I fall asleep to it.

rtt1961 : "Your only chance to evacuate is to leave with us..." Well, dude, bon voyage.

Rafael Aguilera : Who gave Caillou edibles

Quantum Douche : DESTROY THE CHILD

Albert G : Only in the 90s 👌🏼😏

My legs hurt : "The Leader is good, The Leader is great, we surrender our will, as of this date"

Tre Miller : This guys funny. I like him

Toshi K : Is this guy Jeff Bezos?

sarah monaghan : He don't blink,, he prob a robot

T Rocka : This guy was on Cowboy Bebop 👁🔫👨‍🚀🤠

Ambar Fraire : This guy speaks so slow i had to change the playback speed to 1.25x 😅

Jed CATLEY : Who's light flickered watching this

異常T i S A M : He said about to be recycled, but he didnt say when, classical itsa prank bro