Heaven's Gate Cult Initiation Tape Part 1

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I love food But I don’t like you : Lil uzi anyone?

Lewis Liu : Sorry not joining your cult if your video quality isnt 1080p

Mah Boi Frank of the Filth : This dude probably slayed in staring contests

Bloodline EightySix : Far cry 5 much

heat4yoass : You can tell by his eyes he's a psycho. Come on now.

Mermaid Man : Here are all the posibilties. 1. He is wrong and knew it the whole time and is incredibly evil. 2. He is wrong and didn't know it and people were following the words of a mad man. 3. He is right and we are all in big trouble.

BlackGirlLovesAnime6 : why do people dislike youtube videos like this, its not like this crazy guy uploaded this video on his own channel. dont hate the messanger

Nintendog140 : I feel like if I watch anymore, I’m going to be hypnotized into killing myself or something cultish.

ILLFilms : Here's a fun contest: Only blink when he does.

Mark Dice : Looks like Bernie Sanders got a hair cut

Knightscroft Squire-Muldoon : Repetition, Repetition, Repetition and the lack of blinking equals a manipulative person that knows mind control tactics.

Boss_Hoss _Cigars : Where do I sign up? Seems legit

bennyb2569 : Uzi sent me

Yeet Yeet boi. : When them edibles kick in

JustTooLit : This video is too convincing. Okay I'm all in. Where do I sign up ?

Sgt NutterButter : H3 Podcast anybody?

Caden Twaddle : Who’s here because of lil uzi

LUcKy Slasher : Anybody come here from Uzi or dom is live?

MRBIGBLACKCOCK : Is this guys tongue split in half?

Cold Ham on Rye : This man killed 39 people... Jesus Christ

DavidThompsonV1 : Didnt realize I clicked on a Star trek video..my bad

CosmicNightOwl : Do you wanna start a cult with me?

der normale : Who is here because of lil uzi?

Nnjaz : 4:53 slipped up, he was saying “what I have to offer you” but corrected himself to say “we” instead

Monkii Dii Luffi : I can see why he was the leader. He could probably hear everything from the kingdom of heaven with those big ass ears.

Jackal head : I'm still waiting for the planet earth to be recycled I've also proposed some new models about how new recycled earth should look like

LUMPY SKULL : *_Farcry 5_*

Bob Barker : I wouldve loved to see Applewhite and Manson in a staring contest!!!

B.P. Gaming : Who’s here because of lil uzi vert?

Fancy Motherfucker : *plot twist* they are all actually chilling in space having a great time, and we're stuck here on this miserable planet

Butlcl001 : He's like the reverse Mr. Rodgers

Eric B : 4:27 Stone Cold Steve Austin

Matthew Best : He smoked that good shit look at them eyes you know that look if youve been there

kevin Poo : Funny 20 years later and I am still here Marshall buddy boy. I wonder how much LSD this guy did over the years...

dayum son : This guy downright looks like the embodiment of Satan

Lucifer Fallen STAR-75 : Jim Jones still hold current title.

smill pupstick : The Dragonborn would stay and fight. Cowards! Fus-Ro-Dah!

Nicolas00 : *he didn't blink once ..*

Ante Pavelic : Damn, Caillou has lost his mind...

xd Espresso : This dude was king of the playground with them staring contests bruh

Donart Zymberi : When grandpa accidentally inhales your dmt

Blue : Loser just blink then you gonna be complaining like Plankton that his eyes burn

ILLO Records : This guy is a lunatic

Styxhexenhammer666 : No crazier than muhammad, jesus, joseph smith, buddha... The only difference being all those individuals lived in time periods when people were more easily taken in by mumbo jumbo and mythology.

Martin Da GOAT : He is the self proclaimed second coming ...... Jesus never taught us to kill ourselves as it is a sin.

Gerry Berry : They wanted to go to the "Level Above Human" but ended up in the "Level Below Stupid"!

Eric Matthews : This is what happens when you cut off your winnie!!!!!!

Nomad : The human race just sad... so desperate to have someone tell them what to do.

Anthony Arroyo : mama told me stay down before you get hurt, that was way back when i was lil lucifer 🙄💔🎸++*

Mario Freddrick : Everybody's a comedian trying to get laughs....this man killed 39 ppl. And we are conditioned to think its funny and crack jokes about his appearance smh.