Heaven's Gate Cult Initiation Tape Part 1

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Cold Ham on Rye : This man killed 39 people... Jesus Christ

Bloodline EightySix : Far cry 5 much

I love nick But I don’t like you : Lil uzi anyone?

Tabitha Freeman : He was dead ass serious too.

Lewis Liu : Sorry not joining your cult if your video quality isnt 1080p

heat4yoass : You can tell by his eyes he's a psycho. Come on now.

SkullGamer30 : I’m more scared of his face than than this theory.

bennyb2569 : Uzi sent me

Rory de Brouwer : the weirdest thing is that their website is still operational...literally wtf

JustTooLit : This video is too convincing. Okay I'm all in. Where do I sign up ?

Uncle Squiddz : Captain Murphy anyone?

Mermaid Man : Here are all the posibilties. 1. He is wrong and knew it the whole time and is incredibly evil. 2. He is wrong and didn't know it and people were following the words of a mad man. 3. He is right and we are all in big trouble.

LUMPY SKULL : *_Farcry 5_*

Brindh Singh : This guy is creepy as hell.

Yaaaboy —34 : His eyes tell everything.

LUcKy Slasher : Anybody come here from Uzi or dom is live?

BlackGirlLovesAnime6 : why do people dislike youtube videos like this, its not like this crazy guy uploaded this video on his own channel. dont hate the messanger

Kyprus J : This guy would have been a great weed dealer

Paul Hendrick : Sure , he looks emotionally healthy.

Milhouse Van Houten : is this a cult for orange skinned people or something?

2k Cutz : Who’s here because of lil uzi

Arthur Berkovitch : He definitely did to much acid in his day.

der normale : Who is here because of lil uzi?

Dr. Madcap Rx : I made a playlist on my YouTube account entitled “Crazy Shit”. This guys face will do for the perfect thumbnail. See ya later Weird Old Alien Grandpa, sorry “all that” didn’t pan out.

Nathan : I can see why he was the leader. He could probably hear everything from the kingdom of heaven with those big ass ears.

Boss_Hoss _Cigars : Where do I sign up? Seems legit

Bob Barker : I wouldve loved to see Applewhite and Manson in a staring contest!!!

Sgt NutterButter : H3 Podcast anybody?

B.P. Gaming : Who’s here because of lil uzi vert?

Ante Pavelic : Damn, Caillou has lost his mind...

Richard Parker : In the Book of Mathew 4:1-11 the devil also quotes the Bible and encourages Blind Faith in an attempt to trick Christ into jumping to his death from the highest point of the temple. I'm not Christian, but I see cult leaders such as this man as a Satan like figure who deliberately manipulates religious literature, history, politics or even science to get good people to do evil things to themselves or others.

business man : Lil Uzi vert made this man his profile pic on instagram is he onto something?

MRBIGBLACKCOCK : Is this guys tongue split in half?

Davion Boyd : lil uzi tripping😂😂

Frank K : I reenacted this tape to my trash because they, were, about to be recycled. It was their last chance. Time was short.

Rice MenaRQ : *Isn't this the ending to that Curiosity Cube game???*

Everyone’s Uncle William : Who’s here from lil uzi’s profile pic?

SNS_Ƭємρєѕт : Lil Uzi Vert anyone?

Jason C. Parker : Poor Jambi really went off the rails after "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" was cancelled.

Ather : to the viewer scrolling down to see the comments "have a nice day"

Mah Boi Frank of the Filth : This dude probably slayed in staring contests

Jackal head : I'm still waiting for the planet earth to be recycled I've also proposed some new models about how new recycled earth should look like

Steven Nieto : I've been trying to get a hold of him.....

GrayWoIf : He's like What!? That mind is in me!? It's like even he didn't believe his own bullshit for a second there.

Disconn3cted : He looks like Mr. Clean with a meth problem. Anyway, it's obvious he was severely mentally ill. It's actually pretty sad.

saxcin gabe 2.0 : who here from uzi

Cailan k : I hate his face with a personal grudge

Matthew Best : He smoked that good shit look at them eyes you know that look if youve been there

PewDieSki AwA : Who came here because of Lil Uzi?

Jaquel Laquel : I came here to practice for a staring contest