Young Reporter Is Struggling but Mila Kunis Helps him out.

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Breenud39 TV : Wow way to go to his mate Dicko getting married!

Curious Cat : Mila is right. Way more interesting then all the generic interviews she probably made that day...

Noelle : This just proves how boring celebs think "normal" interviews are. They know the questions and the answers even before they're asked them. Mila is awesome, love her!

Oliver Wright : "What do you like? Whiskey?" Jaëger Bombs. I don't think I've laughed so hard

John Kramer : The title sounds like a porno

Sam Blanchard : Ya boy is having a conversation with probably his teenage crush about football and drinking and pies

Jacob Mull : "oh we're back to being british" lmao

emboltic : Id honestly rather watch this guy give celebs interviews than all the other bland ass ones. I was entertained start to finish 😂

ERAAHB : Best interview EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Human Male : L A D B O M B

cool girl 101 : Mile kunis is so cute I love her

PaTr IcK : I wish I was that guy

Chris Davis : The epic way she rattled off rapid fire answers with no questions was epic. Gotta just love it cool people! He was cool, she was cool!

John Luu : he probably went out of this interview thinking 'I'm not entirely sure how this went'

U7K7 0WN : Rip him, the interview was much more interesting than normal, but I think the guy lost his job

Michael Warunek : Lol every time he says "the boys"....crack open a cold one with "the boys"

JinNOSify : "My mate, Dicko"

Opie Kills : Wow, I would never come down off that high.

Praveen Sharma : My mate Cocko is getting really hard and hot headed waiting for me

FANCY FRAME : The video title could very well be found on pornhub

MCB400100 : Keep losing it at my mate dicko

Julia : If she wasn't married, with kids, and much older than him, this would be a cute "how we met" couple story :') lmao

Anime lover 123! Yeah, I'm crazy. : I think she genuinely enjoyed the interview because usually when you're a famous celebrity like her you're harrassed with questions but they had a chilled conversation and I'm sure she boosted his self confidence.

Sam Mansouri : Fast forward to now: Mila Kunis is still Mila Kunis but this Watford fan is running high in the PL

Carl White : ROFL this is the single greatest thing of all time. I might smash a ladbomb or two this weekend.

D&Z : "You show me football and ill show you a blue moon" my guy.

Alfie Douglas : Watford FC now in the premier league even more enjoyable 😂

Cassidy Marion : Grouchy camera lady: this is not ok you have a job to do Mila: ok let me just answer all the questions I know you’re gonna ask *rapid fires a bunch of answers- goes back to interesting conversation*

Lauren Meaney : All I see is Jackie

Orph : Poor guy lost his job but on the other hand he gave her the best interview England could muster.

João Pedro : She's so sexy and charming... and Watford is a great team man LOL

vIfg : This reminded me of an old animated show I used to watch called _"Home Movies"_

Bechir Mihoub : what happened to the interviewer after this?

Alex Murphy : He was doing fine... Until the Baywatch thing

Mr. Chicken™ : Can I trade you for like 3 cows 1 goat and my lil cousin?

MRah : Gotta love Mila Kunis

ATALLCOSTS : Mila prefers Blue Moon.  Her hotness and likeability just skyrocketed

Daniel Stevens : I love the fact that he treats himself as just as interesting as a big time star. (but he does need to get a life beyond drinking with the lads)

Allen Ollis : I always see her as meg lol but she's very beautiful

Joshua Hotstuff : This lady is dope af. If I could only have an older sister..

Ingrid M : Best interview ever!

Sergio Alcantar : I love her personality, she makes awkward situations so interesting and un-awkward. Lol.

osmanoman : You call this struggle? I call it fake title and description.

Kragger Files : Both her and Selena Gomez have the same voice, looks, & mannerisms.. Twins seperated at birth.. I have the biggest crush on Selena Gomez & Mila Kunis is my back up Selena Gomez..

Jamie City : "I wanna show me football and I'll show you blue moon" - and it was at that point he noticed her legs wrapped around his waist!

Chesus Are delicious : this is fucking brilliant!!!!

WG 149 : Kunis is a hornet 🐝 🐝 🐝

Kris : LMAO shy my arse he does not give AF.

Fructuoso Torres-Leite : "Young guy is struggling with the condom but Mila Kunis helps him out" :D

AG : 0% chance she actually went haha