Young Reporter Is Struggling but Mila Kunis Helps him out.

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Benny46drift : Imagine doing a week of bored to shit interviews going over the same tripe each time then this LAD turns up and she get's to interact like a normal human. She is a legend though all jokes aside

nataliaanio : This is actually so cute hahahaha

Dani Garcia : I felt like i was part of the whole conversation. I feel i'm friend with Mila now lol ! LEt's ge a drink shall we?

emboltic : Id honestly rather watch this guy give celebs interviews than all the other bland ass ones. I was entertained start to finish 😂

Patrick Cc: : the way this man smiles when she talks is so great

American Writer : Me finks he was takin' the piss.

Marion Zella : Grouchy camera lady: this is not ok you have a job to do Mila: ok let me just answer all the questions I know you’re gonna ask *rapid fires a bunch of answers- goes back to interesting conversation*

cor ninsin95 : Massive ladpoints!!

peblezQ : I want a movie made out of this

Kevin Weimre : Cuz generally you’re really hot... lmfao

Sclerohouse : its so hot my god

Mac : this is the most british dude ive ever heard

Timo Eric van B : “I get massive lad points for it”😂

Curious Cat : Mila is right. Way more interesting then all the generic interviews she probably made that day...

Trent Johnson : Because of this, I think Mila Kunis is one of the most attractive women ever. Not because of her looks, and she’s gorgeous, but because of how cool of a person she is. Literally making this interviewer more relaxed when he’s clearly very nervous. Awesome!

Tim Lake : For a bit of context: This is Chris Stark. He is a friend of BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills and became his co presenter in 2012 (this interview happened in 2013). Radio 1 had a slot in the press junkets and, with only 10 minutes notice, Scott Mills decided it would be good/funny/awkward radio to send Chris to interview Mila Kunis. He was relatively new even to national radio and had never interviewed anyone, let alone a huge Hollywood name like Kunis. The result is this very honest, very natural interview which went viral.

Kerri : Yeah honestly, like I get they are supposed to be promoting the film, but if a film is good it''s good, the film speaks for itself. I find interviews that are more revealing of the person WAY more interesting, and then if I like that person I'm going to more that like the films they are in.... So here's a tip for you movie producers... LET the actors have more interviews like this! It's way more interesting and creates more hype around the actors, thus creating better value for the cast you choose. Everyone's a film buff these days, we don't need someone's insight to the film, we're all so well-watched that we could likely all do film theory 101. But we want to relate more to the actors, as people. SO let them have more personal interviews.

Zach Parker : Every interview I've seen he's on the edge of an anxiety attack

Oliver Wright : "What do you like? Whiskey?" Jaëger Bombs. I don't think I've laughed so hard

Kevin Weimre : Jesus i hate to say this but it’s like meg griffin is being interviewed lol

Noel Malmborg : My Buddy, got a mad crush

Daddy Noah : this dude like actually boutta  pull this chick

Hunter Trimm : I hope they didn't fire him or anything that was a great interview lmao

jockebanana : geting some LAD POINTS

Totville TV : This guy is sooo fired lol😂😂🤣. He saw this as a chance to chill with his dream girl and he went for it.

John Paul : Why was the woman behind the scenes such a jerk to Mila lol she agreed to your dumb interview 😂

MrJJuK : And this is why Mila is such good wife material 😍❤😘🔥

Breenud39 TV : Wow way to go to his mate Dicko getting married!

luke donlan : sounds like a porn title

Liquid Swords : This was genuinely better than most of the repetitive interviews though.

Luke McIntire : cheekiest lad in history. A mad lad for sure!

Denise Martinez : Mila’s so sweet lol she’s like ahh you’re so awkward and uncomfortable and she tries to help him feel better. Bless her heart haha and then it got awkward hahahha cause he’s trying to hit on her 😂😂😂

me : I love her

Finn.__.M : The guy literally asked Mila if she wants to go on a wedding with him and dance naked. This is GOLD.

Laree Bennett : The most geniune conversation/interview ever

epic djyoshi : She's so calm and collected and she helps him out so much I loved how much the conversation changed in literally 20 seconds

freakystyle : Wow Mila has a seriously awesome personality

Mansour AlSubaie : Omg I almost thought kindness went extinct

FuJe 2 : Shut up meg


Nami Heartilly : I love her so much.

gizmog : HAHAHA, she ended up interviewing him LOL

Vortexes ღ : You can tell shes real, she isnt a fake person.

Don Vito : No one in the comments really appreciates how much confidence this girl has

Ian Hargis : She's insanely beautiful, smart and fun.

LittleMissDelle : I really hope she followed through and went to the game and the pub with him

Ru New : She interviewed him, very cool

Twisted Transistor : They should have got a room

Roxanne Hartog : Why does this feel like notting hill hahaha

Jaspreet Singh : he was under pressure by tv channel for asking written questions for interview