Inbreeding: The Movie (for Evolution)

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andythrust1 : Who are these slurring high school students and from what sources did they obtain their information? They're obviously just reading what they themselves can't fully comprehend. Present a topic read by annoying kids. Great idea.

Mason Brown : Yeah but inbred kids are really good at the banjo.

ricklandbarrett : The royal family needs to watch this.

Erato IsYourMuse : I wonder if Louis Ck realizes hes these peoples representation of inbreeding.

Moe Wilson : Red hair is a recessive gene just like blue eyes are. Has nothing to do with inbreeding. What crap.

Eddie Acevedo : Murica

Sting Ray : Red hair is recessive. Well, I guess that explains Ireland (it's a small island, folks).

Big L : Inbreeding is a white invention

Amanda Billings : if you believe in the Bible inbreeding was the beginning of life.

fv margot : was that the obamas at 1.44

BRAD PITT : my grandfather Anthony (well i thought he was my grandfather) he abused his daughter Margaret and got her pregnant she gave birth to my father. He molested me my brother attacked me in a rage after his girlfriend broke up with him when he was finished beating me he threatened to rape me if i ever told anyone i believe his girlfriend left because she was afraid she might get pregnant and the child would be retarded

Victor Joel : At 1:40 we see the Obama's.

Will White : At 1:40 is that Barack and Michelle ?

Aussie Dave : I breeding proves genetic loss not evolution

Brett McDugald : this is good

Clarve Biker : Bet Louie C.K. really loved being included as an example ha


extremelydangerous : this vídeo does not show all true, The amazon tribes in the jungle vsve been inbreeding for more than 50000 years and you do not see ANY DEFECT. JUST BECAUSE BAD GENES HAVE BEEN REMOVED BY NATURAL SELECTION. All the examples shown supose the existance of a BAD gene. But if you have a population, selected by evolution where there are NO BAD GENES??? IN THIS CASE, INBREED IS A GOOD THING, AS THERE IS NO WAY TO BRING BAD GENES FROM OUTSIDE. Think about....

Charles Darwin : Good job!

INDIANS ARE CANCER : the thumbnail is the twins frim outlast

Brett McDugald : yo What the

19AssTown69 : lol at 0:47 Louie C.K!!

DaiTheFlu : Are we just gonna ignore the fact that, that was Louis CK??? 😂😂😂😂

extremelydangerous : today, you can inbreeding wih your sister, father, how many times you want, provide you spend about $1000 in a. PCR exam + embrio selection, $5000 for all the 23 cromossomes, turning almost impossibe to NOT have a perfect child. This can be done here, in Brazil, right now. make the count of how much a person spend in obesitis, high blood pressure, bald, bad skin, mental deceases, cancer,.... if his parents had spent $5000... well you got the idea, Eugenics by science. THAT MOVIE: GATAGA TURNS REALITY NOW.

Mortimer Mcbride : Good work students... B!

Salnsd : thes is jest moor lebreal prapigenda ,  they thenks we cunsarvites is stewpid , ha ha bot we mayd Tromp are pressadint

iamblackthorne : I'm guessing kids made this for a school project?

bobby : this explains Hillary and Obama voters

Rob True : OK,...........I am a native English speaker, but I had trouble with every fourth / fifth word from that girl.  

LUIS ANGEL ESTRADA , VELEZ :  Small villages in europe the local population all look a like , 

mark rigsby : That my sister-wife

summer rose : He's letting his KID narrate?

wildchd1 : LOL how stupid is that 64 percent of America has high blood pressure lol Well I guess they were all hanging out at the same bar in the same state in the same part of the country ! Another crap claim !

alan nelson : 56% of americans are inbred

Kandis Goble : omg stop inbreeding

sam strothers : half of the Muslim population on earth are inbred.

Saffron's World : There is a segment of society in America that has inbred for two centuries. That would be our friendly Mormons. A university wanted to do research on inbreeding and went to the Mormon population. In no time they had 150,000 volunteers among mostly the so-called Fundamentalist LDS practitioners. Inbreeding goes on today in the polygamous colonies of Mormons. They think they are preserving a pure bloodline from founder Joseph Smith. It is sad to see so many deformed and low-intelligence Mormons living mostly in Utah and Idaho. I know because I lived there for 14 years. I don't hate them. I feel terribly sorry for them.

Kevin Chamberlain : I can hear me a banjo, thar bwoy!

paulspydar : just take a look at the British royal family..

leo rubio : inbreeding also creates wars. Im talking to you EUROPE!👎👺👹

HeepnDeep : I can't help but notice how many people with "royal" blood have red hair, and I understand this goes to back to William the Conqueror's children.

Mr. sting ray : where tf have i heard that end song

DeAnna Moscatelli : LMFAO...MICHAEL JAMES, its rare to run into comments that tickle my feet when laughing. You conquered that for me today, Thank You. Look at their father, if I hadnt known better he couldve very easily been mistaken as an Imbred..

Surgé Land : Wonderful, wonderful.

zoyzoycornface : school project

Lisa Bunnie : Very good project, however, I found it hard to understand with the pace the young woman was speaking. Subtitles would have been helpful for us less scientifically inclined.

Gone Postal : WOAH, hey there was no need to put an album cover of The Offspring in this video about inbreeding! 😬

The Crazy Frenchman : Clueless Muslims are the greatest examples of this, they have'nt evolved in 1400 years, have an incredibly low I.Q and are oblivious to technology thanks to their limited attention spand . . . . Black Africans are'nt any better and so on and so forth . . . .

Maryam Makara : 1:40 is that the orange trump in its illegal husband!?

littlenumchuck : Rude, please stop hating gingers and daywalkers aka redheads! This video is kinda F'd up, regardless though