Skin-walkers as told by Native Americans

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GILLES BEJAR : Coyote Dog Soldiers/ Skin Walkers. We dance into trance, at the edge of forever, knowing the terror of all, predator and prey, life and death, which makes us outsiders. We gave up what we once knew of our lives, to make war upon the invader. They have sacrificed many of our men, women and children to their Biblical God, which represents the stolen ancestral - Self - Identity of the Hebrew’s , the Romans had appropriated. They sought to make our land their New Jerusalem. We do not want the bloodthirsty God of the Soulless who know not who they are. They have committed much “ Evil” behind their smiling God. We Fight against our enemy via trance and dreams. Remote- Viewing their ever warring activities, when to SkinWalk into other Shapeshifter forms. Their military seek to acquire our knowledge of sorcery for psychic warfare. This will never happen! The enemy has forgotten their own ancestors, who live a lie, which has become as their prison, overseen by their Orwellian God who’s Kingdom on Earth is a New World Order. We are still fighting our enemy, we will never sacrifice our ancestors upon the Abrahamic altar of three Illuminati religions dancing around their Ziggurat of Ur.

That Girl : That's entirely creepy and I do believe this to be true. So many people dismiss Native American legends and believe they are only folk tales meant to scare their youngsters. Or believe it to be a metaphor for something else. All legends and tales have truth to them. No one really knows what this world really holds. I keep my mind way open and ask only to people who don't believe, without a shadow of doubt, can any of this be disproven? So, I can honestly say, I WON'T be rubbing ashes on my face and calling out to it tonight or any other night for that matter. As always, thanks Bill for giving life to these stories. It a pleasure to watch. 👏

Kathryn Quella : Skin walkers are true. Very scary

Reyanna Wynters : There are so many strange stories, particularly of people and children going missing in secluded areas such as national parks and deserts! The Native Americans had a lot of knowledge of this land and knew about many negative entities which walked the land. They often fought these negative energies! That was also another main reason this government has always been was so much against them when they came over here!

SuryaDas : As a foolish wiseman, myself😛😅😛 the topic of skinwalkers has always been of extreme interest to me. My good friend George Spirit Hawk has told me some very interesting stories. Thanks for another stellar upload, Bill. I enjoyed this one a lot. 😃👍🎃🤗

Mr patriot : Shape,shifters are probably found around the world such as the werewolves legends in Romania. Could the centaurs in Greek mythos (story) be shape shifters? I believe the native elders are wise about avoiding this topic like some Christians avoid talking about demons. Some people believe they are the tricksters we call demons, who knows. The giant stories intrigue me, Sara winnemucca talks about them. What truly happened to the people we call Hohokham ? They disappeared prior to Columbus. My area is scattered with Hohokham farms and villages and I wish I knew their story and what they thought about white walkers and giants??? The ruins at Mycenae, Greece are called cyclopean since it was believed the Cyclops built these walls. I was there 1998. It's called the lions gate with two massive lions facing each other. The stones are so massive I wondered how the Bronze Age Greeks built such a structure - giants? As far as white invaders go this has happened throughout the world and history. The anui of Japan are the original people. Present day Turkey was once Roman (Greek). The Hopi see the Navajo and Apache as invaders. I'm a mix of both but if that had not happened none of us would be here. Many Greeks wish the Muslim Turks had never invaded Roman lands but if that had not happened we would not be around. The world can be an evil place.

Isaac Clarke : Skinwalkers are among us! In all seriousness, legends of the skinwalker tell of the shaman allowing possession of their bodies by the spirit of the wolf. This is made even more intense when the skinwalker wears the hide of the animal. These spirits are hostile now because they live in specific domains and their control is being challenged. The best way to avoid an encounter with a skinwalker to avoid areas where they are known to exist. I have talked with eye witnesses, investigators, and spoken with Navajo who have had encounters with these beings. It is bad medicine to mention them as this serves as a way to summon them. It is also beneficial to have a native shaman cleanse you if you believe you are being visited by one. There are also reports that invoking the name of Jesus has an immediate effect as well. Hilariously, there are also reports of people being mocked by skinwalkers when those people pray the rosary. The Lord's Prayer is extremely effective, though! Sorry, if I brought "religion" into it (not sorry), but the only way to combat a spiritual being is with spiritual weapons! Of course shotguns have also been known to work wonders as well! Putting a physical hole in the physical person who is possessed can and will stop that specific skinwalker, but it won't stop a spirit intent on harming you! I may also sound like another nutter, but evidence is out there that these encounters do happen! It really is too bad that things like this have to be experienced to be believed. I hope anyone who doubts, never runs into one! There are things in the woods too terrifying for mere mortals to tread! Excellent video as always, Bill!

Gary Baxter : Not just any campfire ash, check into the the types of wood and the direction to face when chanting for the walker to appear. Tread cautiously ...........

Rapture Angel : SKINWALKER=demons!

Troy Taylor : Living on the Navajo Res. for years this one brought back memories of Fort Defiance and Tsaile and Chinle bedtime stories while we worked in the IHS. Great segment! Big fan of your vids. Tis a good Thurs. morning and I leave with my fix of Night Terrors! Great show Bill thanks

American Prepper : I story of the skinwalkers I was in Coconino County Winslow Arizona the south side there are only five houses standing and all of them are owned by relatives there are roughly spaced about 3 blocks away from each other all the other houses got flooded and washed away course this has nothing to do with the story surrounding the houses is miles and miles from nothing Colorado Rivers about 15 miles away so it's pitch black out there except for the street lights that didn't get washed away are still littered around with the light and Erie yellow light so the time was about 11 roughly myself my uncle Val my cousin Markie and my father we got a call from my uncle Val's daughter which is my cousin she said someone was trying to get in her front door not break in but keep telling her to let him in side being near the rare are on the reservation there in the middle of nowhere usually you get someone who's drunk from the reservation trying to mistake the wrong house for theirs it happens more often than you think so just in case we myself Val and my father put on our guns just in case cuz you never know he might be a crazy and you're in the middle of nowhere so strap on our guns go over to their and the person or what the poor thing we thought was a person was sitting there on the porch looking like it asleep sitting down with its feet hanging off the porch touching the ground it was in like a hoodie that was blue dark brown or black with sneakers that were black and pants that were dark blue or black even with the light on outside we couldn't see its face so we on holstered our weapon to make sure it was ready to go in case he got crazy we touched it and it just didn't move and we touch again and I didn't move then I kicked its foot and I swear to God this thing its feet touch the ground and it propelled itself is the highest point of the roof came back down and landed in the crab position with its feet pointing toward us its head looking at us right at us and its hands touching the ground in the crab position we still couldn't see its face but then its head swiveled around in the opposite direction of us and it took off into the backyard where we were standing we could see the backyard clearly it cleared BBQ Grill while still in the crabwalk position and I went straight for running so fast that it was leaving the dust trail and it literally jumped from the crab position over the seven foot high fence like it like a frog or I don't know what the hell and it disappeared into the Blackness of the night I asked my uncle val did they just see when I just saw and I ask them to repeat to me what they saw and it was exactly with the same thing I saw my cousin Valerie came out of her house and said oh is the person gone and we said yeah then we said okay just keep the doors locked and that's it we jumped in the truck start driving back to my house and it was silence it was the weirdest feeling but the weirdest part about it was summertime and we encountered that thing it felt ice cold in the air was just weird

Jon Estes : One night in the Texas Hill Country we were camping on our recently purchased property when we heard an owl at the back of our place. It flew a little closer and hooted again. Once again it flew to just about 20 feet behind our tent on the other side of some oak trees. This time it started hooting, then you could hear its voice change from hooting to barking like a dog..... But then it changed again to sound like a man saying wolf wolf like a dog barking. We had two Huskies in the tent with us. Both were acting nervous and scared! Neither would go outside! So neither did we. After awhile it left. About a year later we were living on the property when a friend stayed in a tent on our place. He use to play football in high school and was an ex marine. He told me. Something scared him bad the night before. He proceeded to tell me he heard an owl in the tree beside his tent. But then it's voice started changing... Turning into what sounded like a man trying to bark! He said he stepped out of the tent, shined a flashlight into the tree. Froze in place because.... Looking down from the tree was something that looked like half human but with owl eyes and a short dog muzzle! He ran back in tent and laid awake all night. He left next day. We never told him or anyone else of our experience. What could it have been? We still see spirits walking around our place from the corner of our eyes. All seem to be Native Americans dressed in buckskin. We feel protected by them. Feel free to contact me if you can tell me what it was.

Kevin Loving : Of course that shapeshifter laugh your cousin's prayer the only prayer that works and that is Oh Holy Father in the name of your Son Jesus I pray the water and shed blood over myself my cousin and our grandparents Holy Father in the name of your Son Jesus I pray Amen. Also say demon in the name of Jesus I bind and cast you out.

funzjag : Truly bizarre and frightening! I've always been fascinated by the legendary oral history of American Native People. Peace and Love to You Brother Bill! 😸🤗😺

James Watson : Dude at the end in the hoodie is rocking a KoRn shirt...mad props for that!

Scary Stories : Dogman!

Starlit Freak : ☕ Coffee Bill? This is an interesting tale. I've been to New Mexico and have seen the ancient hieroglyphs printed on the rock walls of certain canyons. Probably all of it was true. *🎶 I see a bad moon a'rising. I see trouble on the way. Don't go out tonight, it's bound to take your life, there's a bad moon on the rise.🎶*

jeronimo angulo : 👍👍👍👍👍💛how ABOUT st. Christopher the dog headed apostle?

dineh2004 : Would you please not use pictures of our diyíín diné to depict skinwalkers!!!! As a full blood diné it angry me when white people tell our stories and then give misinformation. To you it may not seem like it's a big deal just pictures and stories but to us traditional diné (navajo) it's what we believe in.

Michael Kemp : Excellent as ever Bill. Your demeanour and delivery to camera are spot on perfect for the subject matter. If there was any common sense at all in the media/entertainment world then you would be telling these chilling tales to a much, much wider audience! All the best Bill, Mike.

J Mallett : There is a connection between skin walkers and native Americans. It is their name for activity known as shapeshifting. According to an elder there are those that shape shift, spy on another that they are jealous of, such as one that has received a new truck or something that is coveted, the skinwalker will try to curse or annoy his alleged enemy. Skin walkers can take on many forms, especially a wolf. The ability to shift does not come without a price, it involves human sacrifice to demonic forces. Demons are intelligent fallen beings that have knowledge of DNA and vibration of creation and some of its laws, so they misuse it. Not just any human sacrifice is used, this person has to sacrifice someone very dear, such as a mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, wife, etc. You hear about these creatures in places in the southwest United States, such as the skinwalker ranch in Nevada, or places in Arizona. This goes on in many places. Africans have many tales of shapeshifters. I remember one where a high level satanist turned himself into a snake to escape a place he was in prison. Many tales of werewolves in Europe, even the queen of England is known to shape shift. Look at the television series dark shadows based on one of the 13 illuminati bloodlines involved in the occult with strange activities around them including shapeshifting. No continent is void of stories of strange creatures menacing humanity. This is worldwide, only the names are different according to cultures.

Carnage : My grandma was the one who told me of these beings , she called them ‘wendego’, she said her great grandfather had been killed by one and that they liked to toy with their prey , hiding and making calls that were familiar and sometimes they would make subtle movements and drive their prey toward the Forrest and furthermore toy with them , until the victim would break down into tears ,and then the creature would show itself as a very tall lanky looking creature with eyes that wouldn’t close , it made a low clicking sound, and would stare into the soul of its victim as they die of either fear or a heart attack . Then they would proceed to eat the body in a tree up high or in a cave. She also told me they would also hunt for sport , leaving the body in unreachable places. She says there was an old woman she knew that was known as a “crazy person” that had told my grandma that she had seen at least 7 in her lifetime, the lady lived by a forest, and she said that she had no idea why they didn’t kill her , but they scared her , she said that they made faces at her , and would make un-earthly noises as they ran off into the woods. And that’s why I never want to live in the country , I’m strictly a city boy.

Madd Genome : Man bear pig I’m super cereal

Brother Seamus : Very good video bill. A scary subject, not got skin walkers here in England I don't think!!

Mike D : Very interesting. I’m sure that this kind of power would be very tempting for those that don’t understand the risks. Outstanding work Bill. Far too many Native American legends and historical events have been forgotten or destroyed by those who should know better.

Dwight Rush : Another night not able to sleep, I check my phone, and bam another great video from you Bill 😋. Good topic seems to be growing in popularity in cryptozoology circles, a lot about the "skinwalker ranch" and different phenomena that occurs there. Great story as always, from a fresh perspective the people that know the most about them. Have a great morning Bill you made mine 😊😎

Mocking Bird Lane : Love your vids Bill! 😀 great subject and excellent narration as always 👍😎🐦

Rey Vinicio : Night terror fan for life...gracias bill.

Tina Tomaszewski : Yay, my favorite weekday! I love skin-walker stories! As usual, another great commentary! Love you my friend! XOXO

belia1313 : Bill my friend is Navajo and has dealt with Skinwalkers

Rachel V K : Hi, Bill! How are you doing? What a topic! Skinwalkers are terrifying! I really liked how you told the story from the Navajo person's point of view. It made the story more intensely frightening. I definitely believe that skinwalkers are out there, as well as many other things that people file away as legends or myths. There is too much about our world that we don't know. Much more than we can even imagine. Thanks for a terrifically terrifying video! 😱

1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJV : Thanks Bill 🐣

Paracelsus : The Lakota have a good version too.

K Jeezy : True. But I was told I was only not allowed to talk to white people about them.

Vasili Bakagias : Mr. Madon, this is an unexpected treat! I have been fascinated by this very interesting topic for quite some time now, and I was delighted to find it on your quite excellent show! Would you please consider the following topics for future programming, Bill Madon style? They are as follows: the age of the Kali Yuga, of which we are currently involved in; Jack Parsons and his extremely fascinating, if at times, tragic life; Rasputin, the Russian Orthodox monk and his associations with the Russian Monarchy; the Flying Dutchman and its doomed crew; Kenneth Arnold and his very strange role in Ufology; George Adamski and his contributions to the mysterious world of Ufodom; and, last, but most definitely not least, a show about the legendary Fortean investigator, John Keel. As always, much appreciation and thanks for having one of the most interesting and thought-provoking shows on YouTube, or anywhere else, for that matter! Long Live the Ancient Dreams!

Rosa Travis : Picture you posted are not skin walkers, they are call Yei-bi-Chei s. That picture is Miss represented. We use that for ceremonies in fall time. If you don't know, we still use yeibicheis ceremonies from fall to winter. I know what is Skinwalker be up I seen it when I was young and my grandfather practiced witch craft and he put spell on people. We never bother him be cuz he was evil man. Skinwalker is same as black magic Younger Navaho generation are losing their language and they don't know how to practice Skinwalker. Older Navajo practice because they only had certain words used in Skinwalker ceremonies and they chanted in Navajo

gene dobbins jr : LOL it's just something we made up like bigfoot to scare white people haha

American Prepper : My cousin had one appear at her house couple years back in Arizona near the Navajo reservation I'm some creepy shit man maybe I'll share my story

sino7 : Thanks bill!

Angee Corea : Similar stories are told around the world, handed down from generation to generation. Surely, "the world" cannot be wrong. There are inexplicable forces, tangible and intangible, which exist on Planet Earth..

MrKalashnik0va : The surefire method of attracting a skinwalker is to coat yourself in bacon grease and go hiking through bear country. While reciting this verse at the top of your lungs, "I am sofa king, we tard ed." Or just say Ted Cruz's name three times in a row while looking into a mirror.

Madame Raven : Skinwalkers have been an interest for me for years. Navajo country is closer to my location. Great job, Bill!

Joaney Mira : Native Americans are very spiritual people believe the talk

moirhann : This is SOOOOO creepy... I have heard about the skinwalker ranch.. the last place i would go EVER because of these creatures....

Ty Carter : Bill you did it again another great video.

Mark Mcdaniel : Always good Bill!

candy30 chat : Nice am only 40 minutes late thanks for the new upload

Paul Bourget : Captivating storytelling Bill!

Joyce Gentile : How ever you call them they exist and not by he grace of God but he who is against Him!

Jordan Perry : that intro song is so trippy