Skin-walkers as told by Native Americans

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SuryaDas : As a foolish wiseman, myself😛😅😛 the topic of skinwalkers has always been of extreme interest to me. My good friend George Spirit Hawk has told me some very interesting stories. Thanks for another stellar upload, Bill. I enjoyed this one a lot. 😃👍🎃🤗

Scary Stories : Dogman!

funzjag : Truly bizarre and frightening! I've always been fascinated by the legendary oral history of American Native People. Peace and Love to You Brother Bill! 😸🤗😺

Rachel V K : Hi, Bill! How are you doing? What a topic! Skinwalkers are terrifying! I really liked how you told the story from the Navajo person's point of view. It made the story more intensely frightening. I definitely believe that skinwalkers are out there, as well as many other things that people file away as legends or myths. There is too much about our world that we don't know. Much more than we can even imagine. Thanks for a terrifically terrifying video! 😱

Sunshine Girl : Good morning Bill🌞Skinwalkers are terrifying. I truly believe these things exist. I think the Indians know more about the spirit world than we ever could. They will not even speak of these things. Great video as always♡♡

Starlit Freak : ☕ Coffee Bill? This is an interesting tale. I've been to New Mexico and have seen the ancient hieroglyphs printed on the rock walls of certain canyons. Probably all of it was true. *🎶 I see a bad moon a'rising. I see trouble on the way. Don't go out tonight, it's bound to take your life, there's a bad moon on the rise.🎶*

Tina Tomaszewski : Yay, my favorite weekday! I love skin-walker stories! As usual, another great commentary! Love you my friend! XOXO

Troy Taylor : Living on the Navajo Res. for years this one brought back memories of Fort Defiance and Tsaile and Chinle bedtime stories while we worked in the IHS. Great segment! Big fan of your vids. Tis a good Thurs. morning and I leave with my fix of Night Terrors! Great show Bill thanks

Michael Kemp : Excellent as ever Bill. Your demeanour and delivery to camera are spot on perfect for the subject matter. If there was any common sense at all in the media/entertainment world then you would be telling these chilling tales to a much, much wider audience! All the best Bill, Mike.

Mocking Bird Lane : Love your vids Bill! 😀 great subject and excellent narration as always 👍😎🐦

That Girl : That's entirely creepy and I do believe this to be true. So many people dismiss Native American legends and believe they are only folk tales meant to scare their youngsters. Or believe it to be a metaphor for something else. All legends and tales have truth to them. No one really knows what this world really holds. I keep my mind way open and ask only to people who don't believe, without a shadow of doubt, can any of this be disproven? So, I can honestly say, I WON'T be rubbing ashes on my face and calling out to it tonight or any other night for that matter. As always, thanks Bill for giving life to these stories. It a pleasure to watch. 👏

Nicolas Andrew : Thanks Bill 🐣

Brother Seamus : Very good video bill. A scary subject, not got skin walkers here in England I don't think!!

Gary Baxter : Not just any campfire ash, check into the the types of wood and the direction to face when chanting for the walker to appear. Tread cautiously ...........

Dwight Rush : Another night not able to sleep, I check my phone, and bam another great video from you Bill 😋. Good topic seems to be growing in popularity in cryptozoology circles, a lot about the "skinwalker ranch" and different phenomena that occurs there. Great story as always, from a fresh perspective the people that know the most about them. Have a great morning Bill you made mine 😊😎

James Watson : Dude at the end in the hoodie is rocking a KoRn shirt...mad props for that!

Reyanna Wynters : There are so many strange stories, particularly of people and children going missing in secluded areas such as national parks and deserts! The Native Americans had a lot of knowledge of this land and knew about many negative entities which walked the land. They often fought these negative energies! That was also another main reason this government has always been was so much against them when they came over here!

moirhann : This is SOOOOO creepy... I have heard about the skinwalker ranch.. the last place i would go EVER because of these creatures....

Rey Vinicio : Night terror fan for life...gracias bill.

Paracelsus : The Lakota have a good version too.

candy30 chat : Nice am only 40 minutes late thanks for the new upload

Zeus the dog : Bill. I’m in the U.K. I love the content you produce matey.

Mark Mcdaniel : Always good Bill!

belia1313 : Bill my friend is Navajo and has dealt with Skinwalkers

CRYSTAL MARIE : Love your videos Bill Madden!!!!

TomYawns : Know the story behind the picture at 4:40?

Paul Bourget : Captivating storytelling Bill!

Diablo Ed : Right on bill hope you well keep up the awesome work 👍👍👍

Michael Dibble : Very interesting. I’m sure that this kind of power would be very tempting for those that don’t understand the risks. Outstanding work Bill. Far too many Native American legends and historical events have been forgotten or destroyed by those who should know better.

KenGLaP : Those darn Skin-walkers!

gene dobbins jr : LOL it's just something we made up like bigfoot to scare white people haha

Jordan Perry : that intro song is so trippy

sino7 : Thanks bill!

Johnathan Andheather : Where have u been!?? If you stop making these videos I better start a new channel. Love your narration!

Camel76 : Pale face invaded... come on now. Whites are responsible for the Skin walkers turning on their own people?

World of Retro Gameplay : Creepy video! The ending gave me chills! “...and the skinwalker will do the rest.” The rest of what? I refuse to imagine what it would do!

jonny pepperston : Wouldn't the world be boring without monsters

Madame Raven : Skinwalkers have been an interest for me for years. Navajo country is closer to my location. Great job, Bill!

George ogilvie : The skinwalker can b any form proper scary u kno ur stuff Bill l💙that short animation great vid🙏💙

jeronimo angulo : 👍👍👍👍👍💛how ABOUT st. Christopher the dog headed apostle?

Tim S 420 : i have had the skinwalker in my face scared the shit out of me! no joke

Hennessy 1979 : Thanks for another great vid Bill

susy murguia : Have you heard of nazca? I would like to hear your opinion about it. Also, recently, in Mexico some people have discovered kinda like undersea caves or tunnels connecting cities about 346km (which I think could follow through Perú)... love your videos!

TRIPLESEVENSIX : Good stuff Bill. Have a sound weekend my friend. Cheers big ears. ;)

Kathryn Quella : Skin walkers are true. Very scary

alleycatalog : Nice!

Sherri Vonch : Hmm close to the Jinn.

Sherri Vonch : So dramatic a start... Bwahaha

Steve Dombrowski : Bill I love your work been power watching this channel keep up the great work

Margaret Bu Shey : Dogman! Always amazed at your work Bill.