How to Make 12 Types of Sushi with 11 Different Fish | Handcrafted | Bon Appétit

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Mike O'Barr : Us humans are really primal creatures, we all just watched 30 minutes of an artist showing the many many skills he's acquired over years of study. His medium is food.... Everyone here was mesmerized by his voice. Fascinating.

Kush Kamble : 32 mins well spent

Indie Gamer News : That was pretty goddam fascinating.

Tosh T : This is such an awesome series. @32:30 The transition from individual nigiri to whole fish to final plate was quite satisfying after such an entertaining video. Well done, BA. 👍

Stereo : Thanks for not putting music on this video, makes it much better this way

Julian Mastri : i could listen to this guy talk about anything tbh

Sheldon Gunby : TBH I never knew there was a such thing as a Fish Scaler. My fish scaling just got tons easier.

Oon-Hui Ng : "Sushi is just raw fish on rice. There's nothing difficult about it. They just slap it on. It's such a scam how it costs so much" Me: shoves this video in their face.

Not Crying Enough : I aint watching a 32 min video bruh *Watches 5 mins* Interesting... *Finishes video* ...wait what?

syushi : watching his hands slowly get redder and redder in that ice bath makes me appreciate the care that goes into sushi even more

Yolo1806 : Now I understand why it takes a whole life to become a sushi chef

Kevin Joric Apolonio : Much as I love the quirky personalities on the channel (which is a lot), these are amazing too! Great feel to these vids, really draw you in.

A : I just watched the whole thing, next time I'm in a restaurant i'll be more patient. Especially now knowing the labour behind making one such plate of nigiri

Scott Taylor : Awesome video Also Young Gizzard Shad is going to be my SoundCloud rap name

Esme Calizo : So intriguing. Also he's a hottie and that voice just melts me.

Tengku Aliff : That thumbnail just screamed at me to click it lol.

Eg gy : Got cold hands just by watching this video.

Splinks : Bon Appétit please for the love of all that you respect and love keep this format and tone for this series. Don't be like the idiots over at Tasty and eventually form this series into a rushed BuzzFeed social media fubar of a video series.

987 : It's amazing to think that we stand upon a mountain of knowledge. Just imagine all of the trial and error made while developing all of these techniques and recepies.

Sarah Staulo : I want those hands squeezing something other than rice...

Richie Cooks : Your voice is so soothing you should do ASMR videos lol

Linnea : his voice is so soothing i love this

Amy Leung : Is anyone else getting Casually Explained vibes from the narrator or is that just me...?

Shereen Z : He looks so macho with the tats and the bald head but the way he handled the fish so gently 😍

Jnthn44 : Lawd that's a pretty man. I feel like I should be grossed out by the fish guts but this was just hypnotizing

reticent reb̷el : It's incredible how I don't even like sushi but still enjoying this

snooki nany : I want him to slice me when I’m dead

True Gooner : Always fascinated to watch the process of Japanese cuisine.

Devansh Das : what am i doing here at 3 AM in morning. I should go to sleep

Blake Markland : This guy is prob the real lady's man he'd get all the women

고은혜 : These are so oddly statisfying.

Nick Talan : I’ll never do this but I intend to watch the full 30 minute video.

игорь павлов : one of the best unintentional ASMR

Grant King : Wow beltfish are so easy compared to all the others. They're like the fish thots of the ocean.

Mijochda : That is one beautiful man.

Sara Aldrich : This man is incredibly knowledgeable and talented!!! He's so handsome and his voice is so calm...killer video tbh

A box of Soap : I'm just in love with this entire series. Thank you guys for making it, another awesome one in the books :]

Angel Baker : His voice is so amazing he could read the warranty and maintenance on a fridge and I'd love it. 😍

Charles Uwakwe : I'm not a sushi fan, but I enjoyed watching Cody Auger work his magic on those fish. There's something so fulfilling, when you watch a professional do their thing.

Rosemary Smith : This is really gross and awesome but that squid cartilage (i think thats how you spell it) had me sister shook it looks like a piece of plastic

Elena Hairston : He's so gorgeous and technical <3

Lana Loveey : Is it weird I’m a little turned on right now

Charles Halifax : I feel bad for guy who has to wash all those hand towels.

Somerandomdude69 : was it just me or did the plain raw tuna look really tasty?

William Ly : Best series ever. Need that venison break down though

eequalsmcdonald : Move over Brad. I'm in love

Scorpionic : That is a tough process that require alot of skill and experience. Impressive.

Dawnzz : Yes another one of these videos!

Elizabeth Hill : What the heck? why is this is so interesting. I just watched this whole thing... and I'm vegan

kiana : whew, he's fine.