How to Make 12 Types of Sushi with 11 Different Fish | Handcrafted | Bon Appétit
How to Make 12 Types of Sushi with 11 Different Fish Handcrafted Bon Apptit

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Cody Auger, chef/owner of Nimblefish in Portland, Oregon, breaks down 11 whole fish and turns them each into a single piece of nigiri. Watch as he scales, fillets and prepares Red Sea Bream (Tai), Threeline Grunt (Isaki), Golden Eye Snapper (Kinmedai), Young Gizzard Shad (Shinko), Sardine (Iwashi), Horse Mackeral (Aji), Trevally Jack (Shima Aji), Yellow Striped Butterfish (Takabe), Beltfish (Tachiuo), Bigfin Reef Squid (Aori Ika) and Bigeye Tuna (Maguro). He also demonstrates how to make Tomago, a Japanese egg omelet. Still haven’t subscribed to Bon Appetit on YouTube? ►► ABOUT BON APPÉTIT Cook with confidence using Bon Appetit’s kitchen tips, recipes, videos, and restaurant guides. Stay current on the latest food trends, dining destinations, and hosting ideas. How to Make 12 Types of Sushi with 11 Different Fish | Handcrafted | Bon Appétit Cody Auger, chef/co-owner of Nimblefish


Bernardo Santos : If I were a fish, I wouldn't mind dying to be treated this respectfully.

acslater017 : Japanese fish names are so much more appetizing. Seriously, would you rather eat Isaki or Threeline Grunt?

yIKES A kpop Stan : Not gonna lie, I usually get annoyed by monotoned voices but his was quite soothing.

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M C : Sushi Daddy goals right there

Andrew Folker : This guy’s voice is like a guy who is high, and he haven’t slept for five days. I love it.

King Psycho : Brain: You gotta learn how to cut some fish. Me: Why? Brain: You just gotta.

Barfing Coyote : Congratulations , you provided the most instructive and entertaining video I have ever seen . It is rare to find an instructing professional that does not take on an aire of "snobbery" while teaching students . Thank You Very Much for taking the time out of your schedule to put together something so valuable to me and others .

Earl Calapatia : Dat sushi is gorgeous and so is he. What a damn fine specimen of man

he is trumpy ' : This is 32 minutes ! EDITED ! Imagine how long will it be just for the chef in a restaurant to prepare all these bad boys !

PA Outdoors : Superb video. No bull, no gimmicks, no fluff. This kind of minimalist mastery represents the absolute best of YouTube content. Thank you, Chef Auger. Thank you Bon Apétit.

RadenWA : How does it feel when you spend so much time learning how to identify and prepare many different fishes and yet people judge you first by how you make an omelette.

Deceased : That voice 😩 He could talk about fish to me all day and I wouldn’t even care.

Max Mauer : I’m a chef of 18 years experience. This, without a doubt, is the most informative, well-edited, and well-produced material I’ve ever seen on the subject of traditional nigiri. A+.

Garrett Haines : Another craftsperson who makes the work look easy. Don't be fooled. This is a skilled chef!

Asto Done : 2:17 “Young Gizzard Shad” sound like an amazing mumble rapper alias looool

AaronShenghao : This is why your seven-eleven sushi cost 1/10 of the sushi from actual sushi restaurant

heehee mefunny : Holy Handsome! With great tattoos and great mastery with his hands.

Fritzi Lang : The amount of knowledge, dedication and skill that goes into becoming a sushi chef is amazing.

Katie Laboy : Can he come cook for me and tell me everything he’s doing

Emelina Bonilla : I clicked for the video, I stayed for his voice

EnzoTrash : damn the shinko looks far more trouble than it's worth

Jackey XM8 : looks like I need to go to Portland to try your sushi

Stereo : Thanks for not putting music on this video, makes it much better this way

Yukirby : I don't even eat sushi, why did I watch this? MESMERIZING

Rachel lee : Im soooooo into his knife skill, his tattoos and his clear voice when he speaks 💕💕💕🙈🙈

Sureechay Mata : Just finished on ways to cook egg, and then go to this... My feeling is like; THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!?

Keynan Lewton : Watched this while eating shrimp ramen and flaming hot Doritos i obviously know about sushi.

Aziza Brown : His voice is so soothing it literally put me to sleep

Artem Rayskyy : Im guessin most of that work is done before the restaurant is eve open?

theshaofamily : This was so therapeutic to watch. And also made me super hungry

Anthony Wolf : I sometimes clean Snapper, Grouper, and Flounder at work..... and I was surprised at how many times I was like, oh I know how to do that. The Japanese just have a love of love for the fish.

snooki nany : I want him to slice me when I’m dead

ReportTheHackers : I know you did not title this video as instructional and most people will not try on their own but Its probably an important message just in case to let people know to buy sushi grade fish. Also to understand that sushi grade fish means freezing to -20 degree for at least 24 hours to kill the parasites. Most states actually require -35 degrees. Its an important message because there are people in other countries where this is not the regulation. Almost all wild caught fish has some type of parasite. Also perhaps warn people about butterfish and the high mineral oil content causing oily diarrhea in a lot of people

Mike Lewis : Man, I had no idea so much work went into NOT cooking fish.

bemylover11 : And yes. He’s attractive. With a nice voice. 😂😂😂 And has fish skills.

jp2dj1 : This one of the golden YouTube videos. Just perfect. Thank you for making this video.

phil : legend has it he snuck in a knife to an aquarium...

Nico Zhang : Omg.. Why is his voice so sexy...dang what's going on

Exmorted : I need to know where I can get that cutting board.

Namtittes : 😍 I love his voice it’s so soothing

Army Otaku : I love how he mentions that he constantly wants to improve because all of us could use that mentality

Christine Williamson : This was amazing, the way he treats the fish with respect from start to finish was phenomenal. I would love to see more videos like this.

Vile Graves : I think I fought this guy in Yakuza 0 the other day

Contherage : I've never been a fish person, but something about watch the fish become sushi makes me want to eat it.

am3igu0us : great, half an hour ago i wanted to close my laptop and sleep, now i'm awake and want to eat sushi

Devansh Das : what am i doing here at 3 AM in morning. I should go to sleep

chandler waugh : dude is so overwhelmingly skilled!! its comforting to see the cintas towels in the process lol

Adam Greenhaus : I don't care if he didn't go to med school. If I ever need surgery, I want this guy.