How to Make 12 Types of Sushi with 11 Different Fish | Handcrafted | Bon Appétit

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Devansh Das : what am i doing here at 3 AM in morning. I should go to sleep

Hadir Kabani : That is a tough process that require alot of skill and experience. Impressive.

Bernardo Santos : If I were a fish, I wouldn't mind dying to be treated this respectfully.

Euryale Music : No crappy Music... THANK YOU!! Your voice is Music, and your skills are Art,, Gee! I was so entertained, and educated on Sushi, love this video!!!... Subbed

Army Otaku : I love how he mentions that he constantly wants to improve because all of us could use that mentality

Mike O'Barr : Us humans are really primal creatures, we all just watched 30 minutes of an artist showing the many many skills he's acquired over years of study. His medium is food.... Everyone here was mesmerized by his voice. Fascinating.

RadenWA : How does it feel when you spend so much time learning how to identify and prepare many different fishes and yet people judge you first by how you make an omelette.

M C : Sushi Daddy goals right there

Green Fluid : This guy’s voice is like a guy who is high, and he haven’t slept for five days. I love it.

he is trumpy ' : This is 32 minutes ! EDITED ! Imagine how long will it be just for the chef in a restaurant to prepare all these bad boys !

HeezeBagGames : That was pretty goddam fascinating.

Barfing Coyote : Congratulations , you provided the most instructive and entertaining video I have ever seen . It is rare to find an instructing professional that does not take on an aire of "snobbery" while teaching students . Thank You Very Much for taking the time out of your schedule to put together something so valuable to me and others .

plutonian : He has nice hands 🤗

Sprezza tura : You gotta admire the amount of prep work and expertise that go into preparing these sushi, not even taking into account the execution to serve the sushi yet...... really justifies the high price and explains the amount of people a sushi master can serve at once.

joes pie factory : He is doing it wrong. I am from japan and it commonly done with a pickaxe

Kush Kamble : 32 mins well spent

EnzoTrash : damn the shinko looks far more trouble than it's worth

Aliien Wolf : it took me 6.30 mins to realize he is asian 😂 his voice is super sexy .... it's insane

PA Outdoors : Superb video. No bull, no gimmicks, no fluff. This kind of minimalist mastery represents the absolute best of YouTube content. Thank you, Chef Auger. Thank you Bon Apétit.

yIKES A kpop Stan : Not gonna lie, I usually get annoyed by monotoned voices but his was quite soothing.

Jeungri Oppa : I still can’t tell if he’s a ghetto asian or a weird white dude...

JakesterJung : damn i could listen to him all day

phil : legend has it he snuck in a knife to an aquarium...

Keynan Lewton : Watched this while eating shrimp ramen and flaming hot Doritos i obviously know about sushi.

Julian Mastri : i could listen to this guy talk about anything tbh

Gordon Stanley : One of the best, most humble, and yet most competent demonstrations I have seen on YouTube. Domo arigato gazaimas.

Anthony Wolf : I sometimes clean Snapper, Grouper, and Flounder at work..... and I was surprised at how many times I was like, oh I know how to do that. The Japanese just have a love of love for the fish.

MrTangerillo : 10:34 that was close lol

Pierre Menezes : TAI: Scaling (0:13), Filleting (4:01), Curing (23:17), Slicing (29:27) ISAKI: Scaling (1:03), Filleting (5:58), Curing (17:30, 20:03), Slicing (28:29) TAKABE: Scaling (1:35), Filleting (7:17), Curing (20:57), Slicing (28:58) KINMEDAI: Scaling (1:56), Filleting (5:10), Curing (17:23, 18:06), Slicing (28:16) SHINKO: Scaling (2:14), Filleting (9:36), Curing (16:46, 22:50) IWASHI: Scaling (2:46), Filleting (8:58), Curing (17:54, 20:49), Slicing (27:44) AJI: Scaling (3:01), Filleting (8:07), Curing (17:46, 20:25), Slicing (27:27) SHIMA AJI: Scaling (3:14), Filleting (6:33), Curing (17:35, 20:03), Slicing (28:40) TACHIUO: Filleting (10:23), Curing (22:20, 23:09), Slicing (29:08) AORI IKA: Filleting (12:27), Slicing (27:56) MAGURO: Curing (18:38, 22:31), Slicing (27:16) TAMAGO: Preparing (24:17), Slicing (29:42) Nigiri (ALL): 29:50

Tosh T : This is such an awesome series. @32:30 The transition from individual nigiri to whole fish to final plate was quite satisfying after such an entertaining video. Well done, BA. 👍

Rachel lee : Im soooooo into his knife skill, his tattoos and his clear voice when he speaks 💕💕💕🙈🙈

Katie Laboy : Can he come cook for me and tell me everything he’s doing

Artem Rayskyy : Im guessin most of that work is done before the restaurant is eve open?

Polarclaire Bear : This was amazing. Loved watching this. I feel like sushi restaurants should charge more.

Deceased : That voice 😩 He could talk about fish to me all day and I wouldn’t even care.

emelina bonilla : I clicked for the video, I stayed for his voice

bibbyshibby : Very well spoken and knowledgeable I had no idea this video was a half hour. So much interesting info!

random guy guy random : this nibba masacred bikini bottom

Stereo : Thanks for not putting music on this video, makes it much better this way

50,000 subscribers with 161 videos? : I made sushi once! Or i tried.. Basically, i threw a goldfish in a rice cooker

acslater017 : Japanese fish names are so much more appetizing. Seriously, would you rather eat Isaki or Threeline Grunt?

Oliang and nomyen TV : aahhhh....hh can you please feed us one each of those?

lole lelo : Calming to watch... Then advertisements broke the mood...

Oon-Hui Ng : "Sushi is just raw fish on rice. There's nothing difficult about it. They just slap it on. It's such a scam how it costs so much" Me: shoves this video in their face.

Suuway Mak : Looks like a Japanese, but definitely sounds like a White dude. 😆☝️

Hi : Why am i watching this? I never ate sushi

Exmorted : I need to know where I can get that cutting board.

1 year ago : Anyone else hate the word umame

snooki nany : I want him to slice me when I’m dead

Big guy o’clock : what type of knifes are those and were can we buy some