Meme supercut 42 (183-185)
memes lordkek

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Frannts B : You are approaching 100k. Normalize the audio volume. It literally takes under 30 seconds.

Bill : Step 1. Copy. Step 2. Paste. Step 3. Profit.

Dixon : "she doesnt love anything other than her precious satan" "im going to be honest thats pretty cool actually"

Nate Dutter : only the dead have seen the end of memes

Daniel Bateman : The German one is actually the best

Cloud Lopez : You’ve officially overused the refrigerator meme

CarsInTheSky : This is Running on Jet: Chem Review.

Definitely A Trampoline : 5:40 Oh look, an accurate representation of of our politics in America

Jayden : >bring screaming, unpredictable child in front of equally unpredictable apex predator >Expect things to be fine >πŸ€”

Oscar Mayer : Texas Ranger gave the kid a gift..

autisticmangos : *we updated our privacy policy*

Nick Hadlick : Great VID but the volume was ALL over the place, surprised I didn't blow a speaker

Naythaniel Robinson : That first one made my *life*

Ra Ra Rasputin : Hip hip! Hooray! Hip hip! Hooray! Sieg! *HEIL!*

MrBlaster500 : 7:50 , absolute legend, where can I find this

Sergeant Methcake : Meme Supercut : Refrigerator Edition

Evan Taylor : I would honestly watch zucc lol

DarkPirate647 : Very very very breaky breaky

WarrenHG : 25:10 I want to know who did this !

Toxic Willow : The old man shouting barbaric was sad lol..

ArtypNk : I just want to say how deeply thankful I am, for the fact that you list all the videos in the compilation. You have no idea how frustrating it can be to see some perfect 10 second less known meme you want to use, and then spend 10 minutes trying to find it just by entering keywords and hoping it will pop up. Thank you, Lord KEK, may your kingdom prosper.

Radiated Turtle : *G I V E M E T H E Z U C C*

Josiah Trelawny : 5:47 sometimes I think the Conservatives are just as crazy as the liberals

RG 12 : The Marge Simpson one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Masterrogue123 : when you see a parent just letting the kid cry and misbehave so you have to beat the child yourself 2:30

alex marod : 6:12 you TRIGGERED ME !!!!! no im ok with that... hello darknes my old freind...

Journey awaits : I thought reviewbrah posted a 30 minute meme montage

Weebee Goblins : 5:40 what a bunch of intellectual discussion that will certainly help educate people about each point of view

Matt Smally : Memes get killed when you over expose them to death immediately, I love refrigerators is gonna die real quick if you keep it up

Matt : Reviewbrah is a jet dealer

A Singular Spooky Scary Skeleton : 5:43 Humanity is LITERATELY animals.


Sallaman : I love refrigerators is a forced meme.


ZenoDovahkiin : >that railgelion part >no Deutsche Bahn logo Sad. But it is true they don’t deserve it.

Chris Justice : released yesterday, month old memes. get a grip bro.

Fresh Dumbledore : vsauce is really working hard to keep his living meme status

esgarramanter : lord kek you went from one end to the other

thelapiswhale gamerguys : 18:58 look at the bottom left

Xvilus Xv : Liked + Subscribed just because you link the memes you're the hero we need fam

Uber Mensch : 1:02 last name marx. i am anger

N31N : "I wrote a blog post a little while ago about - WHY I LOVE REFRIGERATORS"

Jhon Doux : these are the types of memes i fully regret laughing at immediately after doing it

Hillary Trump : 1:40 *Like if you were expecting that to be 9/11 meme*

Mitchel Eckman : 5:47 What were they trying to accomplish

YiYaEmperor : 7:49 wow, never thought too find that nowadays on youtube ;)

Mackleboy : 5:58 wow thats accurate about his supporters as idiots as a whole lol

Nihilistic pancakeface : 5:45 We have officially devolved... how was that even possible?

themarinara man : I saw morion in the thumbnail so I clicked