Testing my bloodhound's nose for fun

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Mike Harkins : A Nose with a dog attached LMAO!!!

ethernetspit : Also make sure you designate a command to let him know he needs to follow the scent to find something. Like right after you let him sniff the plastic bag you should have a command like, "find it." For my bloodhound, I say "where'd it go" and he knows when I say that I want him to put his nose to the ground and find something. Bloodhounds have the best scent of all dogs, but in general dogs see the world differently through their sensory capabilities than humans do. It is very stimulating for a bloodhound to track thing, makes em super happy. Make sure you praise them when they find whatever you're having them look for.

binboda : I was cheering for him so much

SpookY : to simple for a bloodhound! ;-)

Jason Toddman : I used to have a black Labrador retriever who could have followed that scent at a run!

Sat P : Nice test, I have heard that a bloodhound can track the scent after a week also.

Hopeful Agnostic : I wonder why he didn't take the bone? Maybe he was being polite, and wasn't sure he was allowed to eat it. Maybe he thought he was finding it for you?

SpookY : whit good training, your bloudhound can find that bone, 1000 miles away ;-)

ethernetspit : I do the same thing with raw meat. Make sure the dog is not tracking your scent instead of the bone. I usually use a broom strick tied to a piece of raw liver, that way you can tell when your dog is on you scent vs. the scent you want him to track.

My1969chevelle : Beautiful dog, our daisy looks just like him. I need to find some exercises like this for her.

YouRideAHorseRatherLessWellThanAnotherHorseWould : And that is why WE can't see the spirit world because it is off the scale just like our ability to track this bone.

Shehzad Shams VLOGS : bloodhound just a nice lovely and amezing dog ... wow <3

Ruemann : Hardly a test..silly

bursegsardaukar : About the description, "a trained bloodhound is the first animal whose evidence is legally admissible in some US courts...which are used in court to match scene-of-crime evidence to criminals." There is a case about a man named William Dillon who was convicted of murder due in part by evidence by a charlatan and his scent dogs. The man was later proven innocent by DNA evidence after 27 years behind bars...

Muddaser Abbas : not extraordinary smell sense

Susan Snow : I love how he picks up speed when he gets an air scent toward the end. Good job.

Bazanji : Amazing animal.

HiperViper95 apclipy : Woooow! Just wow.... what a great dog you got there😉

Problem Child : Sherlock Holmes can't tie Hudson's shoelaces, I mean paw-laces.

Dhameer Govind : How far can they track something successfully?

Ian Worley : I've been thinking of getting a bloodhound I'm a dude who loves dogs with flappy ears

runeshark22 : i miss my old bloodhound, she was a great dig, a good 100 lb beast, but on the other hand i wouldn't trade my pair of walkers for the world

Windfall Wingman : Wow! That is awesome. He must have one strong sniffer

84montecarlonazi : she is beautiful I love bloodhounds I live in Pittsburgh so I got a beagle cool vid!

gv105468 : you sir are good trainer that was amazing I can't lie I had my doubts

ballethoney : Totally awesome!

Stephen Bruce : they got those dead body ......People always say the smell gross for everer thing That's crazy

John Lee : my ? is a bloodhounds sense of smell is apr 1 million more than ours they have tracked some amazing scenarios but what i ask is how do they handle it when they walk past a perfume store wouldnt that hurt them somehow are they able to turn it off and on

Dirty Dan : Thats so cool

Stephen Bruce : Holy shit I would've never thought of that LOL XO

lf 01 : look at his ears!

Stephen Bruce : I don't know much but they do have a big Heart xo

dave chew : Why did he put "for fun

Stephen Bruce : God he's Pretty wow

danish khan : what is the price of the dog

Licious B. : Plastic disturbs the smell.