Mac's Dance Number From It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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Matthew Smith : "I don't know how many years on this earth It's Always Sunny has got left. I'm gonna get real weird with it." - Rob McElhenney, 2018

afterthecredits : Cut to black screen. *cue intro music* Title: "The Gang wins an Emmy"

Fiendish : Let's hear it for DeVito too!


Slade4420 : I have never understood dance as an art form, until I saw this scene. I've seen every episode, dozens of times each, so unlike Frank, I got Mac, I understand every character in this show. It's perhaps that familiarity that made this scene resonate so deeply. Thank you Always Sunny for finally helping me see the ability dance has as an art.

williehopscotch : You really have to give it to a show that pulls something so unexpected, so outside of the norm and emotionally affecting, in their *thirteenth* season. I know this will be a polarizing scene, as did the creators, no doubt, but I think it's positively brilliant and one of the greatest of the entire series.

MindGame Studios : I didn't think It's Always Sunny had it in 'em (or even the proper credentials) to pull off a moment like this...but man, oh man, did they ever. An honest to god, literally showstopping sequence from the most unlikely of places, Sunny has somehow transcended itself to produce a bona fide piece of art. The question of whether or not The Gang is even worthy of redemption as powerful as this is a conversation for another time. The fact is this is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Bravo and hats off to the cast and crew, they went swinging for the fences and I think they connected in a big way. If this should be a game-changing, a-star-is-born moment for Rob McElhenney as an artist (and it deserves to be), I honestly can't wait to see where he takes it next.

charlotte beron : This scene was brilliant. Can't believe that Always Sunny, a show about how terrible people never change made me so emotional. Everytime the characters get a chance to get better they lie to themselves and always get back to their old -awful- ways. But not this time, and I think it's amazing that it was about Mac dealing with his sexuality and what he believes in. The choregraphy is stunning and you can see how Mac's faith has changed. All throughout the show Mac is afraid of God and always think he's going to be punished but at the end of the choregraphy, now that he accepted himself and got rid of his father's expectations, God became a protector and a benevolent force. Beautiful.

CJusticeHappen21 : Nothing gets you like when you're absolutely certain that you're going to be abused, humiliated and attacked; because that's what you've been trained to expect; and then when they turn it around and embrace you, it feels like nothing else ever has.

Enclave Officer : He's going for gasps.

declanmcg4 : I've never experienced such a shift in tone before on TV or film. One minute I was laughing at Frank's horribly swollen face while Cricket danced in leather chaps and the next minute I had tears in my eyes and was frozen in my seat while this powerful scene played out. Totally unexpected but overwhelmingly brilliant. Rob and Danny kicked things up to top gear here and showed what class acts they both are.

Bojan Babic : Emmy or we riot

BaronBrownB : This is video inspired me to not eat that cake on my fridge.

Jesse Pina : Her facial expressions are what make it for me....that and the water being heard, and the sounds she makes....especially when she jumps to his arms....stunning

Jimmy Tarara : I suppose it is because the episode was so typically inappropriate along with the groaning humor (the "megaviruses" comment from Frank was one) that made what happened at the end so heart stoppingly emotional and profound. For some reason, as soon as the music started, I started tearing up. This was so beautifully done that I think MOST people would "get it." I am not a modern dance expert, but you really do understand the story of Mac's internalized homophobia and shame... and why he struggled so much. I have watched this many times already... and the crying happens every time I watch it. I just never thought that I would be so profoundly affected by a comedy show. I am still in shock.

Dawkness23 : Favorite part might be the crowd applauding. Mac getting positive recognition for something he did.

Emma Hinchcliffe : Absolutely breathtaking. Thank you Rob McElhenney.

Kayne : Never expected this show to make me cry. Beautiful, and I should have known that the song playing was by Sigur Ros.

Donna Speckman : Beautifully choreographed, emotionally raw, and brilliantly performed . . . it takes my breath away.

GriffJS : Incredible. Every time.

tyler melton : This episode went from stuff we’ve all seen before almost like a broken record, and then went to something so unexpected and beautiful. I love how well it was set up. I love this show.

Andrew M : Sigur Ros‘ ‘Varúð’ Great score!

Kyle Harmieson : Is that music Sigur Ros?

Demian Johnston : devastating. It's amazing how comedy can do this to me. Most human thing I've seen in years.

Uncle Tom : Like Dennis, despite him not being in the episode, this actually gave me feelings. Remember them? But seriously, that was simultaneously one of the funniest and most compelling/emotional scenes in any legitimate sitcom in history. I have watched this several times, and every time, a new emotion comes out. I can't explain it. I'm a straight guy. Rob is a straight guy. But Mac is gay in IASIP, and this just made sense to me -- like it did with Frank. Luther is a prick, always has been, always will. That was to be expected. I thought this was an absolutely *brilliant* way to end the season. Rob has turned into a very talented artist, when at first he was just a writer acting.

David Anchorage : ...hanging from rafters to this. I didn't think I would still be along for this wild ride of a show. I have to give it to them. They change, evolve and try not to stagnate. Thanks Glenn, Charlie, Rob, Kate, Danny, and all those involved in production. It has been the one show I can consistently laugh and enjoy with my friends since the beginning. Over 10 years of watching with my old school friends and we still gather to watch the ridiculous stories.

Ric Clifton : I've always been amazed at how willing Devito has been to do anything on this show...but holy shit, his acting brought this to a whole other level. The last time something hit me this hard was the scene in The Life Aquatic where Steve is packed in the submarine with everyone and they see the Jaguar Shark (or whatever). Another great use of Sigur Ros.

Terrence Gordon : "its okay" :.(

LadiesmanBumblebee : That was the most beautiful moment in IASIP. Absolutely breath taking.

Jetman2021 : The underlying joke: This was performed on a small prison stage.

Stephanie Olmedo : Breathtakingly beautiful. I don't watch the show, but this is one of the most beautiful scenes I've ever seen (t.v., film, live performance). Just wow!


hypercatjohn : The crowd in this video watched the scene, for the first time, on a large screen. Their reaction wasn't acted, it was real. Just how much more beautiful is that? Rob has outdone himself here, where he takes the show is anyone's guess, but he could leave it here and I'll be eternally content.

Jonathan Arsenault : Amazing that this show has been there for 13 season and still manage to surprise me.

rawoodard : If this show ever gets any much-deserved love from the Emmy’s, it’ll be from this show.

Outlet Dance Co : This is just... breathtaking. Every time I watch it. WELL DONE to the performers and choreographers!

kila11 : This scene blew my mind. 👏👏👏

Smashing Rock : This is one of the most intense I’ve seen on TV. Danny DeVito’s last lines were so powerful and moving- he sort of fill in the father figure like in thid episode. Simply amazing.

Alex Penvose : Couldn't have picked a more perfect song. I've watched this multiple times and it gets better each time

Kamakaze098 : I was blown away this was truly beautiful

J. Kelly : I haven't got to this season yet, so I don't know the context, but this has me crying. Fucking beautiful.

Jesse B. Gill : WTF. This just made me cry. I haven't seen any of the new season and I totally regret watching it ahead of time.

punkinholler : Okay, I have never watched a single episode of IASIP and I have watched this video at least 5 times today. I can't even come up with words to describe how beautiful it is. Well done

Gideon Lupine : How is this possible? The rum ham guys made this? RUM HAM? Speechless. It is like finding a perfect rose among a pile of dead bodies.

Tony Gonzalez : Can't watch this without my eyes getting a little wet. So unexpected and amazing!

Michael Whiston : Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, it took me a few minutes to process what I had watched and I've got tot say this is one of the most unexpectedly creative developments in TV and I will imagine will not be mentioned ever again on the show but hey that's IASIP for you.

Zachary Spears : Amazing, i have new respect for dance as art. Unexpected beauty from IASIP. Bravo!

Kel Dawg : So unexpected and so beautiful

Greyz Zyerg : It's just the most beautiful scene in TV and movies history!!! <3 OMG