Michael Caine’s Incredible Encounter With John Wayne | The Graham Norton Show

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Paul Seager : Hate seeing him getting old. He's a national treasure.

BHuang92 : Oh how right John Wayne was..........

imicca : MY COCAINE

Brandon Croker : Master Wayne?

This Awesome Channel : Nice to hear some kind words about The Duke, from another Hollywood/film icon. Far too many ridicule John Wayne, for too many bad reasons. Big fan of Michael Caine and John Wayne!!!

UncleJackOnline : probably the best story ever

E. Nygma : Michael Caine will forever be Alfred to me!

Thomas Evans : Look at Chris Pine. Totally in awe of Michael Caine. Hanging on every word. Love them both!

David McMullan : I just thought of something, they both had the same initials. Maurice Micklewhite and Marion Morrison. I wonder if Marshal Mathers is a fan.

delon a : Don’t believe the John Wayne story at all! Sounds pretty made up.

David Murphy : Was that Sally Field beside Michael? She still looks great

The Green Knight : Michael Caine never actually said 'not a lot of people know that'....Not a lot of people know that.

Shankar Balan : John Wayne is GOD. I always loved his films. What a cool cowboy.

J. M. Anderson : Haha that's amazing, always love hearing older Hollywood stories like this. Joan Collins often has some great ones to tell too.

Daniela Martínez : First, Marlene Dietrich. Then, John Wayne. Sir Michael Rocks!

Steven Cassidy : I was just saying it needed a British comedian to pull it up - and one of the best arrives

Dean Morrow : Brilliant story! Reminds me of Richard Pryor's joke about someone recognising him at the urinals, yelling "Richard Pryor!", turning and peeing on his leg. 😅

Mr Pokiesmeister : That killed me LOL. Amazing!

polyprinz : I love Sir Michael Caine, LEGEND, one of the finest actors there is.

jon122569 : John Wayne was the man!! Gay guy here. I grew up with him as an idol. So he did an interview and said things. Man has got his right.

Asteroid Arts : Damn... he doesn’t look so good in that thumbnail. But nah he cool

johnny llooddte : my dad tells a story about meeting john wayne in a hotel.. everyone was trying to talk to him and my dad just walked by on the stairs and said howdy and kept going.. after e few day passing.. mr wayne stopped and asked my dad a few questions... and my dad responded as any normal person would.. they became great friends ..my dad never mentioned it..but my mom did when she answered the phone one day ahahaha

cheese chisel : lol that must have happened to the duke at some point, he was passing on a lesson he learned from somewhere

Carolina Ferreira : What an amazing couch!!

Jupp Soetebier : Of course after Alfie, Caine was already a star.

Isleofskye : Michael attended my boys club in The Walworth Road,South-East London near The Elephant and Castle and 2 miles from Bermondsey. Charlie Chaplin/Michael Barrymore/Max Bygraves/Tommy Steele / Danny Baker all from a 2 mile radius of there. Great area to be brought up in just 3 miles from Central and The City Of London until it changed over the last 30+ years....

John Fitzgerald : Should have told the end part about john dying in the hospital and he was walking about with him

Matthew Berg : john wayne is the best they dont make them like that anymore..

Rod Luftalchimist : Hah! Michael Caine is a national... no wait, UNIVERSAL treasure!

Anasyub : john wayne knew how to spot a star

Chavrios : Aunt may, alfred, steve trevor, and freddie mercury in the same couch?!?! Yes please!!!

David Cooke : Makes you wonder how many times The Duke got his feet peed on.

Dominic : John Wayne was a classic.

Wolfgang Von Zubaz : Michael Caine was a real tough guy being a Korean War combat vet... while John Wayne was a tough guy only on the silver screen

Keith Leverette : I don’t Sally got the joke initially

Steve Fowler : What a superb story...and one of the great actors of all time...they don't make'em like that anymore.

Sam Shane : never heard him tell a single story in 2 minutes before lol love him ❤️

Vinayak Nair : Oh how I wish I had an Alfred like him..!

aranphor : Michael Caine is one of my favorite people.

Adam De Lowe : Hahaha, freakin' brilliant man Mr.Cane!

/// M : Chris pine really needs to invest in some socks for those shoes.

As the Kimchi Turns : Best piece of advice ever! Lol

Hugs N Boners : solid anecdote

G2CondorJoe : Not sure if Lisa Loeb or Sally Field...

beatlesloversprims : Oh my god what a story 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

ammagoeswest : i just love this man!!!

Dave Scheff : Translator had a gig at The Londoner in Santa Monica, probably 1979 - I'd gotten there early, before the sound guy showed up, and so I stowed my drums in the club and went to the office where they had a couch to take a nap. There was a bicycle leaning against the desk. I fell asleep and was awakened by the sound of the bike being moved. "Oh dear me, I've woken you up, I'm so terribly sorry!" said Michael Caine...I of course told him it was no problem and he said "well, go back to sleep...bye bye!" and off he went. What a gent.

Jon Mcintire : The English grandfather of TV , from England😯

loyly : Everything coming out of Michael Caine's mouth is just pure gold.