Michael Caine’s Incredible Encounter With John Wayne | The Graham Norton Show

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Chasing Enigma : Hey, thats My Cocaine!

imicca : MY COCAINE

Paul Seager : Hate seeing him getting old. He's a national treasure.

BHuang92 : Oh how right John Wayne was..........

Brandon Croker : Master Wayne?

Ev Nygma : Michael Caine will forever be Alfred to me!

This Awesome Channel : Nice to hear some kind words about The Duke, from another Hollywood/film icon. Far too many ridicule John Wayne, for too many bad reasons. Big fan of Michael Caine and John Wayne!!!

Thomas Evans : Look at Chris Pine. Totally in awe of Michael Caine. Hanging on every word. Love them both!

David Murphy : Was that Sally Field beside Michael? She still looks great

UncleJackOnline : probably the best story ever

The Green Knight : Michael Caine never actually said 'not a lot of people know that'....Not a lot of people know that.

Dean Morrow : Brilliant story! Reminds me of Richard Pryor's joke about someone recognising him at the urinals, yelling "Richard Pryor!", turning and peeing on his leg. 😅

J. M. Anderson : Haha that's amazing, always love hearing older Hollywood stories like this. Joan Collins often has some great ones to tell too.

Daniela Martínez : First, Marlene Dietrich. Then, John Wayne. Sir Michael Rocks!

/// M : Chris pine really needs to invest in some socks for those shoes.

Steven Cassidy : I was just saying it needed a British comedian to pull it up - and one of the best arrives

Tess Woodard : Never wear suede shoes hahaha

Carolina Ferreira : What an amazing couch!!

playermartin286 : His accent is really thick in this one

Isleofskye : Michael attended my boys club in The Walworth Road,South-East London near The Elephant and Castle and 2 miles from Bermondsey. Charlie Chaplin/Michael Barrymore/Max Bygraves/Tommy Steele / Danny Baker all from a 2 mile radius of there. Great area to be brought up in just 3 miles from Central and The City Of London until it changed over the last 30+ years....

Coop Cooper : Love Michael Caine.

Hugs N Boners : solid anecdote

travel er : 💟👏

Abraham Arthemius : Oh My God! MY COCAINE?!

Harshdeep Singh : Here he is! My cocaine!!!😁😁

nobody survives even one bit : The one and only Afred

Vinayak Nair : Oh how I wish I had an Alfred like him..!


Shahbano Malik : Sir Michael Caine holding a helping stick makes me so sad. It sad watching someone you like get old

HollyBlueAgitated : not a lot of people know that

Steve Fowler : What a superb story...and one of the great actors of all time...they don't make'em like that anymore.

HeikkiP : Just saw Alfie and it was excellent. Michael is so charismatic in it

Jeff Kingsbury : They all laughed like idiots at the wrong time.

pedro : my cocaine

unsaturated fats : Surely the obvious precaution is to use a cubicle??

alfred8 : Love the way 'My Cocaine' sounded so defensive and protective...

G2CondorJoe : Not sure if Lisa Loeb or Sally Field...

Muhammad Tariq : That was a great impression of Michael Caine

ammagoeswest : i just love this man!!!

Hittingitstiff : She was only 15 years old.

moin khan : I hate John Wayne for what he did to trumbo and many other writers.

Travis Kraft : I once met Norton and he told me Dolph Lundgren is still so sexy.

James G : chris pine bringing back the Miami Vice look Don Johnson no socks with his shoes

Abigail Stone : Time is so funny. In my brain, Michael Caine is way older than John Wayne.

loyly : Everything coming out of Michael Caine's mouth is just pure gold.

Chavrios : Aunt may, alfred, steve trevor, and freddie mercury in the same couch?!?! Yes please!!!

Jason Polk : I'll be at the gents, turn over and say Maurice Mickelwhite?!

Isleofskye : Men like to hang out together to compare notes in the urinals. 30 years ago when my Boss arrived I could tell he was a good laugh so in the afternoon of his first day I followed him into the Gents and made a point of being seen to admire his manhood and then I said, straightfaced, can I have a measurement for Office records and proceeded to pull out a tape measure.Still a good friend 30 years later....:)

gardensofthegods : To me he will always be mostly PEACHY in THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING with Sean Connery. Great film if you've never seen it you really should.. a story by Rudyard Kipling.. his real wife is in it too . I wish they had this format in America at night where they're all sitting on a couch and so much more relaxed like they are at a party.. here they are usually sitting next to someone at a desk ; ridiculous. Having several people at the same time sitting on the couch really feels cozy and fun... and gets the best interviews

John Fitzgerald : Should have told the end part about john dying in the hospital and he was walking about with him