Professor Goes To Prison (Full Version)

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Can I Have the #1 : “We gonna be talking bout that one for years.”😂 It was funny but then again i was like..dang they not joking bout that.

TheLonelyMe : He will go to prison for murdering those ankles.

Happy_ Panda1234 : People in jail seem way nicer than I thought

Tithes 123 : "Now we gonna be talking about that for years" Thats deep... Little things like playing basketball means a lot for the prisoners since they have to spend their whole life in a cell!

The Gamer : 1:56 He is locked up for over 28 years for assaulting a cop???

Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato : 8:20 ..that moment when someone says their dream came true while in prison ...damn ...that's crazy ; thank you professor

Shiny Llama : just saying this prison has one of the most chill inmates Thx for all the likes. 😊👍

MASON GRIFFITH : These guys deserve a break every once in a while. Good job professer for giving them a break.

GED Gert : 7:52 dude gots a dog in prison

Dangly Dong : The 8.5k dislikes are people who live in Lincoln, Nebraska

αѕтяσѕ CS:GO : Well... Those courts are still better than my school's

Dsm4g631Evo : Even though the inmates committed awful crimes at the end of the day they are humans and put on pants like you and me. Prisons need more programs for the inmates.

xCurs3 : 8:52 that white guy with the glasses look like a card board cut out

Dark Storm360 : Not gonna lie prison doesn’t seem that bad .

TeaganJVlogs : 7:53 Cesar Malon the dog whisperer😂😂

RiCkY Leon : My man ate luch with em 💯

Furious-God Deluxe : This aint beyond scared straight so the prisoners dont need to introduce they self.

Seby S : Prison food to be honest looks better than my school food 😂

AdamTheTiger : Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas/happy New Year to everyone who see’s this from your friend AdamTheTiger🐯

Stephen Hearn : That means a lot to those inmates. I did 11 years myself and will never forget when Bum Phillips came to our prison with a church. I got to sit down with him a just play a game of dominoes. So to be able to play one on one with the professor I am sure they will never forget.

LemonOVA : Prison sounds fun I wish I could get arrested

Robin The Gamer : Imagine your the biggest fan of the professor. And you got into solitary the one day he came

Smal : 7:12 Shiiet man

NeyMARIO A.K.A Justin S : I wonder what kind of prison let’s someone record it🤔

Xtrem WinnerPup : Professor! I bet you made their day *Sniff*

Tech Kid : One of the strong inmates gon come up behind him when the guards not looking and whisper in his ear, "you sure can handles balls can't you."

Hektør : The amount of likes tho... Omg

Iso : Professor: *shoots the ball* Inmate: *''thats an 0'5 move''*

RJ TOOCOOL : Don't go to prison because professor went there to play ball now lol

라면먹고포르쉐 : I love street Basketball~ so so good~!!

LyfeLessons23 : 6:07 "We going be talking bout that for some years." Yeah, you could say more than a few ..

Gio Manzo : the prisons nicer than my school.

Johnny A : We're gonna be talking about that for years... (sad statement) 😕


Ajoni Lewis : 6:10-6:26 My god..... That person is never gonna forget that day.

Black Tokyo : Much respect to you for taking the time to being a positive and inspirational influence.

Marcelo Assis : Like from Brazil, 👊😀

Andy Ho : Why didn't you go to the nba

wayne brown : That is not the way Lincoln looks it is a city of 260,000 and growing so don't believe everything you see on youtube. Not a huge city but it is not a few buildings and dirt roads surrounded by corn. If you drove down the roads that you showed to get to the prison you may need to brush up on your GPS game. You get invited to a city and you the first thing that comes out of your mouth is a insult. Also if it was not for our farmers you would not eat so give a little respect when your invited to a city.

joseph philbert ramos : Wait a minute are those two one Back right and back left of professor are the guys at Hardcore pawn

Prison Fellowship : Thanks again for joining us Grayson! Your presence made an incredible impact on these men's lives.

Rick Player14 : this video was one of the ones I liked most

3GP : Hellll nah.... a to be fair they had run in their Marsha Brady’s professor came in wit some fresh Js on

Bryce Feldhacker : Hey He went to Lincoln That's the state I live in lmao

Memes Forever : Jail doesn’t look as bad as in the movie those guys are nice in movies u be seeing people yelling and seeing fights all the time

pierdy m : The professor locked up for murdering ankles

Dragon Fire : What shoes do you play with

Acticase 321 : 7:12 when the professor makes the prisoner pick up the soap

George : I'm speechless,I pray the entire empire of heaven blesses you eternally.

geektoro : LOL'' We gonna be talkin'bout that for years''. Yeah 25 to life.