Professor Goes To Prison (Full Version)

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LemonOVA : Prison sounds fun I wish I could get arrested

The Sexy Skywalker : They look like a bunch of high schoolers enjoying their lives... it's not like they are in prison for murdering someone lol

xxAnthony745xx Amos : “Tony is playing the professor and tony Is doing what he’s supposed to do now” *2 second later* “Tony just got ripped by the professor” 😂😂😂😂

Marc Boutros : That is the friendliest prison I’ve ever seen

Typapi : Yooo dude had a poodle in prison 😂😂😂 7.52

Xero Enigma Ⓥ : "We're going to be talking about this for years." Shit got really real lol 😅

HudxHawk3000 : How to meet a basketball Legend: 1. Go to prison

Lwa Khumalo : Hi, I'm a 16 year old South African and I stay in Johannesburg, South Africa I just wanted to say that I idolise you and respect you. Majority of the population here rarely watch or play basketball but those who do, started because of you. You're the reason I started playing, you're an inspiration to me and everyone you touch. And you bless the court with your gift everytime you bounce the ball on it.

Jeffy Jeffy what doing : Professer in prison ?was he caught braking ankles 😂

Cirque-it : Respect. nuff said

Chris Ramsay : Ballislife meets Locked up. Perfect.

North Jyel : Was hoping to see the professor bounce the ball of one of the inmates foreheads but nah he scared

Steffan Panos : I don’t know how I ended up here, but I thoroughly enjoyed this video.

Cloud - From The Squad - ROBLOX and More! : I fell good for those prisoners to have fun with ta professor

Potis Kiwon : This dude is the truth..first time seeing him was in the Spider-Man suit..

Tech Kid : One of the strong inmates gon come up behind him when the guards not looking and whisper in his ear, "you sure can handles balls can't you."

dangerous business : 16 to life for assault, makes you sad tbh all those lives wasted for nothing.

heardashot : Hope personified just there. Always hope......

KILLERKHAN TV : I wonder what the skinny lil white guy did since his in prison

Jonathan Payton : Except he looks nothing like justin bieber lol u tried tho

Zeus : I feel like people tend to forget that prisoners are still people and this video just comes to show that they have emotions and they really are people, not everyone in prison are monsters. I really like this video.

Viral Radio Africa : This Prison should receive an award of the best interactive prison in the world.

Its 5th Ave : 9:37 man looks like lil pump😂

Fenmly : When prison looks better than your school.

DrMart Fortnite Moments : This prison looks like my school when we have gym

RiCkY Leon : My man ate luch with em 💯

Rahul Kumar : This prison had better infrastructure and was way cleaner than my school.

Salty Saturn : Looks a lot like school hmmmmmm...

IOS & ANDROID GAMINP : *inmate loses* *inmate pulls out a shank*

iiGeograph Blade : 7:39 GET BLOCKED!

αѕтяσѕ CS:GO : Well... Those courts are still better than my school's

Jack Bransome : Lol am I the only one who picked up on the Professor hurting his hand at 9:25?😂

BlackCherokeeCreole Morrow : First time hearing about your professor, tight skills!! Good heart to all ppl. Ppl like you bring races together!! This new generation is trying hard to bring all ppl together, what's stopping us?

veipunii lana : We are gonna talk about that for years🤣🤣🤣

Lance Lee : Inspiring! Never give up hope!... God Bless our prisoners!.. No one is perfect, and there is always TIME to turn it back around.

Can I Have the #1 : “We gonna be talking bout that one for years.”😂 It was funny but then again i was like..dang they not joking bout that.

Becki Butler : I subscribed because of this vid

Jay Tee : Why is this in my recommendation

Rob quintus : Good video! Even if they are sitting there all for a reason. I think it's good to give prisoners moments of hope and joy like this. I realy enjoy the reaction of the prisoners. Respect!

Viableglitter 93 : If he was a dog he would keep his bone like a boss.

LyfeLessons23 : 6:07 "We going be talking bout that for some years." Yeah, you could say more than a few ..

Steven Hair : Ive thought about this, and I think its only fair that the professor goes to Phili and challeges Bill Cosby to a one on one game. He just has to make sure he does not accept any beverages that Bill might offer him..

hello gugo100b yt roblox : Baskketboll


DontTreadOnMe IwontTreadOnYou : The white guy with the khaki shirt on at 8:50 looks like a hardened OG. Edit: or a child molester

Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato : 8:20 ..that moment when someone says their dream came true while in prison ...damn ...that's crazy ; thank you professor

tom hecht : Awesome. The establishment does have good ideas once in a while. We're all still human beings.

windbreaker57 : I've always been both amazed and entertained by your skills, even artistry. But what you did here really made me respect and admire you for your unselfishness, your "other-centeredness". I have done a few prison outreach bits of my own and I know just how much things like this helps them restore their self-respect and confidence. It rekindles hope. Keep it up, bro.

Jack Kirkwood : Omaha’s better

Jonathan Hoard : I love the dude announcing everything tony and the professor were doing😂