Anti-Christ Ritual: KATY PERRY 'DARK HORSE' (R$E)

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K.G.L : I don't get, how young brainwashed people can look at music videos like that and think: "Wow, this is great." I mean, how can't they not see, that it's just satanic garbage. Even before I became a Christian I always thought that MTV and VIVA music videos were just some kind of Media brainwashing.

DjTechnoid : Good job!

Yvette J. : Purple haze?

Adrian Ardilani : The pope is the anti christ he called himself the equal of christ he murdered 50 million Christians he claimed he and his church had to right to change Gods laws he claimed his church is above the bible he recently claimed that you don't need Jesus to enter heaven The lord Jesus warned us that Satan would position the anti Christ in the church wake up

Blue's Anatomy : great editing dude!

Jan K : I love it! Cheech & Chong expose the Illuminati!! XD Seriously, though, good vid. Keep em coming!

Penny Kilgour : Defiantly Anti-Christ. I bet that is why Katy Perry created the video and wrote the song. She woke up one day and thought "Today I think I am going to write a song about how much I hate Christ" That is what obviously went through her head. I mean, if you say it, then it must be true right?

Music Is My Life : You two have waaaaay to much time on your hands!

Mark Pate : R$E = 18 +5 = 2/3 = .666, the blues are the rewarded to the kingdom, and the reds are the meek to worship the blues. Katy is trying her hardest to convey that YHWH is real. The reds are not giving the blood sacrifice, so she punishes them, GOD wants a blood sacrifice, not veggies and twiggies. You are 666, I would change your name, to a Fibonacci number. You're destroying credibility for your channel. Don't get high while doing your videos. Please know that the end is near, and this presentation came off as queer. IAM the devil, and I'll be seeing you real soon! Love and Peace to you!

Christian Kiernan : Really like this video! Can't share it, people will just pick holes in the commentary! Good video

Cosmic Channel Lazy 8 : Pyramids were coated in phosphorus they used to glow in the dark phosphorus means the false light aka lucifer burp

Sid Young : It's RED at night sailors delight, RED in the morning sailors warning

Formulateinfinity444 : daughter is 11 (in middle school) she doesn't go with the flow. Her teacher (eyeroll) just loves this witch. She was asking everyone what they would say to her if they could meet her. Smh. She asked my daughter "sooo what would you say to or ask Katy?" My daughter said "Nothing, I would just kill her with fire." Bwhahaha

Candyfishes : You guys are reaching. Way too hard. Wwaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too hard. Please go out and do something else.

Robert DuBois : She symbolizes the Annunaki when she spreads her wings, not the Phoenix.

Zsédely Máté : I guess both of you were being stoned while making this video, but one of you must have been totally stoned, as far as I can judge by his voice.

1998fife 24 : i don't like the music. we don't need to hrer trash to understand

Marci Lynn : At ~7:12 you see the beast with the two rabbits, the base of the horns is a circle with a pyramid on both horn bases. Almost looks like 666 underneath? So sickening what she it doing and leaves no doubt she is Involved in this whole heartedly. Thanks GBY

robertwarrior : the devil is trying to get me to sell my soul to him. And i can confirm Katty Perry worships satan the holy spirit tells me so

Anna Bee : She represents babylon the great ur blood mother eve the real god only people were too evil to believe that god could be a woman... She is the lamb of god she's in the 70 week sacrifice it's almost over and she will be revealed

Artax : Thank you for another great video. Greetings from Italy :)

GodSaveAmerica : 1:36 looks like the famous Marilyn Monroe pose with her white dress flying up in the scene from the 1995 film, "The Seven Year Itch."  She sang, "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend."  Christina Aguilera sang the same song and does her makeup and hair to look just like Marilyn Monroe especially in the ad meant to generate money to support the World Food Programme.  All these women want to look like and be like each other.  They can't be happy because they don't have their own identity, which they could have if they'd only turn their lives over to Christ!

Delilah Rainelle : My kids don’t listen to these “popular” witches, because they weren’t raised with this stuff in our home. And, my children are all Christians, but here’s the danger that concerns me; my kids don’t recognize the deliberate symbolism used in these videos and their hidden meanings (in plain sight). Everyday, I expose these people, but since my kids don’t watch them, I can’t get them to believe eee

Childof TheMostHigh : This chick is so deep into being a puppet of the illuminate its not even funny. Every video I have seen of hers is got symbolism in it.

Raven Legend : Nearly all the backup dancers have Jordans on. Very Specifically designed ones from which you can evensee the Logo even on low quality Youtube.

Marianne Magady : Who in their Right Mind wouldn't WANT a Mother God? We seem to be perfectly happy with a Father God. Why not a Mother God? What do you suppose the Happiness factor would be if we had two Gods to look up to? One on each side. Why should the Boys be the only ones with a Divine Archtype to look UP to? What's up with that? Why would anyone want to Imagine God the Father without a Wife? He said His Son could have a wife. Do you suppose He would have one also, if it were Possible? Why wouldn't a King want a Queen? Could you imagine God the Father without a Mother for his kids? If the boys are made in His Imagine, I think it's a pretty good bet He has a wife. Why should this come as such a surprise to us? If it's OK to have a God.......why not a Goddess? Who gets to decide? Do we really want just One God or might we be Happier with Two. Does is have to be One or the Other? If so, what if the Girls outvoted the Boys. What then? What if God had a Wife and no one Knew about it? Do You thing that's Possible? Do you think if God had a Wife all along it was incumbent upon Him to tell us? Why would He keep something like that a Secret? Why would He not tell us about our Mom? Why would He make no mention of Her? Surely then, He must not have a Wife. Or does He? Which would you prefer? You're made in His Image It's the Glory of God to conceal a Matter (think: The Hatter) ....... it's the Glory of King to search a Matter out!

countessarcadius Ty : Katy Perry COPIED HER ENTIRE EXISTENCE ON KATY KEENE a OLD COMIC BOOK CHARACTER LOOK Katy Perry copies Katy Keene

volcommerce : Favorite new channel, keep up the good work, loving these videos

eternalblackproject : 8:36 guy takes deep hit of some good weed.

soldiersunite B : Glad to see u and police state radio get together. Two great, smart minds.

Best Conspiracy Documentaries : 9:20 HAHAHAHA "Something to do with Mark Dice" - great video guys, keep it up

anneshirley duncan : Hi I'm kindof new to learning about these things. What does the 11 11 fingers mean? When I watch makeup gurus, on YouTube, I see them using the 11 11 hand signs several times in their video. Thank you

Andrea LH : My theory of the crocodile is the poem from Alice in wonderland. How doth the little crocodile Improve its shining tail And pour the waters of the Nile With every golden scale How cheerfully he grins, how neatly spreads his claws And welcomes little fishes in with gently smiling jaws Idk I see a lot of crocodiles in modern pop culture and it always reminds me

Andrea LH : Not is the poem, I think they're both referencing the same thing. I misspoke

Mo A : the pyramid is a machine. in saturn, what i gather. its a transmitter. 


Shelly Sunde : The Luxor. Cross Angel did a demonstration there

"all rights reserved, without prejudice" : Binah in kabaalism is Saturn .

"all rights reserved, without prejudice" : The storm represent Set, Sut, Typhoon who is over Saturn who was description was pale skin blues and red hair...the children of Esau (edomites) are his children....there were never whites cats in Egypt this katy perry bullshit is just the beast whiting the Elohim (neteru).

"all rights reserved, without prejudice" : You mention the lime stone casing of the Great pyramids which was stolen by the moslems to make their mosque in Egypt...

Ready2Snap : 1:17 all seeing eye,4:25 flashing all seeing eye, 5:49  x (el Saturn) 10:18 as above so below representation. Just some I happened to catch while watching. Looks to be full of alot more.

Txboy85A : Don't forget about the covering one eye! As well as all the eye symbology.

Txboy85A : Oh and with the pyramid rising from the ground and the gold falling off, I'd take that as the rise of the Illuminati and the enemy and what's going to happen when the glamour and the shiny pretty bits are removed, when reality hits and people realize what's been around them the whole time. Also, the rise to power in the world.

Hector Zuaretz : Are the commentators the people from Shaun of the Dead and the World's End?

James Cutlor : That flying pyramid is like the one in the movie "Stargate"

94popart : sandy-claws is not real LMAO!

Javon Armstrong : this video was dope

Joe P : "Once your mine, there's no going back"   obvious reference to the mark.

Ellie Mae : guys are hilarious! Loved the Mark Dice comment! Great work!