Thank You Scientist "Mr Invisible" Sun Session

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BACKSEAT BLACKOUT : I love how you guys are SERIOUSLY good, and have a SERIOUSLY fun time doing it. SERIOUSLY I dunno why I'm capitalizing SERIOUSLY... But SERIOUSLY why is there a naked rainbow caped man, babby goats and a random ginger cat chilling?

GroundBuds : dear roadboys, please add wrestler man into the regular lineup. thanks. - sincerely, that one fan who smokes way too much

vɛɢɑɴ 269 : You've earned a spot in my list of coolest prog bands, gentlemen; right there with my boys of BTBAM, Haken, Ne Obliviscaris, Animals As Leaders, and many other bands alike.

Jordan Howell : THIS IS AWESOME! solar powered original music....YES

Maizen I : I came here for cute animals and good music.Wasn't prepared for the other stuff...

SJF.23 : Is it just me who thinks this sounds like it's dubbed over with the studio version and not an actual live version of audio?

Shay Hinskens : Holyyyyyyyyyyyy yes this is incredible!!! Loving this band more every day! Thanks for supporting an awesome farm and an awesome cause. Great vid and sounding amazing as always. Consistantly blown away by how "together" they sound live with this many musicians.

Kyle Ingalls : Man, I'd be so happy if you guys came to Nova Scotia. Found Mr. Invisible on Spotify and was like "This is some pretty cool stuff, what else do they have going on...?" and instantly my mind was blown. I love the stuff you guys do.

KeimaOtamegane : Baby goats, Rainbow wrestler guy, Ty scientist - PERFECT!

Pumpkin Guy : One of the beat songs in the history of this world. And this mans voice is just so beautiful

ThePeacemaker10 : Damn kickass stuff guys! Come play a show in Saskatoon, SK and my life will be complete.

Siddharth Singh : Farty animals as leaders

Marco S : Salvatore (the singer) looks like a Rock Band crazy ass singer whose body doesn't match his voice.

fred stone : saw these guys in minneapolis a month ago, very tight band great job, the sound guy that night sucked big time, but they still killed it and could easily tell they were legit!

guitarDouchebaggery : turn up the mallet!

Sergio Nunes : Finally Iron Maiden's Holy Smoke got a real challenger!

David DeVoe : very tasteful use of the unitard guy! coincidence that the suggested videos on the side are all mike patton and mr bungle or is that just because of me?

Salamander Man : No im not dancing

Tom Kloppel : Hearing that Zappa influence in the first minute. Maybe it's just the horns.

Scooby Doop : great job. keep it up 👍

Jamie Garza : Who else has trouble listening to cowbell-less album version now...?

Bill Ray : You guys are part of the cure for "factory music" that seems to have infected 90% of people who listen to music as background filler for their daily grind at work. Thanks for making honest kick-ass music. You guys ain't just any old "marching powder"!

Angel Lerma : HAHAHA I have that shirt that the singer is wearing! "Party Animals" ! This band is amazing btw


bucketsanjino : Amazing, twelve foot ninja blows my mind but You guys, i explode complete, amazing Job, original very new and amazing sound, congrats and i Hope someday come to México!!!

Daniel Muñoz : AWESOME

xppws : The idea of an outside studio that uses solar energy is amazing. And TYS makes it even better. Congrats, Thank You Scientist and Sun Lab for the amazing job!

Javier Valentín : This band has made me crazy this week. Absolutely love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pedro Ribeiro : I was waiting for this for a while now! Failed the release for 2 weeks though. Whatever listened to it and loved it! Keep up the good work!

Land Shut : dat goat lol reminds me the 'pet sounds' cover

Gabriel Maisonet : 5:13

Adam Decker : Finally! I've been waiting for this to be released. Nice job! Sounds great, as per usual.



Mar7INxP : so great band...

Oblivion Denied : Brilliant, just brilliant!

AcidicStrawberri : I love this

drummerpablo1 : same

Nathan Charles : reminds me of old mj off wall Era with horns

Omnicron : Amazing. These guys deserve much more attention; this is so brilliant.

Joss : A solar powered set...that’s just incredible

Kris Owens : We gotta make this mosh pitters dance

A7XC3L : que chucha el guaton culiao

Joelle M : Am I crazy or is the audio off a bit?

Achmad Yanuar : Just who the hell is that fat guy with a mask? Seriously i really think thats not funny at all

greg atkins : souds a lil li alien ant farm...theses guyes are great