Making of Bunny Ads

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Acid Snow : This makes me want to kill all the bunnies...

Ouss' Mastouri : Damn it i always end up watching bunny orgies on youtube -_-

Superswaggerize : Hahahahah they couldnt stop

TheVoitokas : This is Finnish :DD

Zeelols : "Nää on jo tyttöjä" XD

Gescean : No one's gonna make a lesbunny joke?

xTENGO : i started laughing so bad i cried ahaha

Janae Smith : They're all female??

Chamath Jagoda : sluts

萃秋華鈴 : OwO

mcpy2000 : LOL they love making sex even they are all female

Mary Johnson : If rabbits are not spayed, the dominance humping will be more pronounced. It's not sex, it's dominance. These rabbits were clearly not spayed.

tPATRICKPL : let them finnish! you get the joke, right? xD

Thomas Kuenen : worst that amsterdam :p

漢堡艦隊長 : 這很有趣!生機勃勃! 俗話說:「飽暖思淫欲」,大概就是這個意思吧! 看到動物們在做那檔事,感覺牠們很健康! 當然,我想這畫面並不適合作廣告。XD

lailafreya : hahaaha thismade me laugh really hard XD

Saito Hiraga : fking rabbits-.-

deliaonline : ho ho hooooo ho-ho!

mavrick N : Those are a bunch of HORNY bunnies!

Edelbär Elchfreund : The amount of cockblocks per minute is too damn high!

BelgianBeats : at 0:49 they even have a threesome in the back.

patchinko liondari : that's the sign of playboy is a rabbit 

Admigual : and that's how you turn to cgi bunnies

devilways920 : they are all females :|

KiddLogan : Oh just let them finish

RaptorJesus : ..this is basically soft-core animal porn. We're watching a mixed-race, lesbian rabbit orgy.

gethsoftware : no wonders bunnies overpopulate.

Hotshotter3000 : All of these are female bunnies? Wow, lesbuns! :p

Dangledash : Damn you horny rabbits.

Transformers2Fan1 : It says "Making of bunny ads" , but I think they really meant "The making of bunny AIDS"

Harri Leskelä : @ghune cut, n again x 100 and can't we use 2 girl bunnies ? those bunnies r girls..

Qnsilta : käyttäis steriloituja kaneja :D

UncleScroogeC : Hahaha ;DD tää on paras :D

j : omg my friend sent me here!

defragen1 : @bunwillow stfu

TheLanie1977 : A classic. :D

Paige Willow : Don't like the way these bunnies are so roughly handled :0( It would be funny otherwise!

lifemetall : this was epic

Wezzz : At the end, one man sayd: "Lets try girl bunnies..." Woman sayd: "These ARE girl bunnies..." xD

CommentorX : I spanked off to this. I didn't think I could at first, but I got the job done. Oh yeah I did.

aaabbhddgf : O_o LOL!!!

Howard Parks : YES!! RABBIT ORGY!!!

Cptn. Merlyeneth : Haha! Mikäköhän ihme kaneja oikein vaivaa? :D Mun vanhemmilla oli nuorempina yhtäaikaa kissa ja kani lemmikkeinä, ja se kani yritti aina hässiä sitä kissaa :'D

Topi ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​S. : "Nää on jo tyttöjä"

SemiSpark : i saw a threesome

thechibber : ahahahh hauska!

Runite Cape : They are all females :D

FreakyChic InBlack : En vaa kyllästy kattomaa tätä :D nauran aina

luckykid7777 : They must be at least Bi-sexuals...

ashmanly : Poorgit poorgitdar....GO some languages do av' em!