Blackbird - Ukulele Cover (The Beatles)
Blackbird Ukulele Cover

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I love love love this song, and it sounds so sweet on the uke. Some parts are a little awkward with my voice range, but Enjoy!


stephen francis : What a sweet voice, should be a mainstream singer, and very easy on the eye too. YOU KEEP GOING GIRL!

D. Money : very talented! your voice is so sweet and amazing keep it up

Zoe Zielinski : I love your voice. It is sooo beautiful. Keep going girl! I'd like to see you on a stage one day!

Sakki Durán : Oh my! Great voice! Perfect cover

Eluney Muñoz : tu voz me da paz

dalia fernandez : Tabs please!

General Zod : Your uke is not tuned. Anyway you got an amazing voice!

Rich Kupfer : brava bella

Luciano Santiñaque : and i love you! ... kisses from argentina

mullman : Outstanding!

aspromonte43 : <3

skylar johnston : Beautiful job im thinking of picking myself up a uke too!


Lenin Silva : 1:05' eu esperava aquele agudo huahuahuah

SteveZodiac2001 : Absolutely Beautiful Cover. FAB

AquaCarb : Voice is good learn to pick strum it would sound better.

Pricciu lu : *.* xD !! :')

最上貴央 : Beatful ! 素敵だ

Silvia Martorella : AMAZING...

donnareigne : pretty and talented <3

Estanislao Pacher : te amo!!!!!

Brian Reeves : You should do a tutorial for this! Or someone could just give me the chords. Haha thanks!

Brett Kennedy : marry me...

frantz Tabord : Nice voice...

Zvalmiekloranesh : I was gonna switch thinking " another boring cover... " and then I heard you singing. Hum... Well, let's replay that video.

Paul Dietz : You are a sweetheart. Thank you.

Christ Steyaert : Thank you! You bring the sun in my day with your nice performance!Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

donna lee : I love the beatles,but when i saw you and here your voice,im in love with you,im from philipphines,nice to be with you someday:)

Troy Sargent : marry me

Brandon Fraser : Sosososoo wonderfull

Kaue Espindola : muito bom, alem de ser linda!!!

Saul Morelos : im in love.

ian noll : CaN you teach me

janeel94 : You have really nice teeth

Marina Garber : holy shit tits!!! this is amazing!!!!

Seonaid Waterson : you have such a stunning pure voice!! :)

Gravvy : And how do you know this? Also since when did Muay Thai have belts? There is only one rank which is "Kru", a teacher in a sense. Please take your ignorance and lack of knowledge elsewhere. Thank you!

Corey McNeil : Black Bird is one of my favorite songs of all time and I could listen to this version all day. You have a very beautiful voice. Well done!

Thehumilts Banda : tenho que conhecer essa menina beatlemaníaca,, e linda também. x)

RIOwJG1OYG : 素晴らしい。 good

Twostones00 : Nicly done. Lovely lady too.

Keltharg : I think I just fell in love...

Lori Peters : why don't you show the ukulele in the video?

ilmaredelsud : In you all is wonderful, The voice the song the woman. Thankyou for all (from Italy)

SlimTakesYou : marry me <3

Ted Spence : Lovely! I really like this. This is one of my freind's favorite songs. I'll have to sendit to him. Awsome musician, great song! Thanks for sharing...

Vincent DeLaidatti : Good job sweetheart ... :)

Lily Orton : can you do a tutorial please!?

dennisqueen81 : I love you!! ;) Ahaha..Very very beauty cover!