Blackbird - Ukulele Cover (The Beatles)

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Itzel Morales : Amazing!! Can you share the chords?

Jesse Bauer : I wish I was awesome...

Abraham Akutagawa : First "Blackbird with Lennon" and now I see you and am reminded of my old gf. Feeling all the feels :'( 

sarah thedaisy : I have to admit, I didn't expect that. This is beautiful 💗

Hannah Smith : woah, your voice is so nice!!

Brandon Fraser : Listened to this repeatedly at work last night. Beautiful.

David Jelsma : Voice of an Angel!

Ukulele Vlog Trips : really good. and very sweet. well done ! :)

Incognito Jet : Where did you learn to play this, I want to learn it as well for the same instrument

Strekcommandered : I know your busy ....with life ....but if you ever sing to your kids and want to share some of those songs with us, or "in your spare time" you want to share other music, please know it would be greatly appreciated. If not we will continue to enjoy what you have already created. We teach Sunbeams and some of those songs would be awesome. Thank you.

stephen francis : What a sweet voice, should be a mainstream singer, and very easy on the eye too. YOU KEEP GOING GIRL!

Jay S : Mariska Hargitay!! 🙏

Richard McCollum, Jr : well done. A very peaceful version of my favorite song. thanks!

D. Money : very talented! your voice is so sweet and amazing keep it up

John Stadelmann : Great!! So glad to finally see a cover that's not completely over sung. True beauty is what we can, but don't

Sapph O : Wow!

Fabricio Dér Fortes : Great voice great song!!!

Zoe Zielinski : I love your voice. It is sooo beautiful. Keep going girl! I'd like to see you on a stage one day!

Hyvää Heinie : wonderful!!!😍😍😍

bluesfan618 : Wow! This is brilliant!

Vânia Cristina : Chords pleaseeee

Tiana Montoya : Please please post the chords! ❤️

Bethany Bonser : amazing!

Sakki Durán : Oh my! Great voice! Perfect cover

Doug Ritzema : Very VERY Nice!

deeryker : i love a girl with a hairy chest,,,well done on the song

Victoria M : Please share those chords!!!

Eluney Muñoz : tu voz me da paz

dalia fernandez : Tabs please!

General Zod : Your uke is not tuned. Anyway you got an amazing voice!

Rich Kupfer : brava bella

Luciano Santiñaque : and i love you! ... kisses from argentina

mullman : Outstanding!

aspromonte43 : <3

skylar johnston : Beautiful job im thinking of picking myself up a uke too!


Lenin Silva : 1:05' eu esperava aquele agudo huahuahuah

SteveZodiac2001 : Absolutely Beautiful Cover. FAB

AquaCarb : Voice is good learn to pick strum it would sound better.

Pricciu lu : *.* xD !! :')

最上貴央 : Beatful ! 素敵だ

Silvia Martorella : AMAZING...

donnareigne : pretty and talented <3

Estanislao Pacher : te amo!!!!!

Brian Reeves : You should do a tutorial for this! Or someone could just give me the chords. Haha thanks!

Brett Kennedy : marry me...

frantz Tabord : Nice voice...

Zvalmiekloranesh : I was gonna switch thinking " another boring cover... " and then I heard you singing. Hum... Well, let's replay that video.

Paul Dietz : You are a sweetheart. Thank you.

Christ Steyaert : Thank you! You bring the sun in my day with your nice performance!Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!