Ravens Fans Chanting Bullshit (HD)
This is what it sounds like when you piss of an entire stadium of Football fans

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Ravens Fans Chanting Bullshit (HD)


Dylan C : That would be funny to hear outside of the stadium lol

BlitzKrieg : Holy shit i should blast this during Algebra!

AlphaXXx : 2:14 Webb’s face has me 😂

Geno2733 : NFL and the MLB must have the same officiating union. I hate the Ratbirds, but this is garbage. You usually don't get bench penalties in the NFL, but it's more commonplace now.

TheBallsKicker : And Patriots fans think the refs are against them......

Dontae Gonzalez : Nothing can't beat this crowd chant

Ryan Heisler : I was there, Hilarious!

Graham Joseph : People always ask me why I hate the patriots so much This convinced me why this game

PistonHonda87 : now THAT is HD.

Zeeshan Nazir : They exposing Ladories Webb 😂😂😂

Antonio Llopart : I hate the ravens and the ravens fans with all my heart but that was some funny shit from the crowd.

ClassicRocker61 : lot of Eagle fans are saying that today

Kye Abshier : Funny as hell

mcs 7873 : Nowadays, even with a full house, you can hear a mouse piss on cotton in this stadium. The electricity and hostility is gone from the Vault.

NASCAR Joey : This is what happens when you play New England

Bryce TV : Nobody will believe me but I started this chant. This video gives me goosebumps it was the best game I’ve ever been too. The pats beat us the year before in the afc championship game because of billy cundiff and this was our revenge game and it was EPIC. My fave feeling at a game. But the best electric feeling I’ve ever had was ray Lewis last game I was literally at the tunnel and the noise when he came out made me cry and it was the best feeling I’ve ever had better than any drug lol. And then we won the supernowl. Lol nothing will replace the 12 season lol

Fairfaxcat : I was there that night and our Ravens eventually won. But I was embarrassed that women and children had to hear that. I am glad I didn’t say that. On the whole I think our fans behave better that most.