Ravens Fans Chanting Bullshit (HD)

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KingInky13 : "That's the loudest manure chant I've ever heard!"

Dylan C : That would be funny to hear outside of the stadium lol

UGNUG 71 : Holy shit i should blast this during Algebra!

Antonio Llopart : I hate the ravens and the ravens fans with all my heart but that was some funny shit from the crowd.

Geno2733 : NFL and the MLB must have the same officiating union. I hate the Ratbirds, but this is garbage. You usually don't get bench penalties in the NFL, but it's more commonplace now.

Zach Kostoff : F the pats

EnderXD_Gaming : 1:00 "BULLSHIT"

TheRealOnes : 2:14 Webb’s face has me 😂

NASCAR Joey : This is what happens when you play New England

Ryan Heisler : I was there, Hilarious!

Fairfaxcat : I was there that night and our Ravens eventually won. But I was embarrassed that women and children had to hear that. I am glad I didn’t say that. On the whole I think our fans behave better that most.

BrettPro253 : I lost it at 1:16 xD

PistonHonda87 : now THAT is HD.