HILARIOUS! - Kids Interrupt Serious News Interview with Expert on North Korea

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SOCIAL MOTION MEDIA : The wee baby in the rolling chair following in after the older sis is utter comedy genius!!

J Ford : Mum's run and dive was absolutely epic!

Gabriel Thé : the guy was live reporting SERIOUS news on a SERIOUS news channel. do you really think he acted badly for not picking up and giving his kid attention for a short minute? i dont believe he's a bad father. if the children walked naturally and carelessly into his room it means they do it quite often, they just went in there to see their dad, if he was a bad parent their impressions would be much different. on this executive world any minor inconvenience can get you fired.

Dawn Mcmillan : That was absolutely hilarious. I laughed so much I played it back several times. Kids do the funniest things!

Jahmazmine : This is awesome though! Those kids arent stupid. They're freaking rockstars!

Tom : The poor man is dying of embarrassment. First his daughter waltzes in as he's holding forth on a serious matter, then she sits on a table causing books to fall off and land with a bump. And to top it all, his wife runs in like Speedy Gonzales to eject the intruders and succeeds only in hogging the attention of every viewer. You can just imagine the conversation at the dinner table. Eat your heart out, Charlie Chaplin. Splendid stuff!

Nosa R : He pushed his daughter back thinking she won't be seen in the camera and therefore, he thought by pushing her back he will be fine and no one will notice her. It is one of my favorite videos I love it. The father was absolutely professional, interview with BBC is not a joke.

TriceriCops : That was adorable

Iram Rahman : I still cry with laughter everyone I watch this....

QuirkyShiny : I never get sick of this - totally gives me the uncontrollable giggles

Michel Robertho : typically liberal tv and guest, doesn't even care about the cuteness that was happening on air

Sarah Smith : Loved the little dance the older one did when first entering the room and the younger sibling following behind would have been cute but the fact it's a baby in a walker somehow upped the adorable factor for me. Moms zoom in cat-woman style was pretty funny. The minor doorway fail was her being anxious and trying to pull both kids through the door at the same time. Are some people really bitching about this? like seriously why?

Catharine Falcon : I just love the first kid coming in and her body language suggests that she is pushing her limits…and then when the baby comes in too. Super funny and perfect storm. I'm a casting director and I couldn't have done a better comical moment. Dad mom, daughter and baby…super funny family..not so private moment

chawangchwang0218 : I watched so many "children abused" video like throwing kids in the air as "funny videos" made in "America", at that time nobody said child abuse kinda things ... hahahahah Some people have the problem with international marriage or Asian mommy 😉

Taxtro : The best part is the nanny, who storms into the room and drags them out. XD Typical example of trying to prevent embarrassment, but making it more embarrassing by several orders of magnitude.

Cruzan : Lighten up people. This was hilarious.

Diane Baulch : I love the way the toddler struts in the room like he owns the joint. And the way the mother tries to get the kids out discreetly but fails miserably!

MrPathorn : He didn't wear any pants lol

Karen Bovenizer : It seems to me that the Mother - because that's who she is - was laughing while this was going on.  I thought it was funny, and I think the interviewee though so as well.

sam am : this really is too funny

Bryan Bryan : That was so cute lol!!!!


Moon Chekhov : Absolutely hilarious! Patience, lots of patience from this loving dad and that loving mum.

Jingky Fernandez : Cute family 😍

Marianna : Too cute, how the little guy in the walker stormed in like "I am the star of this show".

Hello Beech : I love how the kids just walk in like "EYYYYYY"

Ricardo Varas : I think that the memes that are shown at the end of the video are wrong. That was funny, the kids are an important part of our society.

Jinisinsane : that hurrdurr walk the first kid did lol.

mens rea : Very cute. Loved the curiosity and determination of the little brother busting in "like a champ" as someone else here wrote. People here taking how the situation was handled on camera in any way seriously need to chill and get a life.

Noah : She busted in like Ace Ventura!

Xiaodong Zhao : lovely!

Emily Mc : everybody calm down...this is jus plain ol' hilarious!!

chawangchwang0218 : Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Observer778 : Anyone wondering why he didn't turn around and try to help his wife, it was probably because he wasn't wearing any pants XD

SHÆNISY : I thought of her as a nanny than a mammy.

Max Power : You can always tell a lot about a person by how they treat their children.

Edgar Duran : Awesome.

BallaratDragon : That is a lousy dad. He pushes his kid away when he could have turned and asked him to leave, or handled it in a better way! And the lady doesn't deserve kids either, dragging them out like that! I bet he went apeshit on both kids when he was off air. Crappy parents!

wykkydtruth : That man looks like an abuser. Was that the wife or the help? She looked scared! He should learn how to lock a door if he doesn't want interruptions.

FedeBeth : To be honest, in this video is not the children who are stupid. It's the lady who turns into John Rambo for no reason, when she could have just got in the room and take the children outside without any big fuzz :p

Brandon Meh : Baby rolls in there while the mom tries to catch him riding dirty.

mcradio43 : HAHAHA, thanks, I needed that!

Right to Record : Sorry, but if you're broadcasting from your bedroom, you don't have a lot of juice.

Jonathan Day : The nanny beats the kids for behaving badly, then afterwards, the man beats the nanny for not doing her job properly.

Otto VanHouten : Wth 😂😂😂😂

Phil the Stalker : Those kids will need therapy!

Music Mizer : i love kids,..this was very hilarious!

alexandra artuso : Loved it! one of the only things that makes me laugh out loud at this time and space. And I think both Mom and Dad were beautiful as well!

RStaR RaptoR : kids can walk in those floating chairs?!? no wonder we all believe in flying cars!!!

Dan Jynx, Your Bobbie's : that stupid basic as meme you used at the end tho....choices