Clunky Product Placement in Designated Survivor #18
Watching Designated Survivor on Netflix and noticed this very subtle product placement

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This is an example of BAD product placement. The viewer is completely removed from the show's narrative in order to showcase the Smartphone App remotely starting the car (with a beauty shot of the interior lighting up with a Ford logo). Honestly, all parties involved should be embarrassed by this product integration.


Genesis Maldonado : makes me want to drive a chevy

TBestIG : I love this show but god that product placement is so terrible

Pedder Griffin : Immediately abandoned this show after this scene.

Virdeo : Nice ad, do we get a discount from netflix monthly payments if we buy 2017 ford fusion?

Leonidas Mark : Great way to waste your time and gas by turning your car's engine on before you're even inside.

mitrooper : And here I thought it had something to do with something later in the plot of this episode...ah well, still a good show.

nero91 : That can't be real

Jo Bu : Good job Ford. You have our pitty...

Navid Behroozi : Twist, this is an ad for Pax Americana

Andre Barrett : Cringe!

MrRiggyRiggs : Pretty sweet rides tho.

Chris Oleson : Shout out to The LunchBox Podcast for this incredibly awkward placement. TV shows are just delivery vehicles for ads.

Robert Brunello : Reminds me a lot of Jack and Jill's product placement.

DOSTGOYEVSKY ! : We've already failed our ancestors. We let the jews control us.

Thrillho33 : Very subtle! I'm surprised they didn't have a pop-up to click on for more Ford propaganda.

Kamikaze Gorilla : Would you like some Designated Survivor with your Ford ad?

Marco R. : lmao

QuadroNVS : I am watching this episode as I type this and I found myself rewinding the video many times. Ford got some balls to pull what they just did here. Cheap ass products placement. There must have been some sort of new agreement with the production company because in earlier episodes, there were some in car scenes where the Ford logos covered or blured. I am glad that I am not the only one who realized this.

kevman5 : hahahahah just when i was thinking there was no way to show that ford logo again

Matty Man : This is going to be the ford placement, before I even watch it, I just know it.

thestormoverkrynn : Almost as bad as when Jack Bauer went to Africa and had a huge sprint logo on his mobile phone for the entire duration of a phone call.

Joey Hall : That super duty got me all hot and bothered though

Viennery : Does anyone else suddenly want a ford truck?

Onkel Stevo : Why has this video the #18 when the channel has no other videos of this kind?