Counting to 210 in One Breath - (former) World Record!

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Natalie Alfera : That one guy counting for hide and seek

Kappa : 2:03 *that moment when he notice he wasn’t recording*

Henal Patel : Lungs have left the chat

Olivia Small : I'm actually having an asthma attack watching this

Devoun : This sounds more like "Counting to 210 While Holding Back Tears" Hahaha

Heidi W : *this was painful to watch*

Don’t sub to me : Me as a kid in hide and seek

LoveYo Channel : Doctor: you have 2:04 minuets to live Me:

Nae Nae & Bella : Why was I holding my breath...???

Starlight 0487 : Turn on captions 😂😂 (start at 0:56) Edit: Starts to kick in at 1:18

Wholesome Lad : Sounds like he lost his breath after 1

Big Bama : Imagin if he sneezed during the attempt LOL

BTS ARMY : His face is me praying before an exam

Cody Johnson : 0:01 This man has the best method to get rid of bad breath

Arman 123 : When Mom Is About To Hit You

BasicallyCxssie : i forgot how to breathe while watching this.

rocket : this is how you’re supposed to hold in a nut

Chris Ty : I was close.. 178..after that I felt scared 😕

Seyooon. : sounds like someone hasn't hit

Jack Rebell : It's sounds like some ones squeezing your balls

-Đ a n t ē- : This is your last breath Him:

Spicy-Knight69 : When ur playing hide and seek and ur older brother says ok count to 210...

TheOnly 0506 : *one more, he would have passed out*

Mr.J : Twitch or YouTube 1+ like = YouTube 1+ Comment = Twitch

Skiii mask : His face tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos : when somebody asks how many wins u got in fortnite? me:

Laci Anderson : I ran out of breath just watching this

Lauren Collett : The video makes me forget how to breath

Hassan K : Anyone held their breath trying to see how long they could do it? No? Lol only me I guess 😂😭😭

Octavio Kantarcioglu : when you finally understand the meaning of the universe

Kurt Cobain : Best. Recommendation. Ever.

Amy Dim : I couldn’t breathe while watching that

gm__golf : I lost my breath while watching this

LXLi : when he said 210 it scared me shitless because my headphones were on full volume

stene12345 : his lips turned blue at the end lol

FunForSameer : 1900s: we're going to have flying cars in the future 2015: guy counts to 210 in one breath

Anna c: : *210 seconds worth of brain cells lost*

Moyasu : 0:03 when your trying to see if you finished that 210 page essay you had to do in one hour.

A_Dog1357 : Me at 8 PM: 1 more video Me at 3AM:

MadMaddox : He sounds like Patrick and Spongebob in the movie where they are in the shop with the light on them lmao

Dadrthvader98 : Who else is annoyed when he doesnt breath after every row of numbers

Hassan K : Tbh he looked out of breath at 1

Crippling Depression : *when you came but she keeps sucking*

Allie Carroll : 182 sounded like “What did he do?” Go to 1:39...

NotTornEagle : Humans are so TALENTED

YTGaming O : legends say he is still counting 🤔

Ram Pandey : Salute to all viewers

Nick Canning : I can even count to 3 in one breath *JESUS CHRIST*

*Caiden H* : 0:06 That moment when everyone is looking down at you for stealing the last Oreo but you act your best to look innocent

Slime God : Why he sounded like grandma