Counting to 210 in One Breath - (former) World Record!

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Natalie Alfera : That one guy counting for hide and seek

TSM_Matt : You successfully evolved into *tomato*

Lil skies Is the goat : He sounds like my little brother trying to explain to my parents what he did wrong.

Raul Nutu : Oh shit that wasn t recording

Awakened xc : *when the doctor says you have 210 seconds to live*

-Đ a n t ē- : This is your last breath Him:

Fullmetal Shenron : Me trying to guess answers in math class

Lil Chubbs : Imagine your mom walking in

1000 Subs With No Videos Challenge? : 0:57 When your teacher asks what 2+2 is.

Suraj Rajesh : And yet again...the comment section steals the show.

Heidi W : *this was painful to watch*

Ferry Choudrey : 1950: in 2018 there will be flying cars. 2015:

M GbbB : I didnt even scroll down yet and i know these comments are gonna be gold

M.Sharif Khan : 0:02 When you try to laugh at your gf's worst joke but you fail to laugh.

Dr. Trumpetlove : The face when you're trying to poop

Kurt Cobain : Best. Recommendation. Ever.

Margarita Davila : Haters will say he only counted to 209

PrAnK HaMpStErS : 1:20 to 2:01 put your subtitles mode on english and see what it says,you will be shocked by the lines.Its a rap

salty peanut : Ok that's enough internet for the day 😦

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos : How much does this cost? Me:

Wholesome Lad : Sounds like he lost his breath after 1

Bjxxrn Plays : Why is this on my recommended

NotTornEagle : Humans are so TALENTED

Itz Yesenia : I was out of breath watching this

MikeISSAGoat Duh : Absolutely Breathtaking Performance...

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos : when somebody asks how many wins u got in fortnite? me:

Kima : I really have to study now, but here i'am

LolM8s_It'sMarius! :3 : The day you would literally do anything to beat a world record.

The Rockstar Gamer : Imagine if he coughed

PrAnK HaMpStErS : It was like he hit PUBERTY just as he started counting

Slime God : Why he sounded like grandma

BeliveThis 1 : Sir may I have your IP address

Chilling Guy : When you forgot that you have an exam the next day and you count the hours you have left to learn

Noah Stone : "Oh Rico"

Veli Leon : When you call the police about a large group of Black Men in your path and the operator asks how many are there

BasicallyCxssie : i forgot how to breathe while watching this.

Doggy Le : He forgot to count 202

It's just Casey : *slowly fades into oblivion*

YourAverageGuy : His last breath was... 123456789

David Petritz : He sounds like Kermit the frog 😂

ImperialChicken : Doctor: ‘you have 2 minutes to live’ Me: *puts on this video

xIanF10x : At first I thought he's nutting

molliemaltin : 210 scared the daylights out of me

Pop Eye : *_two oh tEeEN_* *(for the ones that saw it till the end:P)*

Simon Cowell : Just Wonder If His Mom Would’ve Interrupted Him In Between

JMK : 911 whats your emergency

Baggin Brooks : Pretty good Mickey Mouse impression. But can you do Goofy?

Sophia Bouzid : waiting for puberty to hit like

Mia Matuszak : Such talent needs to be shown to the world

KC3 : That was surprisingly painful to watch