RetroTech: Sony Flamingo PS-F9 Repair & Demo

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Techmoan : As with all my videos, there's a bit more information in the video description text box.  If you are viewing on a smartphone or tablet app click the downward pointing triangle to the right of the title below the video. If you are viewing on the web, click on the words “show more’.

Zylon FPV : This honestly looks like it could have come out in 2017. How is it that some Sony products still look so modern?

Nutz4Gunz45 : What happened to you Sony? You used to be cool.

Joshua Harris Vlogs : I would have called it a peacock. It looks nothing like a flamingo

Quenz : I'd love to see you review one of those vinyl players that use a lazer to track the grooves rather than a needle.

Nick MG : Quick everyone spam Sony, hopefully they'll remake this awesome little player!

Manny Calavera : I remember when you reviewed and restored that other vertical turntable how you'd like to have this one but it being too expensive. Good to see your videos are allowing you to get hold of that type of stuff anyway.

Corey Willis : Sony would make a killing selling remakes of their old products! Genius!

Я. B : If it would tip over, would it drive away?

Asterra2 : Nothing is made in Japan anymore except maybe animal-themed pencil erasers. So if Sony reintroduced classic products, they would be built to the modern Chinese junk standard.

Bill Westfall : "not an inexpensive machine...if I break it that's the end of it..." *jams nail file and paper clip in delicate mechanism*

Paul Hicks : Those two spinny things are called a clutch.

thevi0lat0r : I got my PS-F9 about 2 years ago, and it suffers from the same issue that yours initially did. Although I upgraded the stylus and replaced the belt that drives the tonearm mechanism, I was too afraid to tamper with the clamp mechanism lest I break something. Thanks to you, I finally know how to fix this. Many thanks, sir!

CitizenKang : Have you ever been to the Sony Archive Museum in Tokyo? You would love it.

S P : Omg you must get an audio technica sound crocodile

boijorzee : This thing would have looked so futuristic in 1983. It's a nifty device.

Eccentrus : wow, that really has a futuristic design, it still looks clean and cool compared to most 2017 things

Jing Garcia : where's the puppets? :(

Tyler Boolerson Tech : Why not recreate that intro of yours with the turntable?

viscountalpha : I don't think Sony will ever be smart enough to do re-releases. They just don't care about their consumers. I hope some Sony executives reads this as a challenge and not an insult. It's only an insult if they keep their current garbage filled path.

Paul Blume : The Other Techmoan Effect is where you go out and buy music heard on one of your videos because its been stuck in your head all day. Sam and Dave (or their estate holders) should thank you.

Kevin Bhasi : 11:53 "I don't wanna move..." (moves tonearm)

chillstar : Nice one- I have similar clamping issues with mine, except had to 3D print one of the gears as a previous owner had glued the 2 gears together and a load of teeth had been stripped from one. I'm close to it working again, but it's now slipping like yours & I still have some work to do. The original spring was missing too, and I'm experimenting with different springs from my collection of spares. I'm going to try your tape idea-good call. I'd tried some different rubber washers, but they've all been too slippy. I think another reason that there's a clutch is to provide some give at each end of travel. You can remove the whole clamp motor mount assembly by removing two small screws at the front, but probably best to avoid doing so if possible as the motor is connected by a fragile looking ribbon cable. Cheers for linking to my website in your description : )

MrWombatty : The problem with the friction-clutch wasn't with that part of the mechanism but with the lubrication of the clamping mechanism itself drying out over time. I'm certain that spraying a small amount of white-grease on that spiral section would have had it clamping properly! Agree that Sony should re-release devices like this that would have a market today, perhaps in contemporary colours like black & gun-metal to distinguish them from the classic collector items. However, what concerns me is what you didn't evaluate was whether there was an acceptable level of wow & flutter, or was it originally more of an example of Sony marketing miniaturisation at the expense of performance? Btw, do you sell those Techmoan singles, as I can see them becoming very collectable!?!

Kate : they could go full nintendo and make a mini flamingo that played cds

XSportSeeker : Awesome video Mat! I don't even have any nostalgia for vynil or anything like that, but this is one lovely piece of tech that can easily go as a centerpiece in house furniture or something... And I have no doubts the Techmoan effect really happens. xD Pieces of this on eBay are shooting up the $1000 bucks now. :P

deereboy8400 : Looks like a steampunk GTX 1080

CH23 : I'm really happy you made this vid, as i had the same issue with mine, and no idea why it did that. Thanks! EDIT: it is possible to remove the cogs by first unscrewing the 2 small black screws on top of the frame (right above the motor), then carefully moving the assembly consisting of the motor, the faulty cog, and the white cog in the centre of the frame (watch out not to tear the ribbon cable, it's sticky-glued to the frame) then you can see some plastic clear 'seals' on top of the two axles, these can be removed by lifting them carefully.

UsernameThomaSS : It's clutch was worn out : ]

Pokjen : Hope you somehow will read this. In my old line of work in the bicycle industry we used a kind of friction grease to make the seatpost and other parts that shouldn't be sliding when you don't want it to. This kind of grease is often called carbon grease, some of these got a bit of sand mixed with the grease, but there are friction grease made for carbon bicycle frames that, instead of sand, got tiny plastic particles mixed with the grease. The plastic-particle-grease shouldn't wear the cogs out any faster than the felt mat would, i'd say. This could work for the sliding friction cogs when the felt mat no longer works.

jammi : Get a 3D printer for repairs. Completely changed the way I treat devices with broken plastic parts.

Peter Clapham : Something I didn’t know I needed but now want.

Shundi12 : The Tech Moan effect is very similar to the John's Arcade effect. The same thing happens on both channels, an old broken machine is purchased. Said machine is fixed and demoed, then everybody wants one. Prices then skyrocket :) Your repair videos are always my favourite as I like to see how things work. Great video :)

Paul in AZ : The "Techmoan" effect is a very real thing. It makes the videos you produce very bittersweet - here's a great item u can no longer afford. Anyway, still love the videos - and the puppets.

Duffel Bag Full of Tech : Phenomenal video as always! These past few weeks I have been going on a Techmoan binge watch, and no matter how many times I see your videos, I never get tired of them. Keep up the awesome work!

Charles Figueroa, Jr. : Never miss an episode, puppets or not. Truly excellent. Also: Sony, get to work on the Sony Classic Collection!

Christopher Johnson : Looks like an early CD-ROM mechanism scaled up for use on vinyl records.

80s retro review : Look forward to all your reviews love this channel keep up the great work

James Cross : Plastic arrangement is called a clutch limits the torque to prevent damage to motor or record. But didn't age well.

Terraapples : Clever product! Using linear tracking to make it small and portable with the option to play vertical and even hang on a wall!

mcgreggor : Techmoan, the "Techmoan Effect" you mentioned is true. I went and looked up this item on eBay and the going price right now in USD is between $799-$1,292 after you posted this video. Last week this product was between $150-$400.

Paul Gascoigne : Needs more puppets

id104335409 : A Tech Moan Effect !!!

Rene Chaddock : Loved this video. Great suggestion for them to remake this product, I think if they did I would pick one up - Perhaps updating it to have a USB output like the more modern ones, although that isn't a must-have feature. Just the original remade would be a great item to have, and an attractive conversation piece around the house!

Infinite loop : 14:03 Techmoan effect.... *LOL* 😂😂😂😂 (but I'll guess it can have some substance 🤔 )

jonnda : I would have named it the "Keyhole" instead of "Flamingo".

Maxx Fordham! : Haha, how did you get your own puppet show music cut into vinyl?

Sam : Love you, dude. Simply love you.


DARKRYDER7 : i love your videos, I love the innovation of sony products. I studied product design at uni and I hate how much praise Apple gets from tutors when they've not done much.