Sinead O'Connor - Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary tribute concert. (1992)

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Blanka Rotten : This is the most punk performance I've ever watched. She's such a brave woman and a truly inspiration to live up to.

Pedro Pereira : Americans... Cheering Miley Cyrus but booing Sinead... Sad, plastic souls

Mr. Ben : I love her stare after finishing her song, so bad ass.

Tim : I think the funniest thing about the whole pope controversy was that people were so vitriolic towards her for what she did but it was completely justified, she was 100% right about what she was speaking out against. It goes without saying, most people did not care too much about the pope or the catholic church before she tore up the picture, but then she goes and does it, and then everyone loses their minds. What irritates me the most is that she has never received an apology from anyone. It was endless vitriol from such idiotic people who were on the wrong side of history, seeking to assassinate the character of a caring and honest woman.

MrS98VAC : I want to see any "artist" in today's music have the balls to stand for something this real. Sinead 4ever!

busterkeatonsbriefs : I would have expected better from Bob Dylan fans. How disappointing and embarrassing for themselves.

funkcool : how many ignorant people can fulfill an entire stadium?

Bienville25 : Americans are mindless sheep. Sinead was warning about the criminal conspiracy of child rape in the catholic church nearly a decade before it became big news. This woman is a hero for sounding the alarm in such a daring way. I will never understand why the U.S. and Interpol didn't indict the catholic church and its leader, Karol Józef Wojtyła, on RICO charges and multiple counts of rape and human rights abuses. Clearly, you can get away with anything in the name of religion.

JM Salamanca : Courage! My deep admiration to such a brave and sensible artist. After all these years, people and media finally realised she was right and way ahead of her time. Love, Sinead.

Gary O : I was at this show... so upsetting to me... very intense moment... I just wept.

Sicario 13 : Kristoferson is a gentleman

River Man : She's been the center of controversy her entire career because she's simply before her time and the public can't handle her. She ripped up the picture of the Pope. ''Oh how disrespectful!'' Look at EVERYTHING that has come out over the years regarding the Vatican, the Catholic church and all it's child abuse cover-up's! O Connor is right. I'm genuinely embarrassed for the thousands in attendance that bullied her during this concert. May they all look back now and hang their heads in shame for being so wrong.

Saya : When Kris came back onto the stage it's because they told him to get her out of there but he just told her not to let these bastards take her down. Awesome guy 👏🏻

ultimeate ds man fan 68 : Sinead O'Connor is beyond most people's level of intellect. She is like a supernova compared to most every humans light of truth.

dumby88 : The women with the most *balls* on earth! Love you 4ever Sinead !

UFC Armchair Cornerman : Yes, boo for equal rights and stopping rape and child abuse within the church. Dumbasses. Clearly she was a little ahead of her time, as people couldn't stomach her performance, let alone listen to the lyrics of the song they were booing. Imagine what someone with absolute zero bias or knowledge would think watching this, listening to ppl boo along with these lyrics - they would think this is a group of prehistoric monsters. And it's sad that, because of this, something she was completely right about, coupled with mental disorders, her career went to shit and apparently attempted suicide. As misunderstood as they come.

futurret : This is where most people would be silenced, cowardly leaving the stage immediately. She stood there, took the response and then gave back. Wonderful, 10/10 exemplary performance. For a recent video this reminded me of, search for "BE HATED" by Veritasium.

Millariina V : She is unbelievable glorious! So brave and strong woman. She surely knew very well how controversial her acts will be but she still followed her heart and what was right, staying true to herself. Rare people can do that. I wouldn't think any of those booers in the audience, such a shame for them. And how great brave response from her to the audience. Can do nothing but look up to her. Keep it up sis!

WALTER SOBCHAK : Kristofferson was such a class act. It's time for the world to apologize to her and the Irish.

frank Walton : Don't want to presume but I think Dylan totally approved.

Jay stevenson : she has really beautiful eyes

youtubedemi : She fronted them and won, not easy to do with this number of hooligans. She has every right to express her views, that's what artist's do. A woman with balls.

Raniera Malton : At least she stood her ground. ✊

Sileithel : WOW. When she came out on stage she had this beautiful, sort of innocent, shy smile... it makes me want to hug her. I don't think she realised she was being booed at first... So brave, she kept her cool until she was off the stage and just then did she start crying. Amazing response to an incredibly awful situation. COURAGE.

Preben Johansen : Courage and integrity! <3

CharlotteNCJack : For the of you who don't know Sinead is a devout Christian and has actually been ordained as a priest in a non-catholic splinter affiliation. She did what she did in response to child abuse committed by Catholic Priests.

Lewis Collard : 3:25 - Kristofferson saying "don't let the bastards get you down". Everyone needs their own Kris Kristofferson in their life.

Philip Burman : So whose sorry now that we know the truth. Well done Sinead, one tough Celtic lady. Popes come and Popes go but the truth is still the truth.

cindy morris : To all the haters and the uninformed, that don't have a clue as to why she tore up a photo of the pope on SNL in 1992. She represented those that have lived and are living there, in Ireland, that have been and are being abused in many ways including sexual abuse of innocent children. They've been forced to give the best of their crop, their herds and their flock to the "royals" of that country. They were forced to starve all under a ruse of a "famine". They were forced to sit idly by while the man that was suppose to represent Christ did nothing to stop it but hid it. Sinead had brass balls for standing up on live television to demonstrate publicly the war on the mistreatment of her people and the sexual abuse of innocent children by the Magistrate. She had to do it on live tv because it would've been edited out otherwise. The more that people speak out and take a stand against the exploitation and abuse to inform and educate the public,will undoubtedly make a difference for the betterment of our children.

morgaffi : A beautiful 26-year-old woman with incredible balls. Astounding courage in the face astounding stupidity. And Kristofferson showed endless class...

coalseamwig : Compassion and Respect for Sinead on this sad day for her.

laurionline : Omg that crowd were mean. She is super sweet. Dont get it.

Ezra Rose : This is what courage looks like. 

tytits : I have always thought that this moment, was a moment of absolute proof, of just how divided people are and how ignorant they are not just in the United States, but the world over. A black group sang a song called war a few decades ago in the disco/funk era, about the same thing, and yet that song not only became popularized, but even became a headlining song in the movie rush hour. However, in the 90's they couldn't take a song that she truly sang from the heart? it's absolutely amazing to me. Put a funky beat to a song and people jump all over it, but come to people as a real human being and not afraid to show emotion, and they jump all over you like you've committed mass murder or something. People are always corrupted over issues of religion which is why in my opinion, its worse to talk about religion than it is to talk about politics or anything else.

EricDavidFloyd : Thanks Kris for rising above the nitwits - or has Kris would say "Don't let the bastards get you down"

Stephen Nicholls : An amazing era when we had artists that had a pair

jen8rve : She stood there and got right back in their faces. This is why I love Sinead and  the Irish. Courageous, passionate, spirited.  "When the color of a man's skin is no more important than the color of his eyes."

piwitron : Can't believe this happened at a Dylan's tribute concert. I'd imagine Dylan's fan and rest of audience a little bit more insightful than the average Joe.

wtfutube78 : what a brave artist

Lutz Richter : She was so brave, and it was a shame. Bobness had to be come and support her. But the" Veterans" of freedom and peace where in in between so established, they couldnt follow her! My respect for Shinead!!! And for Chris

Vineca Gray : Genius is forever steeped in controversy. Beautiful Sinead.

jane noviello : Revolutionary. The way she contemplates the crowd, looks within and looks out at them again and makes the decision to sing the Marley song acapella. The final defiant glance. I am in awe.

Saya : When Kris came back onto the stage it's because they told him to get her out of there but he just told her not to let these bastards take her down. Awesome guy 👏🏻

Mario Jose Campos : Strong woman!

Robert McElwaine : Allegedly as I have heard Pope Jean Paul II who was the current Pope at the time at the time had known of the abuse being carried out by these pediophile priests and pretty much turned a blind eye to it. Supposedly I think he was responsible for the cover ups as well. I'm not going to want to side naive but if there was any truth to it then what she did was more than justified although arguably choosing to do it on Saturday Night Live might have not been the right choice of venue to do so. Personally I'd say it was because I think boys and girls being molested is more important than people who might get offended who just wanted to go out for the night and be entertained for the night. It's sad as well when people just don't want to hear the potential truth about something and like to figuratively stick their heads in the sand.

Hawaiiguy Kailua : I don't know of any other person who has shown the courage Sinead did in the early 90's. To carry that torch on her own is mind boggling. Joan of Arc of our time, and we all missed and still miss the importance of her actions. Her message will be remembered long after we are dead, she will be a martyr to future generations as we are still to self absorbed to comprehend the magnitude of her fight against the machine.

Thomas Fleming : She was and is.....wait for it......RIGHT!!!

Bradley From Adelaide : Wow amazing moment.  Incredible courage and defiance.  The one word that embodies O'Connor the most would be defiance.  This action is the epitome of defiance.  Chills.

Frank : This was probably her strongest moment .... where the fightin' Irish side showed

babba ruff : So brave and dignified, total BADASS, well done Sinéad! 💪👏👏👏👏👏💪