Joe Rogan - Dale Earnhardt Jr. on His Relationship with his Dad

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1196:


Curtis Jewell : His dad would be so proud of the man he became!

SNJ : Figured I'd watch for a minute but ended up watching 18. Great interview.

anthony PADULA : There's not a fake bone in his body.

Russell Mostrom : The bucket story just shows how much weight a father's actions and words actually cary!

Marty Wilkinson : Jr is a class act. Great interview as always Joe.

Jonathan Velder : it's rare that you can go that long without Joe Rogan saying anything. It was real good and I'm not erasing fan and I enjoyed the s*** out of this

Alijah : This is awesome. I never would've imagined he would have someone like Dale Earnhardt Jr. on here.

MR 4K UPSCALER : I love Dale , Much love & respect Brother .

chefboyarleezy : Joe this a very different interview and I could tell you were intrigued because you listened to him instead of cutting him off to talk about your own nascar experience.

Will N Josh : JR is such an awesome guy. Humble even though he has a huge passionate fan base and has made a ton of money. He seems like a real guy and not a fake persona like alot of celebs are.

T3hChaerlz : well this is gonna blow up... lol awesome interview

david mcdavidson : Imagine having to answer questions about your dead dad for 17 solid years

Elliot Hill : Jr's story is beautiful and should become a movie one day.

Trevor R.N. : Apparently Dale Earnhardt and my father were the same man, or were raised the way.

BillyN31 : So honest and from his heart. Joe Rogan is a master interviewer.

Masherful : Joe "Wow, one bucket" Rogan

Cameron Eplion : I feel like these two could become extremely good friends.

blkmustang007 : Do it for Dale !

Jordan Robson : One of the best JRE podcast, but I'm a JR fan so, bias. Dudes incredibly honest and open these days, his evolution as a person has been fascinating to me

MaceWin Dont : I dont even like NASCAR...BUT this was awesome

jess d : The least amount of words that Joe spoke in an interview.

SugeKnight323 : Listening to this had me crying, very powerful

Anthony Fiuza : Loved this interview. This the reason why this show is the best of all as far as talk shows go. Whether it's radio, TV or online shows, it doesn't matter. None stack up to the Rogan show. So nice to cut through fake personalities and commercials and just go with celebrities acting like normal people with genuine emotion.

joemcphila : Jr's the nicest guy in the world.

m3talh3ad123 : His dad was intelligent in raising him, particularly once Jr got into racing. He wasn't that dad yelling at his kid to perform like you see in little leagues, instead he went completely hands off and let Jr work his way to the top. This allows Jr's success to never be questioned, like he had an unfair advantage cause his father was an extremely successful Nascar driver.

Urban Outdoorsman : He never talked about Jr's racing, because he knew that was in his blood... Being a good man, and being responsible had to be taught.

Jeff Johnson : I had the same relationship with my son but the last time I saw him we got along didn't fight one month later I lost him sometimes I wonder if I was to hard on him because I knew he could do great things but I felt like he was wasting his life but really he was just finding his way i would like to tell him I'm sorry but I can't now 💔

Hunter Stout : Dale senior died blocking so his son and partner could win a race.. that's all you need to know about Dale; he raised a damn fine son.


Marty McLochlin : Finally a NASCAR driver on JRE. Prob the best podcast Joe has done. I love Junebug and can relate as probably many of us can to his father son relationship. There's no hiding behind the fact the fact Dale Sr was a shit father in alot of ways but Jr grew up to be a respectful caring man. I disagree with a lot of Jr's recent politics but god damn I miss seeing him on the track. Go rewatch those early 2000's races especially at Dega , the crowd just went wild when he took the lead. Earnhardt Inc had great cars at superspeedways in those years and it was a blast to watch tthem dominate. Junebug iis a sweetheart and sadly the future of the sport of NASCAR isn't looking good. Shit really did change the instant Sr died. Stock car racing is pure americana and the fans of it need to make sure it survives.

mech5 fab : JRE has the best interviews. The long format works.

Andrew Stalnaker : He looks so much like Layne Staley.

Mr. Slothy-G : In life, my biggest motivation was and still is to not disappoint my dad and to make him proud. You could beat me, yell at me, talk shit to me and I wouldn't care. But if he ever said I'm just disappointed in you it literally killed me, it haunted me because of how much he means to me and all he has done for me as a kid. I watched how hard he worked and always hear how great of a guy he is and so I always want to make the guy proud.

Akilleus : It was my freshman year when he died and my school had a moment of silence for him. I thought it was weird but he is a legend none the less.

Anthony price : 16 in eighth grade.?

Domenic Mastro : This story would make a great book or movie. A son living in the shadow of his legend father, getting on his level and then loses him tragically doing what they both loved. Such a moving story from the perspective of a loving son

Carlos Navarro : The true ballad of ricky bobby!Lmfao!!!

Dawgs404Ga : Perseverance of Jr is inspiring, and he’s a class act that made his own legacy. I’m sure his father looking down is proud of him.

Mark P. : Ever considered the reason Dale Sr. may have treated his kids the way he did might have been because he just wasn't a great dad? Some people will give the people they admire a pass on certain parts of their life because they choose to want to see only the good things about them. Maybe Dale Sr. just wasn't in to having kids and all of the things that entails. Maybe the reason they grew closer in those final years wasn't because Jr. was growing up but instead because Sr. was. That would not have made Sr. a bad person if true but it would make him a regular guy because that situation is very common. Rich or poor sometimes moms and dads move on after a bad relationship and forget that their kids need them. Dale Jr. is by any comparison a great guy and I would bet he will be a great dad.

Tony Giovingo : Terrific segment. Props to jr for going deep.

John Selly : what a great podcast! I absolutely love the Earnhardts!

bman6661 : Life is too short to not show love to your children and to act overly tough.

Chad McDonald : Always Love for the Earnhardts!!!!! PERIOD!

Danny Tedford : Great man. N his father was a man's man. 1 of the greats. Not 2 many like that anymore.

Mark Dodson : This is fantastic. A real credit to what this podcast and the informality of the podcast medium in general is capable of

Trance Tallentine : I can still remember the Monday morning and my alarm clock radio saying Dale had passed. Good Man (Sr), raised a great man (Jr).

Chris Smith : What a likable guy. I can’t stand NASCAR but he just seems so damn humble.

David Humphrey : Damn Dale Jr is a good dude. Completely enthralled by his discussion.

OFF Fishing : Such a legend of a man