Hugo takes a photo every day — 8 ½ years in 2 minutes — Stabilized [HD]

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Hugo Cornellier : If you're wondering how I stabilized this, watch my tutorial:

WiZard : Why are you green at 31 second

Gauwt : The boy never smiled in 8,5 years.

Hugo Cornellier : You guys are amazing. I posted this video less than 24 hours ago and it has over 400,000 views. LOVE YOU ALL

MDBSTR : how you stabilize that?

supreme : 1:52 that beard yaaaass

Samantha Jade : You're so attractive.

kazumy : Am I the only one thinking he looked 25-30 at 16?

J RZ : How did you go 8 years without blinking?

EK89 : im 18 and i dont even have the same amount of facial hair as him at 14....

Blake Grigsby : Very cool!

Butter cup : Hugo doesn't smile for 8.5 Years*

Therockbrothersmc : You looked older than me when you were 14/15 and I am turning 18 next month...

trussray : LOL, I found myself trying to pause this to see how many times I could hit a picture w/ you & another in it. At first it seemed impossible but as it went on I also found myself checking out the posters & shit you had on your wall growing up. What a trip to go through time like this. Right on, great video brother!

ER : so you manually aligned all of the pictures? damn that's a lot of work, anyone knows like an app or software that automatically does this?

Wolvelyn : You look like Francisco Lachowski, the Brazilian model

VenoM TM : His hair is like BRAWLDWALWLSAWLALA

YourRemarkablyAveragePal : It's like his eyes are summoning me to oblivion. Nice job, bro!

Achmeron : This was better than Boyhood It only took 8 and a half years to make!

Bruno Vicente : Wait wait wait.... First job at 15? FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE AT 16??? WHAAAATT???

KeiverGamer : 14 años = 16 ... 16 años = 18 19 años = 30 ...

Paul Hojda : WTF 14 year old with a beard?? O.o

Dustin Travis : That's some dedication. Congrats dude.

Cup : This dude growing a beard at 14.

Juanda Daly : 00:00 - 02:01 best part. dedication.

RandomRansom : at 14 i thought you were at least 18, face piercings and chin strap like wut

John Smith : I admire your dedication and hard work. Bravo!

dusty dick : you started college when you were 16?

Emediong Umoh : Wish i was this committed to my studies

xxAnaconta : I was expecting to be revealed he is keanu reeves

Pherseus Andersson : dang thats dedication right there

Ingrid Lee : Congrats from Germany, Hugo. Your video has been published on the website of German magazine "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" ( I posted it on my Facebook profile, because I like it so much. You'll get many more likes!

mrcloudlion : 8 years shooting. 3 seconds picking the most generic song option...

edifice82 : W A R N I N G : the following video contains flashing images which may cause photosensitive epilepsy :D :P

aleaallee : and here i am, having 20 years and having no beard yet.

MissTam2000 : kids, they grow up so fast, right before your eyes.

crazymudman123 : It was never just a phase, mom.

GreatBritishGamers : How did you align each photo manually - was it one layer with another? Seriously impressed with the dedication, this deserves more attention and views imo!

Timid Time : I just notice, does that mean you started dating at 14 YEARS OLD!!

Leutrim Sallahu : God damnit dude, do not cut your hair. You look better with longer hair. Everytime I saw you with short hair I just wanted to punch you in the face. But nice video, I will give it a thumbs up.

ArGaMer : omg white people age pretty fast , and why he is in college at 17 years old ?

Mobster_Lobster69 : They grow up so fast ;-;

Gertom Oberstep : You look like you have no soul...

Johnny connors : first day of college at 16?

greendog : Lol at 16 you had more beard than me at 24.fml

Ella : I honestly thought you were going to be like 25/26 by the end of that but you're just the same age as me...

Banks Ethan : the eyebrow piercing didnt last long, thank god lol

Voltrox Alexander : So ... he didn't blink for 8.5+ years?

Brayden Anderson : I was here at 100,000 views!

Jayneel Ramjee : Richard Linklater has nothing on this.