Hugo takes a photo every day — 8 ½ years in 2 minutes — Stabilized [HD]

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Hugo Cornellier : If you're wondering how I stabilized this, watch my tutorial:

Gauwt : The boy never smiled in 8,5 years.

Hugo Cornellier : You guys are amazing. I posted this video less than 24 hours ago and it has over 400,000 views. LOVE YOU ALL

mrbgnle : Wow, I'm 35 still waiting for my first beard to grow.

WiZard : Why are you green at 31 second

kazumy : Am I the only one thinking he looked 25-30 at 16?

J RZ : How did you go 8 years without blinking?

MDBSTR : how you stabilize that?

EK89 : im 18 and i dont even have the same amount of facial hair as him at 14....

Butter cup : Hugo doesn't smile for 8.5 Years*

xxAnaconta : I was expecting to be revealed he is keanu reeves

Samantha Jade : You're so attractive.

supreme : 1:52 that beard yaaaass

YourRemarkablyAveragePal : It's like his eyes are summoning me to oblivion. Nice job, bro!

Cup : This dude growing a beard at 14.

trussray : LOL, I found myself trying to pause this to see how many times I could hit a picture w/ you & another in it. At first it seemed impossible but as it went on I also found myself checking out the posters & shit you had on your wall growing up. What a trip to go through time like this. Right on, great video brother!

PAXperMortem : This is gonna get extremely viral!

Bruno Vicente : Wait wait wait.... First job at 15? FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE AT 16??? WHAAAATT???

edifice82 : W A R N I N G : the following video contains flashing images which may cause photosensitive epilepsy :D :P

financemaster : why did you choose this music

Mobster_Lobster69 : They grow up so fast ;-;

aleaallee : and here i am, having 20 years and having no beard yet.

MissTam2000 : kids, they grow up so fast, right before your eyes.

lazos antoniou : when we was 15 he looked like 25

IT'S JUST A PRANK, BRO! CHILL! CHILL!!! : 1:29 wtf hugo??? you made a pretty bad choice there...

Phil Deschaine : You're good at making exactly the same facial expression.

Evelyn Patricia : You look like Francisco Lachowski, the Brazilian model

Borja Marco : The best daily photo project of all

vesteel : bro do you even have an emotion

Gertom Oberstep : You look like you have no soul...

ER : so you manually aligned all of the pictures? damn that's a lot of work, anyone knows like an app or software that automatically does this?

` FaZZey_GaMeZ : The guy didn't smile for 8 1/2 years

Emediong Umoh : Wish i was this committed to my studies

Amanda Egeskov Hald : Man same facial expression in every single photo, even when you're together with other people xD This has got to be emotional to watch for your parents, they're basicly watching their little boy growing up in super speed.

mrcloudlion : 8 years shooting. 3 seconds picking the most generic song option...

Leutrim Sallahu : God damnit dude, do not cut your hair. You look better with longer hair. Everytime I saw you with short hair I just wanted to punch you in the face. But nice video, I will give it a thumbs up.

NATESOR : better than boyhood

greendog : Lol at 16 you had more beard than me at 24.fml

ShadowLink678 : The fact that they are so centered and aligned perfectly makes this video 1000x better seriously. Well done on your magnum opus!

Blake Grigsby : Very cool!

jeremy carter : I look forward to seeing the next vid in 10 years. Absolutely brilliant.

Carter Derksen : watch it in 2x speed

Achmeron : This was better than Boyhood It only took 8 and a half years to make!

goku gohan : Legend says he never smiled once in the video

Ingrid Lee : Congrats from Germany, Hugo. Your video has been published on the website of German magazine "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" ( I posted it on my Facebook profile, because I like it so much. You'll get many more likes!

crazymudman123 : It was never just a phase, mom.

Peter Ritchie : Awesome! very good stabilization!

Misypo : Nice ikea chair bro, I like it.

Banks Ethan : the eyebrow piercing didnt last long, thank god lol

bilal Gashi : Qui est la grace a forlan ??