Obscure Pokemon Facts - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Remix (Nintendo)

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Patterrz : "unable to take two steps without encountering a pokemon" I'm having nightmares already Also imagine being the guy that gets a shiny in the intro sequence, worst luck ever.

Joestar : Imagine fighting Zubats every 2 steps

CV Anims : 9:26 - "Eye candy for male audience"?! They're 12-year-old girls! :O Where's Chris Hansen?!

Retro-Spect : These pokemon videos give me *SUSTENANCE*

Bryce McKenzie : I pride myself on being a Pokemon Professor, but I didn't know some of this stuff. Thank you DYKG

HellshakeYanoFGC : Did you know? Fat Pikachu is the best Pikachu design by far.

Mr Neddlemouse: The legendary Sanic Master : 2:33 That’s just cruel

Ya Boi Yoshi : the Pidgeot's nickname is Marty because, well... Marty Mc*Fly* the Mew is named Bart because, well... Bartholo*mew* but thats just a theory... A NAME THEORY! *Thanks for reading! (*edit: thank you Byron Lyons for helping me make this comment better)

rico anderson : Its crazy how much of an absolute unit Pikachu used to be. Every new game he just loses more weight.

Jim Fandango : The axing of Misty (and Brock) to create a weird, endless kid's harem anime will never sit well with me.

ishmaboy : >eye-candy >literal children God dammit, Japan.

Chio Chan Genocide : "You have to consider every aspect of the Pokemon, how it would eat, what it's it's source energy, all of those aspects are important to make it believable" **makes an ice cream cone pokemon**

NPC_LEMON_KNIGHT : Pikachu has a white underbelly in detective pikachu

jmcgough394 : Diamond/Pearl references the Red Gyarados incident in Gold/Silver in the opening news flash, so that timeline's been confirmed in the games (or, part of it, at least).

Makoto Naegi : Didn't think I'd see Catherine in a Pokémon video.

ZiggyZeg 2005 : these pokemon facts were indeed quite obscure

ExiILe00 : Generation 8 car Pokémon confirmed.

Lazasun : Fun fact about Sugimori: His Twitter banner is a bunch of Princess Peaches. Just wanted to share that lol.

P o o p e r S c o o p e r ' 9 9 : Imagine your very own shiny encounter to be an unobtainable one

ya boi sanic : *_I👏will👏electrocute👏you_*

MontyBeth : Did you know? Adding the heart to female Pikachu tails is the best thing to ever happen

Maria Thompson : Take a drink every time you think to yourself "I knew that already"

Shane Thompson : My, God! This means we're gonna get a car Pokemon on Gen 8, aren't we? It's out there, so it's going to happen, now. Do your worst, Game Freak. Go express its "car-ness".

ChromeVault : Wish I had repels to keep these “first” people away.

Vin the Hunter : 6:26 You hear that skeptics!? They're not running out of ideas at all.

Adolfo Pena : Pikachu looks like a unit in the thumbnail.

SC: Theboss_phoenix IG: cracccker : Idk where my life would be if Pokémon never came about.

TheTheisson : the prototype for ori and the blind forest also used golbats as placeholder graphics. you can even see it in the ingame videos.

KieranDyck : 5:11 the turtle looks like tirtouga

Joshawott : It's also possible for the Poochyena that attacks Birch at the start of Ruby/Sapphire to be shiny. It happened to me... So Wally's Ralts isn't the earliest example.

Vicious Zero : It's always interesting to hear about how and why they designed the early Pokemon games as they did, them not knowing how iconic of a franchise they were creating.

ruckus3k : Does this franchise even need a timeline? Seems like another zelda thing to me

Nero Denney : Did he just say N64 is retro ? Feeling old now

Granberia : 24 second gang. Also this video is pretty neat. The pokemon timeline best timeline

Hahonryuu : gotta love 12 year old eye candy....dammit japan

The Oshawott Man : Oshawott is and always will be the best pokemon ever

Erasmo Garcia : you guys should get Matt Watson to do another one of these

Ultragamer FanFic Readings : You should do an episode on Bookworm Adventures.

Bard Ult from Downtown : Please god, don't let Gamefreak make a car pokemon...

Game God : 6:27 see genwunners?! they dont run out of ideas they just dont care about it

VGMStudios33 : Racist stereotype.. Give me a freaking break.

TheCartoonGamer8000 : Gotta love Pokemon.

SuperJoshparker64 : did you know pikachu libre is a girl

Otaking Mikohani : The track in Catherine was probably just a way for the composer to do something fun without getting sued

Carlo Davies : How well timed!

There's a starman waiting in the sky : Finally, I can learn more of the Pokemon lore.

The Venomoth : I was one of the “lucky” people to watch the old man get a shiny weedle. Can someone just give me a hug:(

Bensybens : We Need Did You Know Gaming: Gold & Silver Beta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

miigs : Did You Know Gaming on Pokemon Ranger please. It's one of my favorite DS games, and also one, if not my my favorite Pokemon spin-off games.

M.S.Piranha Plant Advanced : *Pokefacts*