Chicken Frankie Recipe | Chicken Rolls Recipe By Our Grandpa for Orphan Kids

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Fatima Espin : Grandpa looks great with glasses!

Catty Harvs : I’m from Australia, I don’t know how I found this channel but I can’t stop watching Grampa! Your videos inspire me and relax me at the same time. Thank you all the way from Australia

Live Street Food : Nice grandpa.. Hi guys are you agree with me?

renata rosa : I wanna be Granpa helper!

Play GamesBR : Pior de tudo e que tem doente que dá deslike no vídeo , o cara faz um trabalho excelente para população e vem uma galera dar deslike no vídeo dele '-'

Kitchen cook tv : YouTube cooking hero grandpa ? are u agree with me people ?

Kurama TheFox : *not all heroes wear capes*

Nic Bbb : Ur simply awesome grannpa😇🤗😍

shalini Sharma : they are lucky children .they have great grandpa and his team

Ahmed Zaky : انا بحب اوي الراجل الهندي الي بيحبه يدوس لايك

dope aiman : tell us something a liitle bit about your grandpa... he knowws to cook EVERYTHING... you should do a short vids about your grandpa...i would loove to know about him :)

video maker _vidz : Grandpa’s laugh is so cute I love you grandpa 🌸🌸🌸😻😻👏👍👍

bharthi rao : Call him to YouTube fest and make him popular and he'll get more funds, people get more inspired....

akul shinde : Just Wow...... U make me cry grandpa kitchen's Actually saint grandpa Love ur vids

Soumia Ben : هادا رجل اكتر من رائع والله رجل عظييم

Priya K : So much hardwork, good ingredients, care go in to the preparation. Would love tp volunteer and eat with Grandpa some day.

Soumia Ben : شوفو المجهوود الي بيعملو بيتعب وينظف ماشاء الله علييه

Nawal Moustfa : انتا انسان راقي وبتهتم بنظافة كلشي مع انك بمكان غابه كل الاحترام الك😊😊😊

Muhammed Elsayed : One Sandwich and Ice cream make those children so happy how many pepole can do these a very simpl act let agreat felling of love

Soumia Ben : كل يوم متابعاتو ❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕

Urooj Qamar : God bless you Grandpa ! May you live long more than 10000000000000000000 years Lots of love from Pakistan

Hamad 37375 : يستحق جائزة صانع الأمل

ورده البنفسج : الله يعطيك الصحه والعافيه وعاشت ايدك 😙😙😙

كــيــبـوبـيـةة kpop : رۈۋ‏عـِھ ّ الي عربي يحط لايك 😘

fahd a : بالرغم انهم غير مسلمين ولكن هي الانسانيه والرحمه ,,, واعتقد ان الدين ماله علاقه ,, لان عندنا حيوانات ناطقه وتدعي الاسلام!

RelaxWithReena : I love how you celebrate their birthdays, very sweet! And the food looks delicious!! 😊😊😊👍

Soumia Ben : كلهم طيبين ❤❤❤

ella chan : الله يعطيه الصحة والعافية ويكون في ميزان حسناته يارب 😍 جد مقاطعه تدخل قلبي وما امل منها ابداً وخصوصا أخر فقرة لما يبدا يوزع عالفقراء ويدخل السعادة على قلوبهم 💖💖💖💖 الله يرزقه ويزرقنا الجنه يارب ويقدرنا على فعل الخير مثله

محمد كريم : هالاطفال بقطعوا القلب نيالهن عهالثواب

Louis Sebastiane : Even Grandpa's voice is tender 😙

ABANOUB GAMIL : This man made me love cooking

Hanan Abdelhady : اتقان ... نظافة الله يجزاك الجنه

Torki2299 Tormi1122 : %يالطيف%نفسي اذوق طبخك grandpa%كذالطبخ والابلاش%احسن واطيب انسان بالعالم%اللة يهديه للاسلام انشاءالله%

psycho Star : People in these countries don't have much resources but they still eat more than me😂😂😂😂😁

Olavo tem razão : Como pode ter qem dê deslike num vídeo desses?? 😡 isso é amor ao próximo sem esperar nada em troca💓

Ayoosh Shawki : when he put the crowns on their head i cried out of joy to see someone care about theses kids

Majear Mezel : في ميزان حسناتك ان شاءالله

خالد ال : هذي اعمال اهل الجنه ونسال الله ان يرزقه الجنه

jay jay : Grandpa.. you remind me of how my grandpa show kindness to people. Please let’s support grandpa and family They are the real people who has the guts to help rather than rich people who doesn’t really care. Long live for you grandpa and more blessings to your family as well we love you all...

مقدسية الهوى : I love see you😍😍😍😍 الله يجزيك الخير

Nikki M : I love watching grandpa's videos before bed... watching his videos humbles me and always brings me back to reality. My problems of the day are nothing. I love seeing how grateful and non picky these beautiful kids are when they receive there meal. Grandpa warms my heart. By the way, second time watching this video!!😃

خيال أنسان : نفسه ايخبل 😍 الله يطيك الصحة والعافية

Alejandra Lara : El cocina con tanto amor.

Noha Fawzy : ربنا يديله طواله العمر والصحه والفرحه زى ما بيفرح الايتام دول

Johnagradg Sgehttfd : This literally moved my mom to tears, awww so sweet.😔❤️

Adoree Hay : yes you are a princess and will grow up to be a queen happy birthday

Arslan Ashraf : Love from pakistan.. u all r doing great job.. grandpa hats off u.. n other men also v v loving

tashay moon : His food looks so good I love watching the kids enjoy it

Madlin klodU : الله يكثر خيره

Mousona Mallick : Omg this guy is so amazing...... Just wanted to say him that u r the GOD on earth..... Hat's off to u man..... 😊😊😊