Charlie Austin Interview PARKLIFE

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Drooby Roberts : "I score when I want except on weekends when I get rudely Ruled out by the linesman"

Danw 7830 : I put my boots on, have a cup of tea and I think about leaving the bench

ChubbyChecker182 : VAR Life

srdmagic : How nice it is to see a real footballer showing real passion instead of the tutored responses we normal get. I bet there was a meeting by suits somewhere within the FA to see if he should be punished for this. That being said well dome to the maker of the clip and Mr Austin.

Iris Crouch : Saints fan here. Highlight of the season so far..hell since the cup final

Andy J M : Haha brilliant. Just saw this on MOTD 2

JakeTV : All the people. So many people. Hand in hand disagreed with the ref.

D C : And with that, Charlie Austin becomes an absolute legend!

Grant Muir : Ha ha ha ha! This has made my day! Charlie's version of Parklife for Xmas No.1! :-)

Cholloway01 : Just watched this on bbc news!! Nice job

Tom Simpson : Congrats on your BBC Breakfast shoutout!

Rob .Turner : I did not know I needed this in my life until now. Thank you.


Leah Walker : There is a kid called Charlie Austin in my sociology class and he will never be able to speak without hearing PARKLIFE screamed at him again

The Sentient Carrot : Ex-Swindon player getting blatant goal disallowed by guy from Swindon. mmmmmmmhh Interesting, very interesting.

Gary Green : That vid was so quick it was a blur.......

jazzy jeff : When I wake up for my day job as a dustman.park life.

Dean Meredith : Genius mate 😂😂

Adam Willetts : Well noticed

Daniel Thompson : A morning soup can be avoided if you take the route straight through what is known as...

Alfie Foot : Highlight of our season 😂

Luke Sawyer : Brilliant, and I'm a saints fan.

23DDP : Aaaaannd all the people , so many people , and they all go hand in hand , hand in hand through theirrr, park life

BullishGuy 123 : this is so epic.

sharkie12354 : Big up Charlie, really great hearing a player speak up (Arsenal fan)

SpicyDragonWings : The timing is just 👌

Lavoni Black : Made my day this is too funny

Mr T Peters : Charlie Austin is an embarrassment.


Ian Thompson : PARKLIFE

Only The Biggest Hits on ELEANOR TV HD! : All.... decisions.... so many decisions...

Titus Monk : Inspired

Ginny Marshall : Hahahaha this is great

Film Rant : Meme of the year 2018.

briyan36 : God bless the internet

john : brilliant!

BE : Lmaooo

cheese32 : Brilliant

Kyle 89 : hahaha that is genius!

Mr Unthinkable : Genius xD

SnodGOAT_11 : this is brilliant

kacchan k : Thats probably most irate interview from a player ever

Glengormleygamer : Lol nice job this was pretty funny.

Louise Close : , 😅😅

Holmes Glenn : genius

b04620k : Are you some kind of genius mate?

Charlie Murphy : Genius

Alec Blank : Just saw this on the news!

Ivory Deluxe : This video gives me life

John Cooper - Art of Social : Genius