Forensic Lip-Reader Recovers the Words of Those Who Fought at The Somme
Deaf woman lip reading videos from WW1

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I. M. : They just wanted to stay alive. War is beyond terrible.

psygn0sis : I was born partially deaf and I've been reading lips my whole life. I can "hear" what a person says from across a busy and noisy room, no problem. The funny part is when tv shows bleep out names, addresses, swearing, and I can decipher it perfectly.

Adventures & Survival in Thailand : Amazing. Every time she interpreted the speech, I could see it as plain as day. Thats why she said at the end, "can you see it?" Yes lol

David Cleaves : Fix bayonets and then we'll go....something you never want to hear.

clare dyson : I could watch something like that for hours! That’s a really special way of remembering all those who fought.

Forever And Ever : RIP to all of you heroes. We will remember them.

hybridamerica : I wish this video lasted for hours.

javier guzman : This woman is amazing. She brought back these soldiers back from anonimity... I got emotional and these are not my relatives at all. I can only imagine if I knew one of these to be my great Grandfather or great Uncle...

Tiger In the Desert : This made me emotional. The "Jesus" part, and the "Sarge he needs carrying". Frightening to imagine what it would've been really like.

nigelcarren : The comment the presenter made has me thinking, that perhaps the hidden language hidden in silent film is more valuable than film with audio, because just as is the case with these brave chaps, they knew their words weren't being recorded, so none of the language is at all guarded. What a fascinating film this is, thanks to this wonderful lady. BRAVO and thoughts to all those brave souls.

diane9247 : What a great skill she has, it was fascinating to watch her concentrate! I just found it very moving, to find out what they were saying. Thanks and admiration to the lipreader!

cotsi : Mad i just saw my great uncle lawrence crawley royal dublin fusiliers 10th brigade acting sergeant

Scott Laux : These poor young lads whose lives were squandered in a horrible war that solved nothing and destroyed so much of western civilization. RIP

jmac : It is amazing what this woman can do. I could never have deciphered what these men were saying, but once she was able to supply the words, I could see she was right. Amazing.

Ben Green : I'm surprised by how emotional I became watching this lady work her magic to bring these men back to life for a brief period. Bravo.

Veg Patch : I've got a Lancashire accent and I laughed when she said the soldier was uneducated in his speech! We actually do make very blunt sounds with this accent and it does sound very basic! My dad who was born in 1925 had an extremely blunt accent like the soldier. Wow, this lady is impressive. I really enjoyed this video!! 👍

Old Man from Scene Twenty Four : I hope she was able to give voices to those long gone for more than 3 minutes worth. Does anyone know of this effort? Has any information been made for public archives?

Matt Pannell : WW1. The greatest travesty of all time. The leaders of both sides were War Criminals. Those that were injured were just patched up and sent back again. Statistics show that those enlisted in 1914 never got to 1915. You would survive if you had a serious injury, but that meant losing a limb or two. You really were screwed. There are some soldiers who joined at the beginning and died on the last day. Doing tours and getting relieved only started in WW2. Can you imagine the psychological affect that would have on the strongest type, let alone your average man. Unbelievable.

ShintyShinto : Good grief. This is the most interesting video I've watched in a long, long time.

Russ Harig : Incredibly stirring. I want more. I just realized,while reading the comments, is she deaf? Edit: okay I just watched again, I'm so thick. I totally did not catch that.

John Sargeant : i got goosebumps when he said that all these men were long dead, and yet we are hearing them speak. what an amazing gift she has- but what a sad time in history to bring back to life.....

steve sampson : That was really amazing! Please make more videos like this 👍👍

Aaron Lowe : She's so good at lip reading that he keeps forgetting and talking to her when she's looking at something else.

Sim UK : She is incredible. It's frustrating each time he speaks and at times changes the video when she is not looking at his face...she cannot hear you. I could see her having to catch up each time he did this. Overall incredible.

Peaches Jackofski : That’s incredible. That 2nd last one when you could actually make it out when she told of what he says. “I hope we’re in the right place, or next time Ill just get out.” That was truly amazing to watch his lips when she was doing his voice over. It’s clear she was spot on. What Tallented woman.

Paul Ruff : She's writing in a form of Steno in the notes that I just saw very briefly . This is awesome . So talented

noway josah : That was interesting. Having a deaf son and knowing how well he lip reads I was impressed with her abilities. Thanks for posting this.

Jeremy Brookes : I just wish Peter Jackson would upgrade this next. Just like ''They Shall not grow old''.

Stu Pidasso : Interesting that she has been deaf since childhood yet still retains an accent

Mike Folgers : Amazing! Her talents are absolutely amazing!

ClassicVideos80s : Peter Jackson has digitised this footage and added voices to them in his new film.

FlyingMonkies325 : She's really good at lip reading! i'm not into war movies but soon as she asked "did you see that?" at the end i did too and i was like "god damn!" LOL.

HotRodRay : What I believe the commenters are missing is that this video is a culmanation of substantial work of trial and error. It's not like she sees it once and has it all put together precisely. We're probably watching the end of 30 minutes work.

Voracious Reader : I love reading comments from people who trash this woman’s ability after watching a 5 minute video. The net has made experts of everyone....suddenly, people who know nothing about the deaf, or lip reading, or even the military history of that war, can be experts, after 5 whole minutes! Simply because they can write anything they want and not be held accountable for it. Most of what they write they would NEVER say in public, for fear of being corrected or scoffed at. Reading comments on YouTube is like observing the bilge created by gross ignorance, narrow mindedness, intolerance, hatred, fear, shame...everything that is worst in human nature....flowing past and around me. It’s difficult to keep the disgusting mess from polluting your soul. Unreal.


bar10 ml : Amazing to watch her work. 1914-1918-1939-1945 and now in Britain we have 1984

Dias Flac : This is like when CSI is all: "Zoom in. Now, enhance image."

James Brown : Amazing! They've been given a voice after being silent for a hundred years.

N Brown : She’s amazing❤️🇺🇸👍🇺🇸

Marks Javas : She's flipping fantastic!!!!! Best thing I've seen on YT for a long while!!!

phillip krikorian : this is so wonderful. it brings then almost back to life.. its 100 yrs for these brave hero's !

Josh Huffines : This is pretty amazing and it add a whole other level to the dept of the film. I'm a combat vet and can not even begin what these men who fought in this must have been going through. A whole other time and world.

Exu : River Somme.... The Poppies shall rest

Richie Mann : Absolutely amazing- hearing the words of these men long dead made the hairs on my neck stand up - I so wish I could do that!

Virginia Fry : The reason that she's so good is that she has/had a hearing deficit herself - that's obvious from the way she speaks and also she unconsciously uses her hands in sign language. Having a hearing problem has made her lip reading skills so good! Also, have a look at the computer key board - it's in Braille.

Contrasting The Void : Imagine sending the dialogue to ADR engineers and recording voice actors for these films. That would be a cool project to see.

kingrapid : And then they found out rhe soldiers were actually speaking Welsh... Exposed! (Joke)

Kenny Milne : Unfortunately they were in the right place , RIP those brave men

Lord Bruce London Uk : Beautiful. Simply Wonderful. Thank You For This Lovely Lovely Post. Some Gave All