Forensic Lip-Reader Recovers the Words of Those Who Fought at The Somme

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Clifton Hicks : "Fix them [bayonets]... and then we'll go..." "Sarge! He needs carrying!" These made me weep. If you've been on a battlefield yourself, it's almost unbearable to watch this. That woman is a shaman.

Ig-nat-ius : Only a third of English is actually distinguishable by lipreading. When people read more it is based on context clues, body language, facial expression and so on. Accents also change how lipreading works.

Sim UK : She is incredible. It's frustrating each time he speaks and at times changes the video when she is not looking at his face...she cannot hear you. I could see her having to catch up each time he did this. Overall incredible.

Voracious Reader : I love reading comments from people who trash this woman’s ability after watching a 5 minute video. The net has made experts of everyone....suddenly, people who know nothing about the deaf, or lip reading, or even the military history of that war, can be experts, after 5 whole minutes! Simply because they can write anything they want and not be held accountable for it. Most of what they write they would NEVER say in public, for fear of being corrected or scoffed at. Reading comments on YouTube is like observing the bilge created by gross ignorance, narrow mindedness, intolerance, hatred, fear, shame...everything that is worst in human nature....flowing past and around me. It’s difficult to keep the disgusting mess from polluting your soul. Unreal.

Sir John Hammond : FYI there are also methods in development for recovering audio based on the subtle visual vibrations captured in pixel changes in video. Of course, fidelity is highly resolution dependent and the results are usually a garbled mess but it's still one more piece of the puzzle to recover the original mood and dialogue authentically.

Dan Black : My ancestor fought at St Quentin and in the Argonne forest. He died a day before the armistice of WW1 in that forest. You aren't forgotten Raymond Wright, US Army, 2nd Infantry Division, machine gunner. So many young men snuffed out of the grander things in life by this war and the one after.

CJN : This woman is an expert in her field and her talent is amazing. What is more amazing is all the hidden experts that are here on YouTube.

Joe Musashi : My great uncle was the youngest British solider in the Battle of Somme at age 14.

Old Man from Scene Twenty Four : I hope she was able to give voices to those long gone for more than 3 minutes worth. Does anyone know of this effort? Has any information been made for public archives?

I. M. : They just wanted to stay alive. War is beyond terrible.

Art Gamechanger : "We're here because we're here." Said every military man/women who's ever been deployed in harms way anywhere in the world throughout history!

Christopher Conard : For those saying she is just making up, or guessing what these men are saying. I am partially deaf, and most of the time, when people are talking to me it sounds like a cross between gibberish and Charlie Brown's parents. If I know the context of what you are talking about, and can see your face, I can string together the words that are clear to create a sentence. Usually with some accuracy. That is likely what she is doing here. The closest comparison is like being a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. You have part of a sentence or phrase, then you keep trying different words until you find the ones that fit.

Ayrshire Loyal : RIP to all of you heroes. We will remember them.

cotsi : Mad i just saw my great uncle lawrence crawley royal dublin fusiliers 10th brigade acting sergeant

Adam01 : Why do camera men think walking around a table and doing intense zoomups into peoples eyes is somehow making desirable footage?

Matt Pannell : WW1. The greatest travesty of all time. The leaders of both sides were War Criminals. Those that were injured were just patched up and sent back again. Statistics show that those enlisted in 1914 never got to 1915. You would survive if you had a serious injury, but that meant losing a limb or two. You really were screwed. There are some soldiers who joined at the beginning and died on the last day. Doing tours and getting relieved only started in WW2. Can you imagine the psychological affect that would have on the strongest type, let alone your average man. Unbelievable.

The Adventuring & Camping School, Thailand : Amazing. Every time she interpreted the speech, I could see it as plain as day. Thats why she said at the end, "can you see it?" Yes lol

nigelcarren : The comment the presenter made has me thinking, that perhaps the hidden language hidden in silent film is more valuable than film with audio, because just as is the case with these brave chaps, they knew their words weren't being recorded, so none of the language is at all guarded. What a fascinating film this is, thanks to this wonderful lady. BRAVO and thoughts to all those brave souls.

Tiger In the Desert : This made me emotional. The "Jesus" part, and the "Sarge he needs carrying". Frightening to imagine what it would've been really like.

diane9247 : What a great skill she has, it was fascinating to watch her concentrate! I just found it very moving, to find out what they were saying. Thanks and admiration to the lipreader!

Samir : Hitler was at the battle of Somme. He was injured twice during its duration

Russ Harig : Incredibly stirring. I want more. I just realized,while reading the comments, is she deaf? Edit: okay I just watched again, I'm so thick. I totally did not catch that.

Stu Pidasso : Interesting that she has been deaf since childhood yet still retains an accent

Ed Rooney : I saw one of them mouthing the words "You know this war is funded by the international bankers from both sides and this is really just a cull"

Edward Bliss : I need her to read the lips of people that talk shit about me when I'm 20 feet away from them

Steven Meakin : If they could see the the state of the country they so bravely fought for now then the lady would say its unrepeatable

psygn0sis : I was born partially deaf and I've been reading lips my whole life. I can "hear" what a person says from across a busy and noisy room, no problem. The funny part is when tv shows bleep out names, addresses, swearing, and I can decipher it perfectly.

Gort Newton : Astounding! Millions died in that war for nothing. That is so sad. Good men on all sides fighting for someone elses political motives.I cried to know they were our great grandfathers, cousins, brothers, uncles, friends - all gone. "They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn; At the going down of the sun, and in the morning: We shall remember them."

Philip R : The interpretations are plausible and may well be correct, but I can't discount the idea that the context could influence the interpreter. Perhaps a solution would be to show only a face with the mouth moving (no uniforms, or weapons, or trench scenes) and see what the results would be.

jmac : It is amazing what this woman can do. I could never have deciphered what these men were saying, but once she was able to supply the words, I could see she was right. Amazing.

Jim Barron : This will have credibility only IF and WHEN they do it right: with at least 3 different forensic lip readers doing completely independent readings and then comparing results. Otherwise, as is true of so much of allegedly "scientific" forensics, it's pretty much someone's wild ass guesses. And the ugly reality is that people who all actual evidence strongly indicated were innocent have been convicted and executed on the basis of "scientific" forensic theories that were later shown, when very belatedly subjected to actual TESTING to be totally false. Right now, AFAICS it's on the same level as "facilitated communication". What makes it particularly suspicious IMHO is the notable lack of any profanity. in my experience of conversations in military activities, at least a tenth to a half of the words uttered were swear words.

Tom Nally : Impressive. But note the guy who produces all of the "Bad Lip Reading" videos. His lip reading would seem persuasive if we didn't already know it was nonsense because of the context. So, I think there's reason to be less than 100% certain.

Anthony J. : World war videos are so sad. All the hell tens of millions of young souls were sent to, at certain death. Whites; brothers fighting brothers, while the middle easterns and africans wait grinning in the shadows of death for us Europe to collapse from withing and slowly allowing them to pour into the Old Continent destroying our culture and our religion and our race.

Professor Bagel : This could be total nonsense and we'd have no way of knowing

Richie Mann : Absolutely amazing- hearing the words of these men long dead made the hairs on my neck stand up - I so wish I could do that!

Aristotelezz : There should be several lip-readers reading the same fragments. I wonder if they all said the same. By the way, in many of these pictures I hardly see lips...

Ben Green : I'm surprised by how emotional I became watching this lady work her magic to bring these men back to life for a brief period. Bravo.

Erik Va dee-Vee chee : I'd imagine them using vocabulary that she doesn't understand. War talk. Discussions about weaponry and the likes. Interesting none the less.

carl young : i read the lips of one guy on here.he said someone stole my smart phone.

3 solipsists : I have no doubt about this woman's skill and I can't understand why anybody does; lipreading is a kill developed by millions of people so what it so unbelievable about somebody having honed their skill to such a level that their abilities are of forensic value. The only thing that I don't understand is that she is said to have been deaf since birth yet she has strong traces of an accent. I remember watching an episode of Skippy which featured a young female character who was deaf since birth and yet had a thick Aussie accent and I always wondered how that was possible.

Contrasting The Void : Imagine sending the dialogue to ADR engineers and recording voice actors for these films. That would be a cool project to see.

Richard McNab : Everything about this is so badly done. A deaf woman who can hear what the man is saying to her. A camera man who focusses on her face while she is supposedly lip reading. A slick selection of snippets of film, a few inconsequential words, spooky background music... Of course it's fake.

Binko 969 : I’ve seen other short clips with speech pathologists attempting the same thing. Brilliant! I hope I can find more of this. For someone that’s a huge history/war buff this hits on all cylinders. I saw something about Eva braun’s Silent home movies at the eagles nest one time. Someone was lip reading everything being said, I remember them translating hitler saying that watching goering eating pork at dinner was like watching a swine eat another swine.

Gordon Aitchison : What a load of drivel, she's just guessing according to what the soldiers are doing.

travis metzger : Interesting that she has been deaf her whole life and still has a British accent. Cool.

FlyingMonkies325 : She's really good at lip reading! i'm not into war movies but soon as she asked "did you see that?" at the end i did too and i was like "god damn!" LOL.

kev3d : "He's not got the speech of a highly educated person." "Well, he's a Lancashire man." Wow, big slam against Lancashire.

Cheady Cheady : The British political traitors have betrayed these white working class heroes even after their death as white working class is no longer useful in Britain and they intend to replace them with the 3rd world (cheap workforce) the political traitors will do anything for their Saudi Arabian masters in return for money and power! Wake up people they have even managed to turn the indigenous working class on itself in order to appease Arabian culture a revolution is coming to a city near you soon ✊🏻get involved or the future of Britain is a dictatorship! ✌🏼🇬🇧✌🏼 These guy in the video died for us to have a better peaceful world but the traitors will not allow it! ✌🏼🇬🇧✌🏼

BIG-NABZ : I call BS

operationcwaI789789 : 3:43 "He's a Lancashire man"... "Aaah" LOL