How manny planetary gears does this Ryobi caulking gun need?
The amount of gears in this caulking gun

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This video was going to be another instalment of New Tool Tuesday but i got a little exited on the torque and gear ratio's of this caulking gun. What started off as quick review became more of a fix it until its broken kinda situation. Don't forget to subscribe to me for more regular content.


simonlang2001 : Also, I think that you need to have a bigger hole on the tube than a 1/8 of an inch, 1/4 is about the smallest that is safe without blowback happening

simonlang2001 : you missed a gear under the metal planetary is the plastic ring and then that drives a gear that drives the rod. you will need to clean the chamber the toothed rod goes through the large gear gets filled with caulk and seizes. just had to clean mine out.

Kenneth Kuhlman : Dude I love this glue gun, just got it today and I already fixed two things that I didnt even realize I could fix. My buddy wants the caulk gun so I'll be sure to forward this video.

Alex Dougherty : Chopper does tool reviews 😂

Pedro ElGordo : Plastic gears are probably a fail-safe device. Under excess load they will break before the metal ones. This idea is used in many industrial machines for the same reason.

Scott Jackson : Keep it simple

Video-gamer-for-life : now thats a

Mark Maxwell : used a Makita to disassemble it rather than the Ryobi sitting on the bench

Joss Whittle : The second set of gears is metal because it's under more torque.

Brad Golledge : What's that watch you've got there mate? Thoughts?