How manny planetary gears does this Ryobi caulking gun need?

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Steve Henricksen : Hi bro, awesome man, you the Aussie AVE!...... Can you do some more rear downs on Ryobi one plus tools. Cheers

Kenneth Kuhlman : Dude I love this glue gun, just got it today and I already fixed two things that I didnt even realize I could fix. My buddy wants the caulk gun so I'll be sure to forward this video.

Joss Whittle : The second set of gears is metal because it's under more torque.

Scott Jackson : Keep it simple

Video-gamer-for-life : now thats a

Pedro ElGordo : Plastic gears are probably a fail-safe device. Under excess load they will break before the metal ones. This idea is used in many industrial machines for the same reason.

Mark Maxwell : used a Makita to disassemble it rather than the Ryobi sitting on the bench

Brad Golledge : What's that watch you've got there mate? Thoughts?