HyperNormalisation and Gaming

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Horricule : Man, you've had some interesting life experiences. Great editing by the way.

Nick Lanni : Hold up. You were fed up with being a pointless cog in the machine stripped of all individuality serving a greater body of morally bankrupt intentions, so your solution was to leave and go become a pointless cog in the machine stripped of all individuality serving a greater body of morally bankrupt intentions?

Pekka Laitinen : I clicked at this expecting to see a rant about games but got sucked into a half-hour information vortex during which I can't even blink 10/10

Umbra : Can you imagine the issues that the 10 year olds who gamble on crates in cod, overwatch and csgo will have when they're grown up?

Volcanus : My god.. Watching this, after bethesdas 'creation club'... I cant believe some people are actually defending that.

The Hunter x Hunter 2011 Dickriding Association : You know you're doing something right when all the criticism against you is strawmaning XD

curiosofsigns : This is interesting. But it isn't what Adam Curtis means by hypernormalisation. Hypernormalisation was a state of mind used initially to describe the 1980s USSR, where politicians were lying and had no power, the people knew it, and, importantly, the politicians knew that the people knew it. Because there was no imaginable replacement for a decrepit system that no longer worked, everybody just went along with the charade in the full knowledge that it was bullshit. Hence, it was "hypernormal" - everybody acted normally, but nothing worked. I think what you're talking about here is more like gaslighting or manufacturing consent - or maybe even shock doctrine or cult initiations.

Nick MaGrick : I would NOT survive in the army. at all. I dont listen to authority well. I imagine id be dead or get a dishonorable discharge, rather quickly.

pete cruickshank : I boycott all these pay to win games. I advice everyone else to do the same. The consumer has the power, use it.

FiestaVan : Christians who value charity and vote for the removal of the welfare state are remaining philosophically consistent in their views. Welfare is not charity, its the redistribution of wealth at gunpoint. come on man.

CitizenLach : I have a friend who wastes so much money on in game content for games he doesn't even like in the first place. Like if he spends enough money on it, it will become the game it was hyped up to be. Pointing out the fact that he was scammed only makes him mad at me, rather than at the people who made the game this way. It's some kind of brainwashing, there is no reversing this trend I fear.

migkillerphantom : >has understood how slow normalization works >doesn't see how denying reality on a fundamental level has been normalized through the lens of "equality" it's amazing, it really is

CrabTastingMan : 22:20 Paying for a chance to win something virtually unobtainable through normal means? How is this news? From my experience this shit was normal in places like Japan since the 80s. The reason they got this so early was because Japanese are people living in a "democracy" who are the most fearful of standing out or speaking out. They lived through 800 years of shogunate military dictatorship where disagreements were settled with bloodshed glorified as dueling, and people kept in line by making individuals' mistakes accountable by their family. Even the most self-sacrificing person succumbs if their family is held at swordpoint. *This is the ORIGIN OF THE HONORABRU stereotype of Japs.* In the 20th century they were ruled by imperialists and military who were so powerful they could ignore the emperor they were toting to derive some divine right for the military to rule Japan, and draft any dissidents and send them to die in the bloodier campaigns (Shinmyo almost being sent to die in the Pacific Campaign when he wrote in a newspaper in 1944 that civilians "Cannot fight [Americans] with mere Bamboo Spears [as the Jap Army forced them to]" Incident comes to mind). The last chance they had to break out of this tendency to keep their heads down was in the 60s-70s when activists were speaking out against so-called "democrats" who were rich people who gained power during WW2 through warmongering, and passing their political positions to their sons. They were quelled with violent policing and smear-tactics of focusing media attention to the most violent radicals among the group and portraying all the activists to be just as violent (Asama Lodge Incident). Defeated, the intellectuals went into public media as a last effort to awaken the people, *which is why you see anime with anti-militarism/corruption/totalitarianism by animators* like Miyazaki, Tomino (Gundam), Oshii (Jin-roh). Not like the 90s where everything become commercial (mainstream robot anime geared to selling toys, magic girl anime made to sell magic wands), and 2010s where we see more rightwing propaganda anime.

Benschachar : "That the rich are allowed to get richer while the poor become poorer." That is an insipid cliché. "Christians who believed in charity would vote for those who vow to get rid of welfare programs." Welfare isn't charity it's compulsory and doesn't help. "That we would live in places where smog hangs over our heads and chokes us in our sleep and deny that pollution is a problem we should curb." As far as I can tell that is a China thing.

Harrus : so deep I wish I could unwatch it, like really it was really bad.

Dener Witt : it would be good if you pointed out what the video is really about in the first few minutes. Im half way through and this is all so convoluted and I still dont know where you are going with this. Present your point faster to get people's attention better.

pid : DISCLAIMER: This comment is about the non-gaming aspects. In a rich society you don't have to worry 24 hours a day about your next meal, you can stay afloat while thinking about higher-order problems. That's a GOOD THING. Also, progress requires out-of-the-box thinking and a minority of the populace to have a non-confomant lifestyle. Being able to do so is a GOOD THING. But 90% of the remaining world population cannot live or think this way, they're still busy "being human". Because since 10000 B.C. (even more before) "being human" means fighting in all fashions and forms. Fighting to survive, against hunger, thirst, sickness, draughts, freezing cold, hostile strangers, slavery, suppression and the list goes on. History is choke full of fighting and struggling. And history does not start in 1492, it goes way back by 12000 years at least. I wonder what is teached in american schools these days. As a non-american all those topics touched in the video are kind of obvious, and I'm thinking "What else did you expect? Welcome to life!". I'm probably older and hopefully more mature, maybe it's because of this. Or I was lucky and got more comprehension about life in school. Or it's because I studied more _HISTORY_, _LITERATURE_ and _HUMANISM_. Or because I have a different culture (German/Italian). Or, maybe, because I'm just another generation... I don't really know, but I'm baffled about why fighting a lost cause when there's so much to do on other fronts? Maybe he was lost, he had no direction? Where was his father? Or is it the "normal" struggle to grow up, every kid (myself included) lives through? Maybe I don't remember it that harshly how hard it was to become an adult? But getting your a%% kicked all way long from childhood to adulthood is pretty much it. That's what "being human" is today for 99% of humans, and how it has ALWAYS been. I'm not impressed or bewildered, just baffled that this is a topic at all. If you're in homeostasis with games, just snap out of it and study _HISTORY_, _LITERATURE_ and _HUMANISM_. It's all there and you'll get *ALL* the answers. By just playing games you'll NEVER get your head out of this yoke. Invest more time in CRITICAL THINKING and everything will fit in nicely. NOTE: "Hypernormalisation" is a misnomer in this case. In politics laws bind you and there's an actual Power (with a capital "P") orchestration behind it (the Hypernormalisation movie is about this). For our gaming world being commercially exploited (capitalism anyone?) the gamer is free to reject, so the correct term is "homeostasis" with the current DLC/whaling state of the industry.

TTuoTT : Do you get the irony of you talking first in such seemingly authentic compassion and clarity about fundamental perceptions of the individual beeing at the mercy of socio-political power strucutres and than doing nothing much more than using the conclusions to explain why the entertainment industry is not fitting your needs?

yhwh88 : I like how your story about rejecting groupthink led you to unquestioningly adopt communist dogma. Cool story bro.

Christos Karsanidis : HyperNormalisation = the boiling frog experiment, in other words. I am interested to know about the gamers that care about Homo Ludens [before Hideo Kojima made it famous] more than anything. This type of gamer genuinely, i believe, has no interest in buying all that bullshit but also feels the demise in gaming industry. The fall in quality and depth that only a handful of games each year deliver now. I hope, that is. Games are made now centered for the "whales" and because they are appealing and shiny, the "whales" started creating arguments about them. Weak and stupid but nevertheless. They are arguments for them, not for the opposition. "I am right, i deserve more, i am entitled to everything" and so on. There's almost nothing that hasn't been already said or cannot been found in a book somewhere, a study or an essay. Though, we need someone to re-explain things in a more simply way so we, the usual people, understand the underlying hypocrisy and pure greed of the industry.

Libertarian Patriot : I agree almost entirely with this video except I'm very much against the social democratic welfare state, because I think it is just benevolent fascism, it's how governments rid themselves of their limitations for new powers to facilitate their corruption. The left is right to fear corrupt corporations, but they fail when they think the solution to limiting corporations is through democratic government. The government and corporations are symbiotic, and democratic control of government is an ILLUSION. There is no such thing as Democracy because the government uses the media to tell everyone what to believe.

Blake : Taxation is theft.

vin 950 : Crazy that we would vote for those who get rid of welfare programs? I suppose in your mind people get rid of welfare programs because they hate the idea of others getting help right? Please look up the arguments against welfare before taking the easy way out and pretending that those who oppose welfare are merely doing so out of greed. There are a lot of good arguments for why the welfare state does not help those it is supposed to. There is nothing quite so dangerous as someone who claims they know best to help you, and won't take no for an answer. Which is exactly what the government does. The very same reason that makes me wary of the government's intrusion into the data of private citizens makes me wary of their repeated attempts to redistribute money. If you really are interested in knowing more about the world, I hope you look up the argument against the welfare state instead of pretending that conservatives are just evil money grubbers out to deny people things. Its always easy to defeat the weakest argument of the opposing side, but it is always much more useful to refute their strongest one.

Empee arr : capitalism is the problem.

Михаил Найденов : Nice vid, however. Be careful with documentaries, both "triple A" and "indie". I am yet to encounter a doc which is not also a propaganda of some sort and/or at some level. Very often b/w facts there are mainly opinions presented as facts. Take for example the synopsis of HN: "Adam Curtis explains how, at a time of confusing and inexplicable world events, politicians and the people they represent have retreated in to a damaging over-simplified version of what is happening." This looks like some "well established facts", but it is 100% speculation if you break it down. Any word of it. Second. If someone is trying to make you feel in some way, he is either trying to manipulate you or entertain you or both; almost by definition.

Notthedroids Yourelookingfor : The way you make your points turns disagreeing with you into an opportunity to learn and challenge oneself. Thanks for your time and effort.

the skeleton posse : man it's almost like capitalism ruins art because the shit that makes the most money is what gets shat out instead of a solid product it's almost like we should use some other system 🤔

alsenar2 : This video reminded me of a quote from the movie "Thin Red Line": *Do you ever feel lonely?* *Only around people.* Sometimes when i am around people, i have that feeling that i am getting sucked into that bubble of mainstream and simple mindedness. A bubble were everything is "normal" and everyone is "normal". No one want's to change something while he is getting restricted by social and government laws. Or even by religious laws. Everything has to be "normal" and everyone is "normal". More and more i am getting interested in Astronomy and how the Universe works even if i am just a normal dude who doesn't know that much about physics and mathematics. But it helped my to see behind the Black and White curtain of our World. I understand that nothing is "normal". Nature is always developing and creating. Planet's and Star's are dying, but they become something new, while we Humans keep on doing the same thing's over and over again, without changing to much, because to change something always means trouble for many of us. But something i am very glad about is that many video game players, doesn't matter which console or genre, seem to have the same mindset as myself. I see that games can make you think different. They give you worlds with rules or moral point of views that doesn't fit into our normal Society. And that is good! I see people starting to read book's because they played The Witcher. I see people starting to get interested into Astronomy or the Physics because the played Mass Effect or Halo. And when i am around these people i don't feel lonely...most of the times at least. Because they don't think just "normal". But to make it clear what i mean: I am not a outsider or a lonely person actually. I am maybe not the biggest party guy, but i still have friends and social contact. But i still prefer to be in a calm and peaceful environment where i can be myself. I have many interests in thing's other people may call crazy or unnecessary. I am also someone who likes to analyze his surrounding and how people behave. But what i am witnessing is something that makes me sad. It makes me sad that most people still live in their little world, where the biggest problems seems to be when they are without their smartphones or are without any other multimedia device while governments are making plans on how to make sure that every data from smartphones or other devices can be saved and watched. And no i am not a conspiracy idiot who think's that the moon landing was fake and that 911 was an insider job and so on. But i do think that the "dystopian" ideas of people like George Orwell or even the game Deus Ex are becoming more and more real...

BP : Too much overdramatic BS. Stick to the game talk. The first 13 minutes could have been done in a paragraph.

Luca DeAdam : This is easily one of the most underrated youtube channels. Also, I love the fact that a Jerry Kroth clip made it into this video.

Neiva : People are so unaware about all the data mining that goes on, down to the OS level (windows 10) and they just don't care... It's sad to see, and more and more companies are getting on it... Literally everything is a botnet... Heck, even Nvidia Drivers now have telemetry... WTF It's funny, look up "instagram pranks" or whatever, a friend showed me... Basically "nearby" users were flagged on a map and the guy would walk up to them randomly, call their name and any other information they could find on Facebook / Instagram etc... They were completely blown away by this and some even said they were going to crack down on their "privacy" settings...

PG Skills : Great job on this vid. It's a shame that most people nowadays lack the attention span, awareness, or appreciation of critical thought necessary to really hear what you're saying. You've more than earned a new subscriber here.

Lucky Chops : I gave up on video games a while ago for many of the reasons mentioned. I was basically forced by a job to have a Facebook account, but can not remember the last time I went on it for many of these reasons. I try to focus more on reading and listening to professors on YouTube than on CNN or newspapers for many of these reasons. All of that said, such things so permeate our society that on many levels I find it difficult to relate with my coworkers and old friends, and still feel I am being indoctrinated on many levels by exposure to many of the things mentioned here.

RegicideKo9 : quick tid bit, that saying "the poor get poorer while the rich get richer" isn't true. The poor are just getting richer at an INCREDIBLY slower rate than the rich, but they are making more nonetheless. Interesting video though.

cman977 : I listened for 11 minutes before you even got to a point, and I was enthralled for every second.

Azronger : Apathy is death. Brilliant video, btw. Subscribed.

St T. : I believe ethan from h3h3 mentioned this, he claimed that we are in an information age in which there is so much information that people can no longer discern the truth thus explaining why conspiracy theorist exist. Also, we've only ourselves to blame for going along with the DLC and microtransactions. The money machine that is capitalism only reacts to the consumer market. I must say, the editing is on point. Keep up the good work, from France.

Selena Tirey : Listen, I understand that everyone have different experiences which leads them to different conclusions that then shave their lives. You have every right to have the opinion you do because we live in America. However, I subscribe to this channel because I really enjoyed your videos which discuss particular mechanics of gaming and how it could be improved. I did not subscribe for this. I didn't know this was a fight-the-man and virtue signaling channel as well. I get you cover the gaming aspects later in the video, but I don't want to wait through overdramatic, drawn out ego stroking to watch the point. I especially don't want to because of how you insulted beliefs and organizations which people have, acting like they're wrong just because you don't believe it. The only people who appreciate this are those who also believe the same thing and need validation. Please, get to the point next time. I doubt you care considering but I just can't support this. I have to unsubscribe. Sorry.

CoolGuy 69 : You are underestimating the power of the consumer, if you don't like it then blame the people buying this garbage rather than the companies.

TheGamePixel : It's amazing how your perception of past events can be viewed so differently based on your lens. Since you now believe in global warming, you see your past self who didn't to be almost brainwashed because you craved so deeply for your father's approval that you believed yourself to be wrong. That's not taking an objective view, but rather serving as an antithesis to your whole video. Whether climate change is real or not is irrelevant and not the point I'm trying to make. The point is that you had clearly believed something for a time, but when that in turn didn't get you the approval you craved you quickly did research and changed your mind in a night, or at least that's how you remember it. More likely you searched for ways to justify your current beliefs with the approval of your father, searching desperately for anything that would prove climate change to be real and man-made. No one dives into research and establishes a unique viewpoint all in one night after seeing the evidence. If you do, you haven't seen it all and are actively trying to justify a viewpoint. This mindset which you had blamed on the military is not the fault of the system, but rather it's how your mind functions, it's your predisposition to align yourself with surrounding views. It's the search for a sense of belonging that all humans have on some level and rather than blame it on a system, see that throughout these 3 segments of your life: factory, military, and post-milirary, you are simply conforming to the world around you. You didn't wake up from "hypernormalization", you're still in it. This shows through your basic misunderstanding of opposing political views that you claim to have previously supported, meaning you likely never understood them in the first place which makes me doubt your current position's level of research. I'm specifically referring to your disbelief in a Christian rejection of welfare, which as many others have said has noting to do with charity. Christians and conservatives still donate more than non-Christian and progressives even removing church donations. Donation and welfare are not the same and to conflate them is a fundamental misunderstanding of your opposition and rather than this lack of understanding bolstering your point on being hypicritical, it discredits your point. If it were that blatantly hypocritical it would not be a position so closely tied to the faith and rather you should see it as something a believer would support to see why it is so. The same goes for your camera explanation for climate change which is so far removed from the actual science from either side that it comes off as a desperate justification that few can refute due to general public lack of knowledge on climate change or photography, which leaves it unchallenged. This is the second time I've seen a video of yours which includes personal politics to the detriment of your point, and I'd urge you to stick on topic rather than injecting these beliefs which you are clearly not as knowledgeable on compared to the point of the video itself in order to more effectively get across your point. If you want to be a political commentator do that, if you want to be a game system analyst, then do that, but don't conflate the to and add unnecessary politics into a video without the intent of being challenged, addressing criticism, or providing an appropriate justification.

Jemolk : Thanks for this wake-up call. So many people have gotten increasingly apathetic, or even started to defend the practices that serve only to screw them over. I still fight, though. When it became too much to sort out the information dumps and hype trains prior to AAA releases, I stopped buying AAA games. The more normalized DRM becomes, the more inclined I am to only ever buy games that do not have it. Games with microtransactions are things that I still fight, and to this day I do not have a Facebook account nor Twitter. I use the browser extension NoScript to prevent data collection, and soon enough I aim to use a VPN to connect to the internet at all. I have an adblocker basically permanently in place, though I will occasionally turn in off for certain sites. A handfull have tried to force me to allow ads by creating pupups that prevent me from dealing with the site if they detect an adblocker; in response, I kill scripts from the site rather than disable the adblocker. I'm still hoping to be able to program an addon that allows me to kill certain script functions globally, specifically tracking and anything that makes a sound or moves without my express approval. I use DuckDuckGo as my search engine instead of Google, and downloaded Firefox on my phone specifically to not have to use Chrome. I've killed numerous means of tracking me through my browser, and have as thoroughly as possible scrubbed my real identity from association with this online pseudonym. It's a fight many have given up willingly long ago, but I still fight. I will give up niether liberty nor privacy without a struggle.

DJ HEX : This was the best video I have watched in a year or more. Thank you for sharing your experiences and the point you make here are spot on. Even digging into government conspiracies. Keep up the good work and expect a new patron supporter once I get paid haha

BetweenTheLyons : To people who say that gaming journalism isn't real, this video proves otherwise. Very well spoken, most people are willing to give up their privacy for the ease of convenience. Honestly the only thing I could think of to add to this conversation would be the fact that whenever you buy a game digitally you are only leasing it and companies can decide to take away your privilege without having to pay you back in any form, to most people this butters them up to defend the company they chose to buy from and companies know this. Sales of physical content are smaller than they've ever been before and if big corporations had their way they would be gone already. The future is looking pretty bleak for consumers :/

Antiscamp : They're pushing for paid mods too. The arrogance of it. Bethesda is spearheading the effort. A couple of years ago, they introduced paid mods for Skyrim, but it ended in a humiliating defeat because the community rose up in anger against it. I haven't seen anything like it before; the entire community came together like one man; only a few paid, corrupt, shill modders were on Bethesda's sida. The Elder Scrolls modding community is very strong, very individualistic, creative and artistic and having money as a factor in what we do is just no-no. Bethesda had to take their blasphemous effort down after a couple of days. Now, they're going for it again, silently and through subversion, so I do see hyper-normalization at work there. In a couple of years, you'll have to pay for creating and downloading mods too, people, and they'll be under politically correct scrutiny by Big Brother as to not let anything through that doesn't match its agenda and intent.

vorpalanvil : I vehemently disagree with your politics at the start of the vid, but your insights and historical review of the industry are solid. I play MWO, a F2P Arena shooter set in the BattleTech/Mechwarrior universe. I am involved at the highest level of the game, playing in a unit that may contest this years competitive world championship hosted by the dev. I started at the bottom, a random casual who was just getting back into PC gaming after more than a decade away. Coming from the old school of gaming, seeing how the dev has such a greedy, short sighted mindset has really been an eye opening experience. At the same time, this greed is enabled by (at least in the case of MWO) people who have so much of their collective identity wrapped up in a pulp sci fi universe of which there is no shortage of is quite sad. Men in the second halves of their lives who have been quite successful economically, yet they cannot overcome a simple drive or need to through cash at a developer that they widely acknowledge is taking advantage of their fanboiism at every turn. I think the consumers simply have themselves to blame, and that making sound, well thought out purchases from smaller devs is the answer. I have absolutely zero hope that this change will actually happen. If I may quote one of the more infamous members of the MWO community,"GGClose" gamers...

E7san : Thanks for the video. It came at the right time. I'm from Egypt and the scale of hypernormalisation we've been subjected to the past few years is just staggering. I keep swinging between hope and despair, but whatever state I'm in I keep telling myself that it's still better to say what I think is right. When I'm hopeful I do it because i think it boosts the morale of those who agree with me and may change the minds of those who don't, and when I'm desperate I still do it because I don't want to be a willing participant in a world were all of this shit is normal. I hope you get more subs. The only way out of this is if we spread our opposition to the myopic greedy assholes trying to ruin it for everyone else.

Alex Quartz : I will never for the life of me understand why people choose to go to the army. I just don't understand what makes people think this is in any way a good/beneficial experience. And the "discipline" argument is absolute insanity. 1. U don't need this much discipline. Not for many years now. 2. This "discipline" often translates into an inability to take decisions and be an individual that doesn't just follow orders. This illusion of structure will be ANYTHING but good once you're returned to the real world where you don't have a schedule alongside ur teammates, having an overall unrealistically structured life experience. All I see in any country's army is an opportunity to become as robotic and non-human as possible and waste so much precious time of the little life we have having tiny brained men yell at you because "they're superior in rank". It's just insanity, thank fk I'm European and thank fk going to the army is now optional. Call me snowflake, I couldn't give less shits, you go crawl in mud, be yelled at and "be a man" and I'll go enjoy my free-time and play videogames or something I truly love doing.

Sono : Calling it, in the next 5 years (2019 to 2024) we'll have a new form of monetization "nano transactions" whatever buzzword they'll be called, that'll be just what he described near the end of the video, pay a dollar to swing a sword, pay a dollar to refill your magazine, pay a dollar to keep earning XP for the match, pay a dollar to access other playlists, pay a dollar to negate a penalty for not logging in for a day, etc etc. All weird small stuff, perhaps automatically taken out of your account as you do it with no confirmation. It'll be billed as "service fees". Maybe it'll be a trend that'll stick, or the outrage will roll it back, but then well just be back where we're at now which is depressing. Oh and if you think that's pulled out of my ass no an EA exec did say at one time "a dollar for a magazine" at one point in a meeting. It's a real thing they've considered.

Overrice : Wow, I didn't even have any idea that CoD started including Pay to Win weapons. I don't care if there's microtransactions for cosmetics, but I absolutely HATE games where there's microtransactions to get the best possible thing. I don't even care about things like Guild Wars 2, where you can 'exchange money for game money' at a ~30% loss, and exchange game money into the cash shop currency at again a 30% loss. That's fine - as long as there's only quality of life things and/or cosmetics in said store.

RezaQin : Everyone walks a different path but there are certain things I simply cannot believe. One is the leftist religion of climate change which was global warming, then it was climate change then climate disruption. It is ultimately a massive scam to make people poorer while the rich (see democrats and leftists) trade "carbon credits" and the US gets poorer. Paying more taxes will not cool the Earth and why would we want to do that? The Earth has went through periods of cooling and warming so why should I pay more taxes and change my life style while China pumps out pure poison into their atmosphere every day? You seem like a cool guy and I'm glad you found your way but you have total control of your life. People choose to play these terrible mobile games, to buy the day one DLC, and generally do stupid things. People will make choices whether or not they are good.